We Put the Top Virtual Team Whiteboards to the Test and Here Are the Results

In the present-day workforce, collaborating with individuals in different locations is increasingly common. Thanks to the availability of new software and collaboration tools, remote work has become a widely adopted trend. Virtual teamwork is now as seamless as face-to-face communication. A tool that has proven to be effective in enhancing comprehension and engagement during presentations and meetings is the digital whiteboard.

At Works, we have explored and tested various digital whiteboards to assist you and your distributed team to function cohesively and effectively.

1. RealTimeBoard

RealTimeBoard’s digital whiteboard offers considerably more functionalities than conventional whiteboards. As with other cloud-based whiteboards, teams can collaborate in real-time and be assured that their work is securely stored in the cloud.

With over 30 pre-designed templates, RealTimeBoard’s templates are geared towards aiding teams with product development cycles, Lean and Agile methodologies, as well as road mapping. These templates are intended to streamline and accelerate the process.

Using multiple pre-made templates elevates the collaborative aspect of the whiteboard.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, this digital whiteboard also encompasses:

  • Editable sticky notes that can be modified by others without disrupting the overarching idea
  • Digital Drawing Options
  • Effortless navigation across an “infinite” canvas
  • Ability to communicate with either some or all members of the team
  • Real-time commenting capability

Once you are done utilising the digital whiteboard, the content is automatically saved to the cloud. Nonetheless, you can also choose to preserve it as an image, PDF, or transfer it to a cloud storage enterprise like Google Drive or Dropbox, as well as several other options available.

However, some of the drawbacks of this option include:

  • Excessively slow loading speed
  • The free plan allows a maximum of three team members and three non-commercial private boards.

RealTimeBoard distinguishes itself from other available solutions by its collaborative features and ready-made templates, although certain limitations need to be acknowledged.

2. The Impressive AWW App

If your team frequently needs to jot down ideas or sketches such as web designers, AWW app is the ideal choice for you.

Our free plan offers several additional features compared to RealTimeBoard’s free plan, including basic tools, board sharing, basic chat functionality, and limitless board visitors. Depending on the number of users, we also offer other subscription plans at a more affordable rate per user.

This web-based sketching tool incorporates a grid layout for quicker and simpler drawing, outlining, and writing. This design decision comes with a variety of compelling features, including:

  • Ability to insert photos
  • Online drawing with a diverse range of colours and sizes
  • Can be easily erased or undone.
  • Find the board download link below
  • Participate in a real-time audio discussion.

AWW software, like RealTimeBoard, offers users with pre-designed templates such as “Question Ladder” and “Customer Journey Map”. Although, it appears that these templates were not created with the same level of attention and detail as RTB’s templates.

For those searching for a simple and intuitive whiteboard software with an emphasis on interactive sketching, this online platform is a fantastic choice. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it may not have the advanced features and customization options that other services might offer. If you require a basic but efficient online whiteboard, this service is an excellent choice.

Online Markup Syntax

Web Whiteboard’s main goal is to streamline the collaboration process and make it easy for everyone involved. You can immediately start without the need to sign up or install any software – just visit the website and click on the “Create Free Whiteboard” button. From there, you can invite as many people as you want to participate by sharing the whiteboard link with them. It’s as simple as that!

You can choose to sign up to the site if you prefer to do so. The site stores up to three weeks of your whiteboard data, and you can extend this period with a paid plan. However, you can still access your files without an account.

If you don’t require a whiteboard all the time, but would like to have one on hand for future use, this could be the perfect solution for you. Let’s say you’re having trouble communicating your ideas to your web designers during a Skype meeting. With this feature, you can quickly generate an online whiteboard in just five seconds, and then share the website URL with your designers to illustrate your point.

By incorporating a text editor, you can work with your teammates in real-time to produce, and modify text files together covering any subject matter you prefer. Moreover, you have the ability to include sticky notes, photos, and additional visual aids onto the whiteboard.

Considering the designers of Web Whiteboard have unrestricted access to your data, this platform may not be the best fit for those seeking a dependable and secured solution over an extended period. Although the software’s creators assure that this access is exclusively used for error-diagnostics, this option may not be suitable for those in need of a higher level of assurance.

This service is an exceptional choice if you ever require a quick whiteboard for quickly jotting down ideas, sketching diagrams, or collaboratively arranging your colleagues’ thoughts in real-time.

And the Winning Contender is: RealTimeBoard

Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, we can efficiently engage with distant employees without sacrificing the quality of work. Whiteboard software has been proven to positively affect teamwork, and it’s an ideal time to incorporate them into our strategies. By doing this, we can guarantee our remote employees the same level of quality engagement as our in-office colleagues.

If you require a whiteboard software that’s straightforward and guarantees a secure and reliable engagement, the AWW app might be an optimal choice for you. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep in mind that the app’s other features are considerably less impressive compared to its remarkable drawing capabilities.

If speed is of the essence, Web Whiteboard might seem like an attractive choice; nevertheless, it’s crucial to observe that the platform lacks robust security features, and its range of functionalities is somewhat limited.

In terms of virtual whiteboard software, RealTimeBoard is still considered the most cost-effective and secure option. Although there may be a trade-off between cost and performance, the advantages it offers are more than worth it. It provides collaborative features that enable working with remote developers, integrating popular applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack, as well as a mobile app that allows for attending meetings on the go. All of these features make RealTimeBoard an invaluable resource for working with remote developers.

Compared to other online collaboration software, RealTimeBoard stands out as the preferred choice for its clean user interface, wide range of pre-defined templates, and additional collaborative capabilities.

Recruiting high-quality technology experts to leverage this software and initiate or advance projects is just as essential as selecting the most suitable software to make your remote business more efficient and collaborative than ever before. Ensuring top-notch data security is also vital in this aspect.

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