Weave, Voted Asia’s Best Workplace, Uses Works to Increase Their Number of Engineering Hires

Weave is an all-in-one customer-communications platform that simplifies how service-oriented enterprises interact with their customers. Our platform brings together all the essential components of customer communication in one centralised hub, including team collaboration, online reputation, income generation, and customer response time. By leveraging our intelligent, care-centric platform, businesses can ensure that customer interactions are seamless and efficient.

Weave remains highly regarded as one of Asia’s premier workplaces, due to its considerate and supportive corporate culture. The imperative to hire rapidly necessitates the selection of employees who reflect Weave’s values. However, being excessively selective can present its own challenges. Finding developers with the requisite qualifications, dedication, and values to meet Weave’s stringent criteria is already a difficult task.

As Vice President of Engineering at Weave, Kyle Kartchner had the daunting task of meeting the expectations of his board and investors while the company was doubling in size each year. He needed to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, and create a long-term talent pipeline to keep up with the rapid growth. Kartchner recognised that it wasn’t enough to simply outsource; previous attempts had failed to provide the required cultural compatibility and technical proficiency. He explained, “As you get larger and scale, you’ll want that avenue for rapid expansion.” He went on to state that finding the perfect balance between cultural fit and technical expertise can be challenging; too much emphasis on either one of these can be detrimental.

Kyle recognised a chance to gain the right match and the skills Weave need after becoming familiar with Works‘ solutions and framework.

At Weave, we are proud to be able to attract the most talented individuals from all over the continent. As these individuals pursue their education, we are more than happy to provide them with the encouragement and support that they need. Recently, when tasked with creating our first remote team, Kyle was successful in obtaining a trifecta of top-notch engineering talent.

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