Want to Do Your Part to Fight Global Warming? To that End, You Should Begin Conducting Remote Job Interviews

Undoubtedly, climate change is one of the most critical challenges that the world is grappling with today. Although the President of the United States may choose to disregard it, the vast majority of global leaders and scientists alike accept it as a significant concern. If the melting of the polar ice caps does not paint a clear picture of the gravity of this issue, then the recent scorching heatwave in France certainly emphasises it. We can find no better symbol to demonstrate the severity of climate change.

Climate change is not the only issue that our planet is dealing with. Nevertheless, this year commemorated the 50th anniversary of the police raid on the Stonewall Inn – the most significant event in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. Additionally, the #metoo movement brought to light that the gender pay disparity is only one among the many challenges women face in the workplace.

Even though the current situation may seem disheartening, we would like to propose something to anticipate. The world is confronting many challenging problems, but we think that we have a solution that could be advantageous for everybody. What’s great is that this undertaking can be completed from the comfort of your own home. We acknowledge that this may not be sufficient to boost your mood, so if need be, we suggest taking a break and indulging in a marathon viewing of Chernobyl.

Eliminating Pollution

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), transportation is the primary sector responsible for the escalation in greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, numerous solutions can be executed to address this issue, such as reducing non-essential flights. On an individual level, we can contribute by opting for public transport or investing in a hybrid or electric automobile.

Just imagine a world in which we don’t have to get in a car every day. Instead, we walk to a home office and sit down at a desk for our daily commute.
Now, let’s broaden our horizons. What if this became the norm for everyone on your team?

By avoiding the daily commute, you can make a meaningful contribution to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, reports showed that seven million lives were lost last year due to traffic-related incidents. However, the environmental benefits of avoiding the daily commute are only one aspect. Research suggests that the average workday in the United States entails a round trip of 26 minutes. Spending such considerable time in a vehicle regularly could have adverse effects on one’s health, including:

  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Elevation of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Increased body fat is associated with sedentary lifestyles.
  • Back pain
  • Deterioration of good behavior due to
  • time
  • Possibility of developing cardiovascular disease and stroke
    in comparison to a physical commute like walking
  • Reduced levels of happiness in life

The fantastic news is that mitigating health and well-being concerns not only benefits your team. Enhanced productivity is one of the key advantages of remote work, which is a common concern among many.

Diverse Options

There’s no denying that intolerance is increasing amidst Trump’s America, Brexit’s United Kingdom, and the spread of radical politics worldwide. Exposure to various ways of life can significantly aid in the promotion of tolerance. That is why representation holds immense significance, witnessing diverse cultures, faiths, sexualities, and ways of life being portrayed in media helps in understanding one another.

Remote work can facilitate building a more diverse team. Consider this, if you only hire individuals residing near you, you’re more likely to hire people who are similar to one another. Expanding your search will result in a more diverse group of candidates.

As our global presence expands, we are actively bridging the gap between employers and highly qualified job seekers. This approach enables us to form a diverse workforce consisting of individuals from diverse time zones, cultures, and viewpoints. This can be particularly beneficial for those unable to attend work regularly due to family commitments or health issues but still desire employment.

It’s apparent that incorporating diversity can be advantageous for businesses, such as decreased employee turnover, enhanced decision-making, and swifter problem-solving. Even if some individuals do not resonate with the idealistic approach of fostering tolerance and acceptance, these outcomes should be adequate to highlight the significance of diversity.

Revitalization of Rural Areas

Our recent podcast with Jo Palmer highlighted how her virtual organization, Pointer Remote, is assisting residents of geographically remote regions in Australia in acquiring remote employment opportunities. Unfortunately, many high-paying jobs are centered in major urban areas, leading to a large number of rural communities grappling with poverty. This situation has become so dire that the US government has recently declared it a national emergency.

Additionally, economic inequality is not restricted to a specific country. Inequality remains a concern globally, with significant financial disparities between different nations. Can you think of one approach to distribute wealth more evenly? You’re correct, remote work.

Working remotely enables individuals to work from any location equipped with an internet connection. This is a significant advantage for those desiring to work from anywhere across the globe, with the popular image of the ‘digital nomad’ sipping coffee while viewing a volcano. Remote workers can also be located in suburban and rural regions, which is an excellent method to distribute resources to areas that could benefit from additional capital and resources. Learn more about remote work here.


Emerging trends have shown a convergence of technology, resulting in increased similarities. With numerous advantages, considerable resources have been invested in developing technologies that facilitate communication over great distances. The telephone was the initial form of communication, while the internet revolutionized long-distance communication, providing a plethora of tools for communication, information-sharing and collaborative work.

In this digital world, virtual reality is becoming more prevalent, with meetings held in virtual spaces and avatars replacing real individuals. Technological advancements have given rise to telecommuting and have had a remarkably positive impact on society. Moving forward, it is not impossible to imagine that every individual, regardless of their personal circumstances, will have access to a global network enabling them to share their ideas and opinions without any hindrances.

Take a Courageous Step

Has our message convinced you? If you believe that remote work can contribute to saving the world, you have the opportunity to join a team that makes this possible. Are you prepared to step forward and become a remote work hero?

Are you seeking to fill remote work positions in your organization? If so, we can provide you with valuable assistance. We specialize in sourcing highly qualified remote workers who possess the skills and interests aligned with the opportunities you offer. Every CV we present to you will have undergone comprehensive evaluation. Within two weeks, you will have access to a pool of talented remote-ready candidates, prepared to join your team. Would you like to explore further? Start a conversation with Works.

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