What to Expect from 2023’s New Web Design Trends

Story-Based Design

Social media has been criticised for making information and discourse overly simplistic, which could result in misunderstandings and the proliferation of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, people may not be inclined to seek out websites that provide a counterargument with beneficial, even-handed content. In light of this, businesses must consider how to encourage their target audiences to engage with more reflective materials.

Narrative visualisation, also known as ‘sharing rather than telling’, is set to become increasingly popular in web design in 2023. This type of design aims to captivate visitors with unexpected and engaging experiences, adding a light-hearted and exciting element to typically wordy or lengthy texts.

This trend is comparable to reading a paper magazine, with the addition of films and animations to increase readers’ engagement. Although the changes may be minor, they can enhance the appearance and user experience of a website. Ultimately, the aim is to encourage people to interact and engage with the content, thereby reducing the number of visitors who just visit and leave without taking any action.


As companies strive to increase engagement with their clients through their website, it is becoming increasingly clear that they must reassess their approach. In order to be successful in 2023, businesses must accept the need for simplicity amidst the overwhelming abundance of information.

As web design evolves, a more streamlined user experience is anticipated for 2023. This includes a clean design, easy navigation, concise wording, a thoughtful colour palette, engaging visuals, and a prominent call to action (CTA). People are increasingly favouring succinct and direct communication that requires minimal effort.

In the last decade, websites have often been designed with sophisticated colour schemes, large amounts of text and multiple components in order to attract visitors. However, much progress has been made in recent years, and if a website fails to engage the user quickly, they are likely to lose interest.

Nowadays, users are seeking websites that offer both ease of use and value, enabling them to focus on the areas that companies are keenest for them to focus on. Consequently, in 2023, many companies will adopt a straightforward design for faster loading times, present content that is more easily scannable, create simpler online forms and make navigation straightforward.

Confidence and Security

Due to the extensive damage caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, many countries have implemented strict quarantine measures. In accordance with all current evidence, the world is still in the process of recovering from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and its various variants in 2023.

Following two years of effort to rebuild after the disastrous impact of the pandemic and the restrictions put in place by the government, people are undeniably exhausted. As a result, new trends are beginning to emerge to facilitate the shift back to an outdoor way of life. Companies are revamping their work environments in order to invite employees back to their physical workplaces, whilst modern architecture is being developed to make people feel secure and at ease in public places, just as they do in their own homes.

Websites in 2023 will include homey, outdoorsy styles and photography. Designs that make users feel at home like more of a trend.


As the global internet user population has grown to over 4 billion, it is essential that website designs for the upcoming year are inclusive and accessible for all. In 2023, it is anticipated that more companies will make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities, allowing them to benefit from improved conversion rates and better search engine rankings. This trend is highly beneficial and should be embraced.

Businesses are expected to utilise the latest technology such as augmented and virtual reality to enhance accessibility. It is also essential to consider altering things such as the colour scheme and typeface to increase accessibility further. Companies that prioritise their customers will ensure their websites are user-friendly for all.

As more and more brands develop their websites to have greater accessibility and availability, the advantages to both companies and their customers become increasingly apparent.

Positivity in Thought

Many individuals are feeling more cynical, distrustful, and exhausted by restrictions than they were a few years ago, as a lot has happened in that time. With the long-standing impact of the pandemic, many individuals are having difficulty coming to terms with their experiences due to the abundance of negative thoughts and attitudes fuelled by the excess of information available.

By 2023, companies will need to leverage design in order to stay ahead of the competition and provide their customers with a more positive experience. To remain successful, businesses must be prepared to adapt to the changing market conditions in order to continue to create a sense of optimism and loyalty amongst their customers.

It has been observed that companies who utilise positive messaging, visuals and written works have experienced an increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction.

2023 has posed a great number of challenges for web designers. To ensure maximum user engagement and increased site traffic, companies should keep up with the latest web design trends. This year has seen a rise in such trends, and it is expected that they will only become more prominent in the years to come. By following these trends, companies can ensure their site is properly optimised for maximum visibility and potential sales.

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