What I Learned About Hiring Developers on Works

6sense, a market leader in predictive intelligence technology for B2B businesses, strives to provide marketing and sales teams with unparalleled insights into the purchasing process. Headquartered in San Francisco, 6sense has secured significant investments from prominent entities like Bain Capital Ventures, Battery Ventures, Venrock, and Salesforce. This is an updated edition of Bajaria’s blog post, originally published on the 6sense blog, describing his experience of leveraging Works to identify and hire software developers.

As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of a rapidly expanding company, sourcing technical talent is a frequent consideration. In the last decade, there has been a notable increase in the competition to attract and retain topnotch personnel. Although Silicon Valley has long been a hotbed for engineers and data scientists, our organization, like many others, is always on the lookout for prospective candidates with potential.

After exploring various approaches, including incentivizing our workforce and experimenting with remote teams, we were disappointed to find that our remote teams lacked the desired commitment and drive. Despite the obstacles, our business continued to flourish. Therefore, I was elated when my CEO informed me upon their return from a weekend climbing trip that they had resolved all our recruitment challenges.

Is the Talent of this Individual Too Exceptional to be Believable?

I was simultaneously pleased and doubtful. Initially, I was extremely optimistic, but my enthusiasm dwindled when I learned that the proposed solution was to hire coders from Asia through a talent accelerator. After previous failed attempts to source remote teams from Asia, I was hesitant to seek assistance from my connections in India.

I failed to give proper attention to my CEO’s proposition until I engaged with other founders of technology startups. I was delighted to learn that they were satisfied with the developers they had hired through an agency called Works. It was the same accelerator that Amanda had recommended to me a year earlier.

The engineers at Works swiftly developed a minimum viable product (MVP) for these entrepreneurs, and they were keen to embrace the Silicon Valley culture. Not only were they committed to crafting top-notch software, they were also resolute in their pursuit of a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, with the ultimate goal of launching businesses to tackle poverty issues in Asia.

Given the youth unemployment rate surpassing 55%, it is not surprising that entities such as Works are teaming up with Nigerians to mitigate the worldwide skills disparity. Upon hearing the positive responses of fellow founders about their encounters with the developers, I informed Amanda of my eagerness to give it a shot.

Addressing the Global Skills Shortage

I was thoroughly impressed when I met the two developers with whom 6sense would be partnering through Works. Prior to the first interview, they had conducted extensive research on our company, our location, our other employees, and even myself. Their commitment to understanding their roles and 6sense was evident, and their genuine eagerness to learn ultimately persuaded me to hire them.

My initial assumptions about hiring remote workers were completely misguided, as I learned over four months of experience. The 6sense employees not only delivered exceptional code, often without any direction, but their contributions had a tremendous impact on the team as a whole. We are all tremendously grateful and proud to be part of something so crucial, and it is experiences like this that make our culture truly extraordinary.

Despite the ample opportunities that exist here in Silicon Valley, it is indisputable that a few of us have grown content and developed a sense of entitlement as a consequence. I am extremely enthusiastic about Work’s aspiration to build a world where talent is distributed equitably, and I am eager to contribute in any way possible to make that vision a reality.

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