What One of Chili Piper’s Top Executives Did to Succeed While Working from Home

Designed for teams, Chili Piper is a convenient tool that automates the entire meeting lifecycle. We had the pleasure of interviewing its CEO, Nicolas Vandenberghe, during Web Summit 2022.

With a team of 170 employees working from 133 locations spread across 27 countries, Chili Piper has gained significant expertise in managing remote work. Nicolas is in a unique position to discuss the advantages and challenges of building a global workforce, and share insights on how he keeps his staff motivated and engaged.

Merging conventional practices with innovative in-house methods can lead to enhanced productivity

Recognizing the time-saving benefits of readily available tools like Zoom and Slack, Chili Piper utilizes them effectively. According to Nicolas, the whole team meets once a week via Zoom for a productive session where each member contributes.

Nicolas stresses the significance of devising novel approaches. At Chili Piper, meetings are not used for decision-making purposes. Instead, they use an asynchronous technique called a ‘decision memo’, which is ideal for remote work settings. With a ‘decision memo’ or a ‘collaborative Google Document’, all members involved in a decision can offer their insights and viewpoints, thus enabling a consensus. The input of every team member, irrespective of their location, holds equal importance.

Celebrate your successes together as a team

At Chili Piper, Nicolas ensures that the team receives yearly acknowledgment for their steadfast commitment in providing exceptional service to esteemed clients like Twilio, QuickBooks Intuit, and Spotify. Regrettably, they had to cancel their party this year due to the pandemic.

Nicolas’ primary aim is to plan a grandiose celebration unassociated with business strategy and performance metrics. He takes pleasure in exploring novel ways to make the next Chili Piper party even more noteworthy than their previous events held in Paris, Ibiza, and Talum.

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