Using Docker with Rails: A Roadmap to “Zero Downtime” Deployments

The Ruby on Rails framework was developed based on nine foundational principles, the most renowned of which is the concept of “Convention over Configuration”, which has had a significant impact on software engineering as a whole, as well as on the development of web applications in particular.

By following the principle of Convention over Configuration, software developers can focus more on the core functions of their application, rather than needing to spend time writing boilerplate or infrastructural support code. This approach allows developers to concentrate on the essential elements of their application while the underlying infrastructure is handled in a standardised way.

Software delivery is an essential part of the software engineering process, as it is how our customers receive the product that we, as software developers, have worked hard to create. Generally, there is agreement that code should be delivered in a streamlined, automated, and repeatable manner. To start learning about this new concept, it is necessary to become familiar with Containers.

This class will provide an in-depth exploration of containers, ranging from their advantages and disadvantages to their suitability for teams of different sizes and how to effectively incorporate them into our software development workflow. We will further demonstrate how to achieve repeatability when containerizing our Ruby on Rails applications.

Igbanam John Smith is a Senior Software Engineer at Works and has been developing software for over 10 years for a variety of industries, including supply chain management, academia, e-commerce, education, and real estate. His current focus is on exploring innovative software designs that address complex human issues which can’t be resolved with pre-existing software systems.

Table of Contents
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