What Is the Average Price of a New Website?

To keep up with the fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must ensure their online presence is updated regularly. Yet, this involves a considerable expense, as updates are necessary to ensure they can shine above their challengers.

Redesigning a website can cost anywhere between £1,440 to £38,400 or more. The total expense largely depends on the size of the project and the expertise of the contracted designers and developers responsible for its completion.

In case there is a necessity for revisions, how should one decide which ones to prioritize? Also, would these changes contribute to the overall expense of a website reconstruction? To explore this matter more comprehensively, let us delve deeper.

The Cost of Website Makeover Depends on Four Essential Factors

The exact amount of money required to reconstruct your website will hinge upon the specific adjustments you plan on implementing.

The expense of reconstructing a website is generally determined by four main factors:

  1. Reconstructing a large-scale website would inevitably require additional time and effort, equating to higher expenses.
  2. The level of complexity pertaining to the changes you want to introduce, whether it is an addition, update, or alteration, will have a direct impact on the overall cost.
  3. The expense of an entire website rebranding may be significant, yet there are ways of cutting down costs. Yet, it is vital to acknowledge that certain concessions might need to be made to achieve cost-effectiveness.
  4. The Designer: The cost associated with restructuring a website can fluctuate depending on whether you choose to collaborate with a self-employed professional or a company.

Essential Services for Website Reconstruction

The expenditure of reconstructing a website hinges on numerous factors, including labour costs. To grasp the complete extent of the website makeover, it is imperative to take into account the accompanying services.

  • Redecoration:

    This is the perfect solution when the foundational aspects of a website are established, but there is room for improvement via a reconceptualization. As this solely requires the introduction of fresh visuals, it is usually one of the most reasonably priced alternatives.
  • Rewire:

    This option is typically employed when adjustments to the backend or frontend code of a website become necessary, primarily to optimize sites that possess an adequate visual design but experience sluggish loading speeds.
  • Remodel:

    A website remodeling shares similarities with redecoration since it serves to enhance both the design and coding of the website. As a result, it is more expensive than the previous two alternatives.
  • Rebuild:

    This option comes into play when it becomes unfeasible to rectify the prevailing design or coding, and starting anew seems like the most viable alternative. Although the costs could be substantial, the outcome will be a website of exceptional quality.

Website Redesign Cost: What is the Actual Expenditure Involved?

The expenditure of website reconstruction is liable to be linked to the scale and intricacy of the alterations necessary. Additionally, the expense associated with constructing a website anew should also be taken into account.

Regrettably, we cannot produce an exact cost estimate for your project without additional information. Nevertheless, we can furnish an approximated price based on our past records to provide a general idea of what the typical expenditure of a website redesign might entail. To accomplish this, it is imperative to first establish who will be in charge of the redesign since this is the most critical decision that needs to be made.

To facilitate these computations, we will assume that a website renovation will require approximately one month to complete.


Freelance contractors can be employed for an array of undertakings and may possess diverse skill sets and levels of expertise. Although they may not be the ideal alternative for significant overhauls, they can prove to be a reasonably priced option for minor modifications.

Perhaps you have contemplated the expenses of having a contractor update your website. If you choose to engage multiple freelancers to work on a single project (such as a designer and a programmer), it is vital to ensure effective communication between them. Collaboration is critical as it minimizes the risk of elements malfunctioning when integrated.

Projected Budget: Depending on the hourly rate of the freelancer, the expenses could range from $1920 to $20,000 or more.


  • The expenses are reasonably priced and are considerably affordable overall.


  • Their aptitude level ranges extensively, and it may be challenging to locate a dependable one.
  • The consequences of wrongdoing are likely to be lower.


If an individual entrepreneur is incapable of managing the magnitude of the website overhaul, it might be appropriate to consider retaining the services of an agency.

Agencies, unlike independent designers, may form multidisciplinary teams to help you with any aspect of your website renovation.

The expenses, which may range from $4,000 to $48,000, will largely depend on the agency’s hourly rate.


  • Proficiency in every aspect of web development allows them to handle projects autonomously.
  • Their proficiency in specific domains decides if they can offer recommendations on industry-specific best practices for your business.
  • Accountability.


  • Significantly pricier compared to hiring independent contractors for the job.

Are you searching for an affordable website redesign service?

The purpose of this article was to offer a thorough comprehension of the different aspects that can impact the cost of a website renovation project. It is crucial to uphold a robust online presence while still adhering to tight financial restrictions.

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