What to Expect from 2023’s New Web Design Trends

Designing with Narratives

Social media has faced criticism for presenting information and discussion in an overly simple manner, leading to potential misunderstandings and the amplification of conspiracy theories. Sadly, individuals may not have a tendency to explore websites that offer an opposing viewpoint with helpful and fair content. Given this, companies should contemplate the ways to motivate their desired audience to interact with more contemplative resources.

In 2023, narrative visualisation, which is also referred to as ‘sharing rather than telling’, is predicted to grow in prominence in web design. This style of design aims to enchant viewers with unforeseen and immersive encounters, introducing a fun and thrilling aspect to typically verbose or prolonged text.

This trend is akin to perusing a printed magazine, with the inclusion of video clips and animations to augment reader involvement. Though the alterations may be subtle, they can elevate the aesthetics and overall user experience of a website. In essence, the objective is to motivate individuals to interact and engage with the content, consequently decreasing the amount of visitors who simply browse and exit without any action.


As businesses aim to enhance interaction with their customers via their website, it’s becoming increasingly evident that they need to re-evaluate their strategy. To achieve success in 2023, companies must recognise the necessity for simplicity amidst the inundation of information.

As web design continues to advance, a more simplified user experience is projected for 2023. This encompasses an uncluttered layout, straightforward navigation, concise language, a deliberate colour scheme, captivating imagery, and a prominent call to action (CTA). Individuals are progressively drawn to concise and straightforward forms of communication that is easy to understand.

Over the last ten years, websites have commonly featured intricate colour combinations, lengthy textual content, and numerous elements with the goal of luring visitors. Nevertheless, recent years have seen significant advancements, and if a website fails to promptly captivate the user, they’ll probably lose interest.

Presently, users are on the lookout for websites that provide both convenience and worth, allowing them to concentrate on the aspects that companies desire their attention on. As a result, in 2023, many businesses will embrace a simple design for quicker loading, feature more scannable content, simplify online forms and ensure easy navigation.

Trustworthiness and Safety

Numerous nations have imposed rigorous lockdown measures due to the widespread harm caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. In line with all existing data, the globe is still on the road to recovery from the catastrophic aftermath of Covid-19 and its diverse mutations in 2023.

After two years of striving to recover from the pandemic’s devastating consequences and government-imposed limitations, individuals are undoubtedly fatigued. Consequently, new tendencies are emerging to assist the transition back to an outdoor lifestyle. Businesses are redesigning their workspaces to welcome workers back to in-person work, while contemporary architecture is being developed to create a sense of comfort and safety in public areas, similar to one’s own residence.

Incorporating homey, nature-inspired layouts and photography into websites is set to become more popular in 2023. Designs that instill a sense of belonging and comfort are expected to gain more popularity.


With the worldwide internet user population exceeding 4 billion, it’s crucial that website designs for the forthcoming years are comprehensive and accessible to everyone. In 2023, it’s projected that more businesses will ensure their websites are accessible to people with disabilities, enabling them to benefit from enhanced conversion rates and improved search engine rankings. This trend is highly advantageous and should be welcomed.

Businesses are projected to leverage cutting-edge technologies like augmented and virtual reality to improve accessibility. It’s also crucial to contemplate modifying elements like the color palette and font to boost accessibility even more. Companies that prioritise their customers will guarantee that their websites are user-friendly for everyone.

With an increasing number of brands enhancing their websites for better accessibility and availability, the benefits to both businesses and their customers are becoming more evident.

Positive Thinking

Numerous people are feeling more pessimistic, suspicious and drained by limitations than they did years ago, owing to the significant events that took place in that time. With the long-lasting aftermath of the pandemic, many individuals are finding it hard to come to terms with their experiences because of the abundance of unfavourable ideas and opinions fuelled by the surplus of information available.

In 2023, companies will have to use design to outdo their competitors and offer their customers a more positive experience. To remain successful, businesses must be flexible in adapting to the evolving market conditions while continuously fostering a sense of positivity and allegiance among their customers.

Research has indicated that companies that incorporate positive messaging, visuals and written content have witnessed a rise in customer loyalty and contentment.

Web designers are faced with numerous challenges in 2023. To guarantee optimal user engagement and improved site traffic, businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest web design trends. This year has witnessed the emergence of a plethora of trends, and it is anticipated that they will gain increased prominence in the future. Following these trends, companies can guarantee that their site is appropriately optimised for maximal visibility and sales potential.

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