We Put the Top Virtual Team Whiteboards to the Test and Here Are the Results

In today’s increasingly distributed working environment, it is easier than ever to coordinate efforts between geographically dispersed employees. The popularity of remote work is rapidly growing, and the new software and collaboration tools available make virtual teamwork just as straightforward as in-person contact. One such tool is the digital whiteboard, which has been proven to significantly boost the comprehension and engagement of audiences in meetings and presentations.

We’ve researched and tried a number of different online whiteboards to help you and your remote team work more efficiently and cohesively.

1. RealTimeBoard

RealTimeBoard’s virtual whiteboard offers far more features than its traditional counterparts. As with other cloud-based whiteboards, teams can collaborate in real time, secure in the knowledge that their work is securely stored on the cloud.

RealTimeBoard offers a range of over thirty pre-made templates, which can be used to assist with product development cycles, Lean and Agile methods, and roadmap creation. These templates are designed to make the process easier and more efficient.

The participatory nature of the board is greatly enhanced by the use of several of these premade templates.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, this online whiteboard also has:

  • Sticky notes that others may edit without changing the overall concept
  • Choices for Drawing Digitally
  • Uncomplicated movement over a “infinite” picture plane
  • Communicating with some or all of the group
  • Having the ability to remark in real time

Once you have finished using the whiteboard, the content will be automatically saved to the cloud. However, you do also have the option to save it as an image, PDF, or send it to a cloud storage provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox, as well as many other available alternatives.

Among the drawbacks of this choice are:

  • Inordinately slow loading time
  • There is a maximum of three team members and three private, non-commercial boards that may use the free plan.

RealTimeBoard stands out among the available solutions due to its collaborative capabilities and pre-prepared layouts, despite the fact that certain drawbacks must be taken into consideration.

2. The AWW App, Which Is Awesome

If you or your team often find it helpful to sketch down ideas on a whiteboard, as web designers would, then AWW app is the way to go.

The free plan offered by us provides you with a number of additional features compared to RealTimeBoard’s free plan, such as basic tools, board sharing, basic chat functionality and unlimited visitors to your board. Depending on the number of users, our other subscription plans are available at a lower rate per user.

This web-based sketching software is designed with a grid layout to facilitate faster and easier drawing, outlining and writing. This design choice offers a range of exciting features, such as:

  • Photos to be inserted
  • The ability to draw in a variety of colours and sizes online
  • Just wipe it out or reverse it.
  • Here’s the link to the board download
  • Take part in a live audio conversation.

Similarly to RealTimeBoard, AWW software also provides users with predefined templates such as “Question Ladder” and “Customer Journey Map”. However, these templates do not seem to have been designed with the same level of attention and care.

This online forum is an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward and user-friendly whiteboard platform with an emphasis on interactive sketching. However, it is worth noting that it may lack the advanced features and customisation options available in some alternative services. If you are looking for a basic yet effective online whiteboard, this service is a great option.

Online Markup Language

The primary aim of Web Whiteboard is to make the process of collaborating with others simple and speedy. You can get started straight away without having to sign up or download anything. Just go to the website and click the “Create Free Whiteboard” button. Then, you can invite anyone you’d like to join in by sharing the link with them. That really is all there is to it!

If you wish to do so, you have the choice of signing up to the site. It is said that up to three weeks of your whiteboard data will be stored on the site (this can be extended with a paid plan). However, you do not require an account in order to access your files.

If you don’t always need to use a whiteboard, but you think you might need it at some point in the future, this could be the ideal solution for you. Imagine you are having difficulty conveying your ideas to your web designers during a Skype meeting. With this option, you can create an online whiteboard in just five seconds, and then provide the website URL to your web designers to demonstrate your point.

With its integrated text editor, you and your remote colleagues can collaboratively create and edit text files on any subject. Additionally, you can also add sticky notes, photographs and other visual elements to the board.

Web Whiteboard’s developers have full access to your data, which may make it an unsuitable choice if you are looking for a secure and reliable solution in the long-term. Despite the fact that the creators of this software claim they only use this access for error-diagnostics, this may still not be the best option for those who require a higher level of security.

This is a fantastic option if you ever need a swift whiteboard to scribble down concepts, draw diagrams or organise your colleagues’ ideas in real time.

Now, I can reveal the victorious contender: RealTimeBoard

The development of modern technology has enabled us to maintain effective engagement with remote employees, without having to compromise on quality. Whiteboard tools have been proven to improve teamwork, and now is an excellent time to incorporate them into our strategies. By doing so, we can ensure that our remote employees receive the same quality of engagement as their office-based colleagues.

If you are looking for an uncomplicated whiteboard solution that offers a secure and dependable way of engaging, the AWW app could be a suitable option for you. However, it should be said that the other features offered by the app are substantially less impressive when compared to its prowess as a drawing platform.

Web Whiteboard can be an appealing option if speed is an absolute necessity; however, it should be noted that there is a lack of robust security features and a limited range of functionalities.

When it comes to virtual whiteboards, RealTimeBoard remains the most cost-effective and secure option. While there may be a trade-off between cost and performance, the advantages it provides are well worth it. It has features that facilitate collaboration with developers who are working remotely, such as integration with popular applications like Google Drive, Dropbox and Slack, as well as a mobile app that allows you to join meetings on the go. All of these features combined make RealTimeBoard an invaluable tool for working with distant developers.

When compared to other online collaboration solutions, RealTimeBoard proves to be the favoured option due to its uncluttered user interface, extensive selection of pre-defined templates and further collaborative capabilities.

Securing top-tier technology professionals to harness this software and initiate or advance projects is just as crucial as choosing the most suitable software for your remote business to make it more collaborative and efficient than ever before.

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