What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Full-Time vs. Freelance Programmer?

It is estimated that there are over 23 million developers worldwide, yet it can be challenging to find qualified programming candidates. The issue is not a shortage of developers, but rather identifying the right individual who has the necessary skills and is the right fit for the company’s culture. This process can take a great deal of time and effort. Some businesses opt for the faster solution of using freelancers for specific projects, but it is important to consider whether this is the best decision for the company. Carefully weighing up the pros and cons of hiring full-time employees and contracting with freelance programmers is essential for achieving success.

We’ve put up a short tutorial to teach you all you need to know about contract programmers and full-time employees.

The Difference Between Freelance and Full-Time Programming.

When conducting an online search for programmers, there are a variety of capable candidates available for recruitment. Potential hires can be engaged on a contractual, hourly or project-based basis.

There are various approaches to sourcing full-time programmers. Posting job adverts on a range of websites is an effective way to locate suitable candidates. Alternatively, you could enlist the help of specialist IT recruiters.

If you would prefer to hire an independent contractor, there are a range of freelancing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr, which provide a platform for businesses to communicate and connect with the many independent workers who are actively seeking employment.

Once you have established the desired skillset for your ideal candidate, it is important to understand the fundamental differences between contract and permanent programming roles in order to select the best option for your team.

We completed this task for you as a courtesy. To further understand the distinctions between these two classes, we examined six key features.

Easily Accessible

When you employ a programmer on a full-time basis, you gain a dedicated individual who will solely focus on your business. They are dedicated to the new role and are prepared to take the initiative that is necessary to be successful, whether they are working remotely or on-site as a programmer. Your requirements and preferences are taken into consideration when making the necessary changes. If you and your team would like to meet at a convenient time each week to discuss projects, this can be arranged.

Freelance programmers tend to be less accessible than full-time employees, much like a pizza delivery person. You can order your pizza using an app and be given an estimated delivery time, and similarly, you can give a freelancer a task to complete by a set deadline. Everyone works differently and at their own pace, so you can only set tasks and deadlines for them to fulfil.


Hiring full-time developers can help foster an engaged, productive workforce. Studies have demonstrated that highly motivated employees are more likely to outperform their less motivated colleagues, and this can result in an increased 21% profit margin for the organization. Establishing a positive culture and working towards a common goal can be made easier with dedicated staff members.

Independent contractors are often working with multiple clients at the same time, thus making it unfeasible for them to invest large amounts of time and effort into understanding your company’s culture and processes. In other words, they will complete the tasks you have requested and then move onto the next one. If you need assistance with a specific issue related to your website, for example, this may not be a major inconvenience.


Having dedicated full-time programmers on staff is essential when several developers are working on the same project. For instance, when undertaking a software development project, it is important to have a team member who is knowledgeable in the task at hand and can provide high-quality results. Team members often collaborate to encourage and help each other think creatively. However, they must ensure their efforts are coordinated to reach their objectives.

Freelancers have a unique combination of teamwork and independence. Whilst not implying that self-employed individuals cannot be great workers, it is important to appreciate that freelancers may not be able to fully integrate into an organization’s team if they are also working on their own projects. To enhance their performance, freelancers may occasionally consult with other members of staff, solely for the purpose of improving their individual task.


Hiring a full-time programmer can be expensive, especially if they need to be present on-site. This can vary depending on the country; for example, engaging a developer in the US could be twice as expensive as hiring one from Eastern Europe. However, if you want to expand your business, hiring a remote employee on a full-time basis is the ideal solution. This way, you can benefit from a global program without having to pay the high cost of IT skills in the US or other countries.

Companies often choose to employ freelance programmers due to the cost advantages they provide compared to traditional full-time employees. In order to take on more work or build their portfolios, freelancers may offer reduced rates. However, it is essential for Human Resources departments and businesses to carefully examine freelancers’ CVs before hiring them for IT-related projects and activities. If cost-saving is the main consideration, this option should not be taken as it may not always guarantee the desired outcome.

Selection Methods in an Organization

One of the primary challenges when attempting to recruit full-time programmers is locating suitable individuals. Finding competent developers can be difficult, but this is not the only hurdle to overcome. The Human Resources department needs to have personnel with experience in filling IT positions. Furthermore, there are additional costs to consider such as payroll, taxes and so forth when hiring programmers on a full-time basis.

Hiring freelancers is becoming increasingly straightforward with the abundance of freelancing websites available. Although finding a reliable programmer can still be challenging, the process is less complex if you require an individual for a single, temporary assignment. Freelancers work on a project-by-project basis, so all you have to do is pay them for the duration of their work on your task, after which they will move on to the next client.

Developers, Full-Time vs. Freelance: Benefits and Drawbacks

Further explore the differences between employed and self-employed programmers via the videos below. The advantages and disadvantages of each are outlined as follows:

Who Comes Out on Top, Full-Time vs. Freelance Programmer?

The decision between a freelancer and an employee depends on the circumstances and the sort of worker you need.

Hiring a full-time programmer is an excellent choice if you need a professional who can quickly get to grips with your business operations, integrate into your company’s ethos and have a positive effect on your organization’s success.

Freelance programmers may be a more suitable choice if you are looking for a one-off project without the need to put in the time and effort to create contracts and deal with the legal aspects.

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