We only Hire the Best People, but Why and How Do We Do That?

Since our inception in 2009, our company Works has always placed immense value on the expertise of our staff. Our software development teams follow a Design Thinking approach and possess the essential resources along with extensive experience to deliver top-tier work, irrespective of the size or difficulty of the project. We acknowledge that our personnel’s talents are the key drivers of our organisation, and we strive to cultivate a culture of excellence.

In straightforward terms, we hire only the most skilled IT professionals to ensure that you always get unparalleled code quality. At Works, we prioritize excellence in our recruitment process so that our clients can expect nothing but the best.

Every year, Works receives over 750,000 applications from talented individuals across Latin America, making it the biggest recruitment platform in the region. However, only an exclusive fraction, which is less than one percent, is selected to join our team. The chosen candidates are the crème-de-la-crème, possessing the necessary skills, expertise, and experience to take on the demanding and distinctive projects we provide to our clients.

Personnel M.D.TM – We provide quality applicants promptly to fill in any available roles, regardless of team size or job complexity, utilising our dedicated in-house staffing suite at Works.

Our Hiring Process:

  1. Annual Job Posting Requests (145K)

    Our annual job posting requests yield around 145,000 CVs each year. Our unique set of algorithms meticulously analyses each candidate’s profile and identifies the roles that best align with their abilities and qualifications. This determines the start of our extensive recruitment process, and ultimately, only the top one percent of applicants will thrive.
  2. Online Examination Process

    When an individual is shortlisted as a potential candidate for a position, our system automatically assigns them a series of eight to twelve online tests. These assessments are specifically curated to reflect their expertise, as well as a standard assessment of their English and intelligence quotient. We offer more than eighty different assessments, tailored to the specific role that the applicant is applying for, in addition to their previous work experience. For example, a Java Developer’s tests could consist of Java, Object-Oriented Programming, SQL, Algorithms, Front End, Back End, Advanced IQ, English, and additional assessments tailored to the particular job.
  3. HR Interview

    Regardless of their test results, our Human Resources department will conduct a series of interviews to determine whether the candidate has communication skills, dedication, and personality traits compatible with the needs of Works and our clients.
  4. Written Assessments

    Candidates who excel in the HR interview will proceed to a series of targeted written assessments. These tests are intended to assess not only the candidate’s technical skills but also their potential for innovative problem-solving.
  5. Technical Discussion

    Our highly skilled Technical Interviewers carry out a thorough and in-depth interview as the final stage of the recruitment process. During this phase, the candidate will be required to solve intricate challenges and provide detailed answers to questions related to their previous projects. Those who perform exceptionally well during this interview will join our team and be part of the prestigious 1% of Software Engineers in the UK.
  6. Staffing HeroTM

    If a client requests a new project or requires additional Software Engineers for an existing project, our Staffing HeroTM system provides customised recommendations for the most suited candidates for the job. Our Staffing HeroTM technology not only evaluates technical aptitude and profile compatibility for projects, but also utilises advanced algorithms that factor in past performance, current availability, and client-specific requirements to provide the most comprehensive recommendations. Learn more about our Staffing HeroTM system here.
  7. DONE! Project Completion

    Congratulations! With a team in place and ready to work, you are on your way to project completion. You and the Works team will stay connected on a daily basis, either in-person or remotely through video calls. We will share progress updates and operate within the same time zone, ensuring that we are always on the same page.

Collaboration with Leading Programming Teams

At Works, we understand the significance of expertise in producing top-notch software in the IT industry. Our teams are equipped to make meaningful improvements and take a long-term approach to our work. Our experienced professionals manage each project using the latest tools and techniques, consistently striving to implement innovative changes that have a significant impact.

Works has a proven track record of providing digital solutions to businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our teams, comprising skilled and independent professionals, along with experienced engineers, play a crucial role in delivering results that enable our clients to succeed.

At Works, we take immense pride in our stringent hiring process. Our Top 1% IT Talent team is committed to ensuring that our clients receive tailored software solutions, cutting-edge technology deployment, and top-notch managed services of the highest quality.

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