Web Developer Needed to Work Remotely? Qualifications for Identifying Top Performers

When interviewing potential remote web developers, it is important to consider their soft skills and personality traits. An experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled candidate with an impressive portfolio would be an ideal fit for this role. Following their successful recruitment, we have found out that their character is similar to that of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. While we appreciate the humor that this comparison brings, we must acknowledge that Sheldon is renowned for being a bit of a snob and difficult to manage.

Deloitte Access Economics have recently released some insightful figures which demonstrate the increasing importance of soft skills and the potential for their value to increase in the future. A selection of data from the research is outlined below:

  • It is predicted that by 2030, 63% of all occupations will require some degree of interpersonal or social skills (including engineering, ICT, management, sales, and programme administration).
  • There will be a 45 percent jump in the need for soft skills.
  • Money made from selling your soft abilities might rise to $90000.
  • Technical expertise is considered 9 times less often than soft abilities.

When recruiting a remote web developer, it is essential to consider not just their technical skills, but also their interpersonal and social attributes. It is recommended to assess the following six characteristics:

Capable of Expressing Oneself Clearly

Remote workers, regardless of their job role, must have a good understanding of effective communication techniques. As none of us can read minds, it is important that we are able to communicate our ideas, challenges and other important information across long distances. Developing strong communication skills is essential for remote employees in order to ensure that their messages and intentions are understood.

Developers often use specialist terminology which can be difficult for those without a technical background to understand. Excellent communication skills, including the ability to explain technical concepts in an accessible way, are therefore essential for a developer prior to making any decisions.

Individuals who are capable of expressing themselves clearly and effectively also possess the capacity to listen. Employing a developer with excellent communication skills means obtaining someone who is attentive to the needs of others and has the knowledge of what it takes to excel in their role. A person who can contribute effectively to conversations without dominating the discussion.

Collaboration yields productive results.

The benefit of distributed teams is that they have access to a variety of cultural perspectives, which can help to improve experience and technical expertise. This can result in finding innovative solutions to challenges, even if all team members do not always agree.

It is a misconception to think that all developers working from home need to be solitary or are compulsive gamers. The development community is incredibly diverse and made up of millions of people with a variety of backgrounds and opinions. Therefore, it is wrong to assume that developers are only interested in programming and are unable to contribute in other aspects of life.

Developers who possess strong interpersonal skills are of great value. They are not only able to communicate and listen effectively, but are also willing to offer help and provide constructive solutions (even from within the engineering sector).

Cooperation is invaluable, as it enables members to bring a range of unique perspectives to the table. The diversity and range of viewpoints in the workplace can significantly increase productivity, leading to a potential 19% uplift in a company’s profitability.

One can only imagine what iconic characters would be like without their sidekicks. From Batman to Hellboy, Rick and Morty to Sherlock and Frodo, the presence of a sidekick has been integral to the success of many of our favorite characters. The importance of these sidekicks cannot be understated, as without them, these characters may not have achieved the level of fame and recognition that they have today.

Employ a Web Developer with Initiative

Remote workers are often characterized by their productivity, and this is particularly evident when working in a remote team. As there is no physical presence of a manager in the office, it is up to the individual to ensure that a project is completed to the required deadline.

Self-motivation is essential for achieving success. It involves being able to think creatively to provide innovative solutions. This can lead to more ideas, and ultimately, more opportunities to set and achieve goals.

A competent remote web developer is not only aware of their required tasks, but they also strive to go beyond the expectations of their role. They demonstrate independent thinking and creativity, taking initiative and adapting their approach to new challenges, coming up with innovative solutions.

The (really hot) Marketing Director at Works, Luis Magalhaes, explains the value of self-starters in a remote workforce.

Change for Survival

When enquiring with an experienced software engineer about the transformations that have occurred in the industry over the past two decades, they may recite the progressions made. Previously, the Waterfall and Spiral models were the favored approaches in software development, however they are now largely outdated. Agile, on the other hand, has seen a surge in popularity.

Due to the speed of innovation in the programming sector, developers must remain proactive in their pursuit of new knowledge. To succeed and think of fresh solutions, it is essential to embrace and welcome these changes.

For over 10 years, Java, JavaScript, Python, C++ and PHP have been widely recognized as the top programming languages. These languages are regularly updated to ensure that developers are up-to-date with modern technology and able to remain competitive in their field.

Experts in Time-Management for Remote Developers

It is often assumed that there is always more time available in the future. However, when striving towards goals and completing tasks, it is important to be mindful of the time available and make the most of it.

Deadlines can be stressful if not managed effectively. As we approach the deadline, the pressure can become overwhelming. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that the deadline is met, as this will help to reduce the stress associated with it, and help us to achieve our goals.

Due to the amount of coding and troubleshooting developers undertake, it can be challenging to accurately predict how long a task may take. Nevertheless, they are still able to meet deadlines. For this reason, it is beneficial to source programmers who are able to provide realistic time frames for their tasks.

Clever Fixer

We require the expertise of a front-end developer to ensure our website is optimized for use on mobile devices. This individual will be responsible for making the necessary adjustments to our website in order to ensure a smooth user experience for our customers.

The aim of recruiting a remote front-end developer is to create an exceptional, user-friendly website. This individual must be able to identify and resolve any issues which may be present, as well as provide effective solutions. It is essential that the candidate is not one who causes further complications.

The workplace can present potential issues for employees to confront. How one manages to overcome these difficulties is an important indicator of success. Those who demonstrate the highest levels of resilience typically possess the following qualities:

  • Takes a dispassionate view of the situation (i.e., doesn’t assign blame).
  • In their eyes, difficulties are openings rather than barriers.
  • Accepts the existence of other potential answers

Problem-solving within distributed teams can be made more efficient when a suitable framework is established prior to commencing work and the relevant personnel are assigned to the relevant tasks.

Where can I get skilled remote web developers that possess these qualities?

It is essential that you select a highly skilled remote developer. Fortunately, Works has over 10 years’ experience in sourcing high calibre developers from around the world.

All Works HR’s recruiters are highly knowledgeable IT professionals, capable of assessing a candidate’s technical skills as well as their personality traits to determine if they would make a valuable addition to your team.

If you are looking to recruit a PHP programmer, software engineer, web designer or Clojure coder, we can provide you with the expertise you require. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to discover more about how to recruit the best IT professionals for your organization.

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