What Current Marketing Technologies You Should Fund

Marketing technology is advancing rapidly, making it challenging to stay ahead of competitors. Differentiating lasting developments from fleeting trends can be difficult year after year. Testing is the only guaranteed way to determine effectiveness, but it may not always be feasible. Furthermore, what may work remarkably well for one company might not yield desired results for another.

The marketing industry employs various technologies, but we cannot guarantee their efficacy in helping you reach all of your sales targets. We have enumerated and provided recommendations for each technology to guide you in determining its suitability for your business.


Integrating a chatbot on your website can offer real-time responses to customer queries and guide them through the purchase process, for example, by showcasing product demonstrations or customisation options. Additionally, chatbots can communicate relevant promotions, discounts, and other information based on users’ past searches or inquiries. For more information on how to create a more positive brand experience using chatbots, see our guide here.

Given that chatbots are always available, their extensive integration across businesses has resulted in a higher preference for this contact method among customers. This trend has been more pronounced since the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a change in the way service employees interact with customers.

Voice-Activated Search

As customers become more at ease with voice services offered by technology giants like Amazon, Google, and Apple, businesses should consider adding voice search functionality to their advertising strategy. It’s imperative for them to optimise their content to be compatible with voice searches. TheeDigital has compiled some relevant data on voice searches, which you may find interesting:

  • The worldwide internet population has seen a rise in mobile voice searches; currently, 27% of individuals conduct voice searches on their mobile devices.
  • In 2023, 33% of Americans used a voice assistant at least once a month, reflecting an increase of 9.5% compared to the previous year.
  • Over 50% of smartphone users employed voice search technology in 2023.

An essential principle in voice search optimisation is the use of long-tail keywords, which are briefly elaborated in the video below.

Content Creation Software

Content marketing remains a valuable tool, specifically when targeting other businesses. Various formats, such as articles, blogs, white papers, eBooks, and videos, can be used. To ensure effective content marketing, it’s critical to create content that is relevant and useful to your intended audience. For instance, if your company sells customer relationship management software, emphasising the importance of effective customer relationship management, rather than just highlighting the software, may be more effective in your marketing materials. For more information on maximising digital content for your company, see our related post here.

Content generation tools can assess a prospect’s level of engagement to enable the creation of high-quality content promptly. For instance, individuals who have subscribed to your newsletter are at the initial stage of the sales funnel and are in the ‘awareness’ stage. As soon as users engage with your content by clicking on links, they can be directed to the ‘interest’ track, which will provide them with relevant emails.

These solutions can provide data analysis and even content development templates to help determine which types of correspondence should be sent to various categories of potential customers. Additionally, they can aid in prospect tracking, enabling you to determine the ideal time to pursue each lead for a successful outcome.

Social Media

Social media has become even more critical in a company’s overall marketing strategy as marketers now have more freedom in how they use it.

  • The freedom to select your favoured platform.

    Social media has grown significantly in recent times, with platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok now extensively utilised. To communicate effectively, it’s crucial to grasp the user base and language used on each platform. Understanding your target audience and the platform-specific norms can be instrumental.
  • Promotion and sharing of content.

    Organic posts should be shared and liked by as many people as possible, and careful consideration should be given to what content is likely to resonate positively with your target audience. This will lead to the best outcomes.
  • Advertisements.

    You may opt to pay for the promotion of your social media posts or advertise on the platform to ensure that your content is visible to the intended audience.
  • In-app purchases.

    Nowadays, you can even shop on apps such as Pinterest. This strategy is worth considering, especially for marketing consumer goods.
  • Advocacy advertising

    Influencers are in high demand as they can generate significant interest in your products from consumers who trust their expertise. The marketing strategy, where influencers promote your products on their own channels, is called ‘Influencer Marketing’.

Statistical Data Analysis

To make the most of all the resources mentioned above, evidence-based instruction is vital. According to Business News Daily, businesses can now obtain data beyond basic demographics, such as customers’ online and offline media habits, location during the day, purchase history and promotion sensitivity. We can ensure that our communications are as effective and targeted as possible by harnessing this data.

To promote your product effectively, it’s critical to comprehend your target market thoroughly. For instance, studies suggest that middle-aged women often buy high-end sunglasses. Therefore, it’s advantageous to understand their income, marital status, and recent clothing-related spending patterns.

Data analysis can aid marketers in targeting a specific consumer demographic, ensuring that their message resonates more effectively with that particular group. Marketers can utilise this data to their advantage.

The Real Challenge Begins

When selecting an approach, it’s critical to consider the intended audience, the team’s expertise, and the available resources. It’s also important to keep track of its success rate in generating more income once chosen.

If you’re running a campaign, keep in mind that it may take a while for the activities to generate results. Although various methods of promotion are now available, the ones mentioned above are just a few examples that are critical components of a successful strategy.

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