What Proper Staffing Can Do to Get You over a Pandemic Rut

We understand that you and your colleagues might be feeling demotivated. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected various aspects of everyday life such as socialising, travelling, and dining out. It is also evident that the work orders may have decreased and teams have had to adapt to a new style of remote collaboration, with in-person meetings being replaced by virtual ones.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect us, we can still be hopeful about the future. It’s crucial to find ways to reignite enthusiasm within the company, such as acknowledging achievements publicly, proposing fresh initiatives, and onboarding new members to the team.

Works suggests exercising caution when contemplating a large-scaled employee departure. Providing individuals with the opportunity to assess their suitability for the company might enable a smoother exit for those interested in pursuing other options. Furthermore, recruiting new talent implies a fresh perspective and facilitates innovative thinking within the organization.

Reflecting on the Previous Year

Find a conducive setting where your team can gather and reflect on the past year. Staff meetings, surveys or message boards are a few ways to achieve this. The aim is to review both accomplishments and shortcomings. Asking pertinent questions can help to gain deeper understanding.

  • What aspects have remained unchanged compared to the previous year, and what is noteworthy about them?
  • What is the team’s perception of the company’s current strengths and weaknesses?
  • What were the initial challenges of 2023, and how was the team able to surmount them through collaboration?
  • Which modifications do we want to maintain, and which would you suggest we discard?
  • What led to the abandonment of certain plans, and should they still be a priority?
  • What new plans are necessary for the company?
  • To understand what customers want, it is advisable to pay attention to their feedback.
  • What is the most pressing issue that needs our immediate attention? And in a year’s time? Furthermore, how do you envision your position within the company in the next five years?

Create a Plan for Optimizing Your Productivity

After evaluating the company’s year-end review, draft tangible goals that can be tracked. Arrange them in order of significance and formulate a corresponding action plan for each goal.

Identify the necessary individuals required for each phase of the process. This should be the initial stage of your comprehensive personnel evaluation. Make sure to involve all relevant departments and teams in the execution of your proposed action plan.

Evaluate Employee Morale with Your Team

Our current challenge is to determine whether existing plan participants have a desire to continue participating. This assessment is meant to be constructive and encourage employees to reflect on any changes in their personal circumstances that may have occurred over the past year.

Restricting the number of employees who are eligible to work remotely may be essential; nevertheless, some team members may view this as a necessity owing to their present circumstances. Bearing in mind the additional challenges they have encountered in recent months, they may not entirely comprehend the reasoning behind this resolution.

Prior to determining necessary changes in response to the pandemic, it is crucial to take into account the distinct requirements of each employee. It is unwise to assume that Gail’s desire to work from home is representative of all other staff members’ preferences. In order to ensure that all employees are informed of upcoming modifications and given an opportunity to reflect on their individual requests, it may be beneficial to allow for a more adaptable work schedule. It is prudent to take the necessary time to review all available possibilities before finalizing any decisions.

In the event that any worries arise concerning a team member’s mental health (for instance, if they have developed social anxiety owing to social distancing and are uneasy about reintegrating into in-person contact with colleagues), it is recommended to provide accessible support, such as an employee assistance program, or recommendations for mental health services in the area.

To boost employee morale, it can be valuable to gather feedback from your staff on what changes could be made to enhance their working conditions. The subsequent video presents four critical elements that may help increase overall job satisfaction in the workplace.

Aid Ill or Incompatible Employees

Having a conversation about a transitional phase with employees who are hesitant to support post-pandemic objectives is a crucial aspect of the process. We need to make every effort to assist them in finding appropriate employment during this interval, while bearing in mind that this does not entail contract termination, but rather a mutual agreement to separate for the advantage of all parties concerned.

Support may be given in the shape of a complimentary recommendation letter or access to internal resources (within reasonable limitations). Employees may be permitted to avail themselves of company resources, such as a premium LinkedIn subscription or a corporate computer, to assist in job-seeking activities beyond typical business hours.

Explore a Diverse Range of Options when Recruiting New Employees

Numerous resources are accessible to aid in the discovery of exceptionally qualified personnel. Consciously allowing for the possibility of remote employment will permit access to a more extensive array of opportunities than before. These workplaces may be where the perfect candidate is found.

  • Advertised vacancies.

    Advertising open positions on your website and on job search platforms such as Indeed is both a successful and dependable approach. Furthermore, in the event that you work in a specific sector (e.g., technology) or operate a distinct type of enterprise, it is advisable to investigate job-posting websites that cater to that niche market (e.g., those intended for non-profit organizations).
  • LinkedIn.

    Leveraging LinkedIn’s tools makes it straightforward to locate highly skilled candidates. You can conveniently search for and identify promising applicants through this platform.
  • Current Employees.

    Desiring more personnel who exhibit qualities similar to those who already work for you? Consider asking your staff to refer potential candidates from their professional networks.
  • Contractors.

    Employing contractors can be advantageous since they enable you to accomplish tasks without the inconvenience of hiring full-time staff members.
  • Staffing Agencies.

    If you are experiencing difficulties in recruiting permanent employees, staffing agencies can offer valuable assistance.
  • Aid in Locating and Hiring Staff.

    Making the decision to commit significant time and resources to the recruitment process is a weighty matter that requires careful consideration. If you lack the expertise to locate and interview qualified candidates, engaging the services of a specialized staffing agency may be a wise option to consider.

Embrace Transformation in 2023

The year 2023 arrived with an assortment of changes, some of which were less than ideal. Despite the hardships caused by the pandemic, we were able to recognize the silver linings accompanying them. Congratulations to you and your team for persevering through this challenging period – now is the moment to acknowledge your triumphs and set your sights on the future.

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