Using Docker with Rails: A Roadmap to “Zero Downtime” Deployments

The Ruby on Rails framework was created with nine essential principles in mind, with its most notable principle being “Convention over Configuration”. This concept has had a profound impact not only on software engineering as a whole, but also on the development of web applications, setting a new standard for efficiency and practicality.

Adhering to the Convention over Configuration principle, developers can devote more attention to the fundamental features of their application rather than wasting time composing boilerplate or structural support code. This strategy lets developers concentrate on the critical elements of their application whilst the basic infrastructure is taken care of in a uniform manner.

Product delivery is a crucial aspect of the software engineering procedure, as it is the means by which our customers receive the output that we, as software developers, have endeavoured to produce. It is widely accepted that code should be transmitted in a smooth, automated, and repeatable fashion. To dive into this novel notion, understanding of Containers is fundamental.

This class will take an extensive dive into containers, covering everything from their strengths and drawbacks to their appropriateness for teams of varying sizes and how to successfully integrate them into our software development process. We will also showcase how to attain consistency by containerizing our Ruby on Rails applications.

Igbanam John Smith holds the esteemed role of Senior Software Engineer at Works and possesses over a decade of experience in software development across diverse industries such as academia, e-commerce, education, real estate, and supply chain management. His present focus revolves around exploring inventive software designs aimed at addressing intricate human issues that existing software systems fail to resolve.

Table of Contents
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