What Led Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping to Choose Works as Their Development Team Case Study

Lindsey Anderson, Business Manager at Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping, has recently shared her opinion on Works’ services and its dedicated team in an insightful blog post. Additionally, she recounted her positive experience with Works and offered valuable advice on remote recruitment.

Can you provide an explanation of Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping’s services?

Specializing in cloud-based accounting services, Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping assists entrepreneurs in the United States with navigating their tax and accounting responsibilities. Their objective is to streamline the process and make it more convenient and effective for businesses.

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping delivers a range of services that can prove advantageous to start-up business proprietors. These include bookkeeping, tax preparation, and auditing. With abundant knowledge in this field, the company can assist businesses in developing effective tax reduction plans, in addition to providing clear and concise financial record-keeping.

What difficulties did Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping encounter prior to using Works?

According to Anderson, Business Manager at Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping, “We faced difficulties in recruiting and retaining competent staff to handle our demanding workload. Additionally, we encountered a significant challenge with Salesforce. We integrated it as our CRM platform, but we wanted it to perform additional tasks.

Eventually, we recognized that our requirements were overly complicated, and, as a result, the developers we had at the time were incapable of fulfilling the goals we had established.

A Brief Examination of the Most Pressing Issues

  • Elaborate specifications and challenges in customizing Salesforce
  • The existing development team could not fulfill the requirements.
  • We were unable to come across any innovative developers.

According to Aderson, they made it a priority to locate developers with experience in their industry during their search for appropriate candidates. They were seeking someone who possessed the ability to think beyond simply adhering to guidelines and consider the larger context. Essentially, they were seeking a developer who could handle more than just “fix-it tickets” or “tech support tickets,” and familiarize themselves with their system. Unfortunately, they were unable to achieve these objectives until they came across Works.

In What Particular Manner Did Works Support Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping in Resolving Their Problems?

Works implemented the following three measures to aid Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping…

The firm was able to identify exceptional, long-term matches for its requirements.

Through Work’s Intelligent Talent, Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping gained access to a worldwide network of more than 2 million pre-screened and skilled developers.

Anderson, the Business Manager at Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping, expressed surprise at the amount of candidates who matched their precise requirements, such as the type of developer, skill set, experience level, and budget.

Anderson highlighted that the company was not solely seeking aid with Salesforce, but they also wanted to designate engineers to work on all of their projects. He said, “We were seeking an individual who could assist us not only with our current project but also with our future goals. After completing the Salesforce project and obtaining our desired results, we became aware of the fact that we required someone to help us with the remaining technological objectives on our list.

Works played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the project. Clever Tax & Bookkeeping’s two developers, one from each country with varying capabilities, were instrumental in aiding us in achieving our objectives. Lindsey stated, “Their work exceeded our expectations, and they went above and beyond what we had anticipated.

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Works handles everything from hiring to training to supervision to compensation management.

Cleer Tax & Bookkeeping wanted to bring their development in-house and sought assistance to achieve this goal. Works supported them throughout the process.

We were pleasantly surprised by how quick and hassle-free the process was. After getting in touch with Works, we conducted a successful round of interviews that led to a prompt decision about our potential candidates. It was a significant advantage to have Works involved in the interview process because it meant that we did not have to deal with lengthy documentation or paperwork. Instead, we received an additional perspective and immediately exchanged feedback after each interview. Works was also very proactive in scheduling interviews with the chosen developers and offered helpful guidance throughout the subsequent stages. Anderson also noted that the entire operation ran seamlessly.

After recruiting the programmers, Works participated in all of the initial onboarding discussions. They stated that the new employee orientation was exceptional. Subsequently, training took place, and Works requested frequent updates from the company throughout the training period. This feedback provided valuable insight into the developers’ consistent progress over a period of days or weeks.

Anderson elucidates that Works streamlines the process of finding qualified applicants by managing the recruitment, screening, matching, supervision, scheduling, billing, and payroll responsibilities. Works also handles all relevant documentation and fees, offering an added benefit for employers beyond securing highly skilled engineers.

Our two-week, no-obligation trial makes it easier than ever to fill open positions.

Works provides a two-week trial period with no financial obligation, in contrast to our competitors, should you decide not to proceed with the service offered by the developer you hired.

Anderson notes that Works’ two-week free trial piqued their interest. This trial showcased Works’ determination to assist them in finding the ideal candidate, which falls in line with the entrepreneurial operating system’s management approach. Their primary objective is to find suitable candidates to fill open positions, and they valued Works’ commitment towards achieving this goal.

After the trial period, it became evident that we had made the correct hiring choices. She further commented that this was largely attributable to the efficiency of the recruitment process utilised by Works.

To sum up:

Works has effectively assisted over 400 fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 companies in each step of their remote recruitment process, from sourcing to screening and onboarding. Over 400 rapidly expanding startups and Fortune 500 corporations have already reaped the benefits of the developers provided by Works, so why not join them?

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