What Can Be Done to Motivate Distant Workers?

If you are hoping to ensure that the spider that made a home in the corner of your shower has left, you could remind yourself of the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. Alternatively, you could hope that the spider had taken flight through the open window and had not sought refuge in your immaculate work shoes.

Similarly, this scenario can be applied to a chef who might have unintentionally replaced tartar sauce with ketchup to dress up their expertly cooked fish bathed in lemon juice. As a result, the dish might have been taken away by the server, leaving the chef at a loss.

It is imperative as managers that we refrain from using the phrase ‘distant colleagues’ while referring to our remote workers. In order to foster team success, whether they operate in-house or remotely, it is crucial that we actively engage with our remote personnel. This means making sure that we prize and connect with all team members that we work with.

By employing this process, we can guarantee that each and every individual within the company has the information they need, including those who may not be directly involved in the process. Not only does this keep everyone informed, it also helps remote workers feel connected and included as a valuable part of the team despite the distance.

According to a recent Slack employee engagement study, a significant majority of workers (85%) wish to feel more connected to their colleagues, irrespective of the geographical distance that separates them. It is observed that these employees feel a sense of purpose, consider themselves valuable and are motivated to meet their targets. Our assertions are backed by the findings of this conclusive study.

While it’s reasonable to expect a greater inclination towards remote work, it’s worth noting that BusinessNewsDaily has highlighted the potential for remote workers to feel disengaged and isolated, which could lead to a decrease in their productivity and overall effectiveness at work.

Though we may not inhabit a world where remote workers can gather together in a virtual space, technology and communication have developed so that it has now become a straightforward task to remain in touch with colleagues and clients, whether they are located nearby or joining a video call from a beautiful Spanish beach.

Encourage Regular and Frank Communication

Amid a remote work setup, effective communication plays an indispensable role. Maintaining employee engagement and connectivity becomes crucial during this period, hence, promoting open and unambiguous communication is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. This, in turn, fosters a sense of collaboration and trust, which are pivotal to flourishing in remote work.

Making sure that remote workers are equally engaged and involved in communication as those present at the office is of utmost importance. By employing software solutions like Slack, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts, we can achieve these aims successfully. In addition, it is crucial to establish a space for informal conversations, as much as it is vital in professional discussions.

Research indicates that providing employees, both those operating from the office and remotely, with an opportunity to interact in an informal atmosphere through casual conversations, contributes significantly to employee engagement. CultureSummit has aptly highlighted the benefits of using an instant messaging program that facilitates short conversations without requiring an email exchange.

Considering the significance of interdepartmental collaboration in boosting creativity, it can be instrumental in motivating staff to share their ideas with each other.

Hybrid Environment Interaction

To ensure that remote workers remain connected and feel like integral parts of the team, providing them with a virtual presence within the office is a beneficial undertaking. ITAGroup has highlighted the potential of video conferencing software that allows remote workers to participate actively in meetings while observing them.

A recent essay published by Works delves into how telepresence robots may have an impact on remote worker engagement. The article emphasizes the importance of organisations adapting innovative technologies to enable remote employees to feel more involved in the workplace, even when they are not physically present. This technological advancement could prove to be a game-changer in how companies engage with their remote workforce going forward.

To facilitate seamless communication and collaboration with remote employees, selecting the most suitable video software for the business is essential, as well as offering training to all employees on how to use it effectively. Additionally, widespread adoption of the software by in-house staff members must be aimed at to guarantee that everyone can interact and work collaboratively with remote colleagues efficiently.

It is crucial to keep in mind that several remote workers may be operating within different time zones when scheduling meetings. While this can pose as a challenge to coordinate, it is crucial to ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity to come together and enjoy the company of their familiar colleagues. This could significantly benefit morale and encourage heightened engagement in the workplace. Therefore, meticulous planning of meetings is necessary to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the presence of friends and colleagues.

Companies should endeavor to facilitate travel for remote personnel to attend special events like welcoming new colleagues or partaking in annual corporate retreats, whenever feasible. This will offer these employees an opportunity to acquaint themselves with their in-house colleagues and promote a sense of shared community and purpose.

Comprehensive Involvement of Employees

A skilled manager recognizes the significance of employee engagement, whether employees work in-house or remotely. A great manager would utilize this knowledge to assure the success of their team. In order to cultivate a sense of inclusiveness, it is imperative to involve all members of the team in the decision-making process.

In contemporary times, various digital media forms have made communication increasingly effortless and convenient. The emergence of various social media networks, video conferencing software, and chat platforms have all made it easier to connect with others, and visually establish a more personalized connection. This has transformed the way we communicate, enabling us to connect more seamlessly and efficiently than ever before.

In our recent blog post on how to bring a remote team together, we emphasized the significance of professional social networking sites like LinkedIn and Yammer in staying connected with your colleagues outside of formal meetings. Additionally, we recommended arranging virtual coffee breaks with no business motive to promote team camaraderie and collaboration.

The ultimate objective is to receive accolades from colleagues and employers on the level of engagement exhibited between employees, which is defined as the frequency and intensity of communication between in-house and remote staff, and not to be misconceived as any romantic associations between these two groups.

Once your remote staff is furnished with the appropriate working environment and resources, you can expect significantly improved productivity and morale. If you are interested in elevating employee engagement, but have yet to build your own team, we suggest reaching out to Works immediately.

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