What It Takes to Make It as a Successful Product Manager

In any software company, effective collaboration between different departments is crucial, and the role of product managers is indispensable in achieving this goal.

With an overarching view of the development process, the product manager plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful completion of a product. They provide guidance and intervention where necessary and ensure that the desired outcome is met.

To gather valuable insights into the skills required to enter and excel in product management, we spoke with Peter Knudson and Braxton Bragg, authors of the book Product Sense: How to Solve Problems Like a PM, Ace Your Interviews, and Get Your Next Job in Product Management.

According to Knudson, observing the difficulties faced by others trying to establish themselves in the field motivated them to pen the book.

My first interaction with Braxton was during Zynga’s Product Management training program. Since not everyone has access to hands-on experience in this field, we authored the book to give readers a head start.

Bragg explains that although they started from the same point, their paths have diverged over the years.

By leveraging our combined expertise, we strove to introduce fresh viewpoints. To illustrate that product management can vary even within a single organization, we featured insights from various interviewees.

Those who triumph understand that leveraging their prior experiences is key to achieving success.

According to Knudson, since there is no universal definition of a competent product manager, getting into the profession can be challenging.

At Works, we understand that each product manager brings unique abilities and experiences to the table, and should not be treated as interchangeable. Identifying your ‘superpower’, i.e., the area in which you can make the most significant impact, is critical for achieving success in product management. While there are no universal technical requirements for this role, showcasing something new that you can bring to it is important.

Bragg opines that adaptability is paramount for success. Product managers should possess the ability to adjust to diverse roles and duties. They should exhibit a readiness to take charge while also maintaining an insatiable thirst for acquiring new skills and being a team’s go-to member when needed.

Cultivate your capacity for empathy.

Bragg highlights the significance of empathy as a necessary balance to the self-assurance required to assume control and attain mastery.

We consistently emphasize the importance of demonstrating empathy and thoughtfulness towards our users and customers. In order to resolve their challenges and keep the company and its products on track, it is crucial to take into account the requirements of our internal stakeholders and consumers.

Knudson suggests that individuals aspiring for a career in product management should develop product sense, which encompasses a profound comprehension of the product as well as the capacity to empathize with the user.

If you have ever shared feedback on an item bought from Amazon, then this article pertains to you. By evaluating the quality of the product you procured, you have exhibited your product sense. To broaden your comprehension of a customer’s encounter, try ruminating on the products you use frequently and the reasons behind your affinity or aversion towards them.

If genuine triumph is what you seek, you must master your product.

As a product manager, this translates into having a more extensive understanding of the product than anyone else.

The primary responsibility of a Product Manager is to ensure that all possible applications of the product are comprehended. It is crucial to recognize that even if the team has not addressed a particular problem in a while, a user may still confront it. Knudson emphasizes that if customers become progressively dissatisfied, companies run the risk of losing them permanently.

You can employ the principles of product management to the products you use daily, irrespective of whether you have a career in product management. Employ services like Spotify or Google Maps to evaluate the product. Pose queries such as “Why is this button placed here?” and “Why is it green?”. Deliberate on the creator’s reasoning to comprehend the obstacles they encountered.

Even if you’re not currently engaged in product management, you can still adopt a product manager’s mindset.

Adopt the approach of a project manager even if you haven’t yet become one

If you aspire to develop your profession in product management, Bragg recommends that you should consistently explore potential methods to enhance your product by scrutinizing the strategies employed by your rivals and even those employed by unrelated organizations.

Examine the market, particularly your rivals, and initiate the process of devising a plan for your future actions. Peter and I both hold expertise in the gaming sector, and the competition is cut-throat. As a result, you can always seek their guidance on enhancing your game or implementing new features that your players will find pleasurable and conducive to the success of your enterprise.

If you intend to demonstrate that you possess a strong comprehension of products, irrespective of whether your position is directly connected to products, it is crucial to aid in steering the management and decision-makers towards a state where they possess a lucid goal and plan.

You are not alone

Transitioning to product management is not a solitary undertaking.

Having a mentor to guide you as you embark on the process of transitioning into a product management position is critical, particularly if you plan to remain with your present employer. As Bragg stresses, “it is essential to have a mentor who can assist you in undertaking this endeavour, grow, and eventually progress into a more official PM role”.

Stay focused on the ultimate objective.

According to Mr Knudson, the new Product Manager, it is crucial to contemplate the organization’s priorities while making decisions. This is particularly pertinent in the present circumstance.

If your objective is to attain prosperity in business, it is crucial to make decisions that align with the organization’s vision, mission and commercial goals. In the event of a difference of opinion on the optimal course of action, it can be useful to determine which alternative signifies a step closer to the most crucial indicator of success.

The North Star metric is a widely recognized benchmark of success. It can be leveraged to gauge various factors like user counts or engagement rates. Utilizing a clearly defined benchmark to evaluate progress assists in guaranteeing that all team members are working toward a unified objective.

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