Using a Remote Staffing Agency to Hire Developers

If you are looking to hire engineers, delegating the process to a virtual staffing firm such as Works could make it less overwhelming. If you are uncertain about taking this step, the video below can demonstrate the benefits of using a remote recruiting firm to secure a competent and cost-effective programmer.

It is essential to bear in mind that the Human Resources team should be included in the recruitment process, as you insist on only the highest calibre of candidate, despite others believing you to be too exacting to settle for anything less than perfect.

Wait, what? You hate the interviewing phase?! Nooo!

We are passionate about helping our clients succeed by placing talented individuals into specialized roles and witnessing their positive outcomes. It is a rewarding experience for us.

Yes, your argument is valid. In fact, the majority of our CEO clients agree with your stance. Neither of them appear to be motivated enough to put into place a comprehensive recruitment process.

Recruiting a developer can be more complex than recruiting for a non-technical role. Traditional methods of assessment such as questionnaires and whiteboard scenarios may not always provide the most accurate results.

Our customers have reported that they have had to restart their recruitment process within two to three months due to the lack of suitability of the people they had hired for their projects.

This approach is inefficient since it wastes time and money without providing any tangible benefits.

It can be difficult to find the time to source reliable professionals for your business, and this does not necessarily lead to an increase in profit. Utilizing a hiring agency can help to make this process more efficient, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

You may be sceptical at this point.

  • Do they come cheap?
  • They don’t even bother to pre-screen the applicants, do they?
  • Were the applicants previously jobless?

To be fair, if you randomly selected a hiring firm, such nightmares may come true.

However, if you find a reliable hiring firm,You will benefit from having an ally who can assist you in quickly and cost-effectively identifying the most suitable developers for your project.

Staffing Firm or Nothing: Why an Online Agency Is the Way to Go

Utilizing a remote staffing agency can be highly advantageous, particularly if you are able to locate one that can rapidly and proficiently fill available vacancies, has an in-depth knowledge of your requirements, and has access to a substantial pool of qualified remote applicants. Furthermore, if you require further persuasion that remote employment is the correct option, you may want to consider some of the world’s top employers who are open to hiring remote employees.

Here are some arguments in favour of using a remote staffing agency rather than doing your own search for qualified individuals.

Plan on devoting sufficient resources (both time and money) to the search for suitable individuals.

A reliable remote staffing service will invest the necessary effort to source the most qualified personnel. This is essential for the company’s future success. Internal developer searches can often be unsuccessful, but remote recruiters can move forward with candidates who have already been proven to be suitable and competent for the job.

You can only go as far as your connections take you.

It is advisable to begin your search for a new developer by utilizing existing connections. However, it is important to note that these contacts may not be focused on finding the most suitable employee for your organization. When recruiting a large number of developers, your network may become strained. An alternative solution is to use the services of remote employment firms which have a global reach. This can provide you with a greater range of qualified developers who can fulfil the needs of your company.

Third, staffing firms will “court” developers on your behalf.

It is true that utilizing the services of a recruitment agency such as Works can be likened to having your own version of Cyrano de Bergerac. We do not simply search for employees among those unemployed, or those considering changing careers. We proactively headhunt and contact a select group of individuals, to determine if they are interested in leaving their current positions. We are dedicated to helping you source top-tier personnel to join your team.

Reduce operating expenses and management fees

Finding the ideal remote worker is essential, and a professional staffing firm will go the extra mile for you without incurring extra costs. Furthermore, a trustworthy remote staffing firm will not charge you anything for their services. That’s correct, there are no additional costs associated with using Works‘ applicant sourcing services. If you hire one of our recommended candidates, a fee will be collected.

Reduce the time it takes to hire new employees.

Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor’s Chief Economist, has observed that the length of interviews has increased in recent years, which is unsurprising given the increased complexity of many roles. The data suggests that the following jobs take the longest to fill:

  • Programmer Time Off: 35.0 Days
  • Work schedule for a senior application developer: 28.3 days
  • A typical workweek for a product engineer is 28.1 days.

Any reputable remote employment agency can provide performance that matches or surpasses our own. We can help you find a suitably qualified developer in a timeframe of two to three weeks, enabling you to focus on the tasks you were appointed to complete.

Streamline your own staff.

The complexities of employing a full-time staff member go beyond the initial recruitment stage and can include elements of Human Resources, Payroll, Tax, Healthcare, Absence and Benefits. Once the necessary documentation has been organised, you can focus on streamlining your own company’s administrative staff to ensure maximum efficiency. Working with us frees you from the administrative burden so you can focus on your own role. The applicant is employed by you and is accountable to you like any other employee.

Using the Resources and Knowledge of Remote Staffing Agencies Can Simplify the Process of Hiring Developers

The notion that utilizing a staffing agency is too costly should be dismissed. By partnering with a hiring agency, the time and effort invested in searching for the most proficient developers can be saved. Nonetheless, achieving success depends on identifying a remote employment service that comprehends your specific needs and can fulfil them.

Works is an industry leader in recruiting top-tier developers full-time. We are seeking to expand our group by recruiting developers from other countries. As we are specialized in the IT industry, it is essential to have someone who can start making an impact right away. There is no cost to you for this recruitment.

And because we only get paid if the applicant stays on with you, it’s in our best interest (and our right) to find you the perfect fit.

We believe that the foundation of any successful relationship is based on a thorough understanding of each other’s requirements. If you are seeking to avoid the time and effort of recruiting a new developer, we welcome you to get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you benefit from our extensive network in the industry.

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