What to Expect from JavaScript in 2022: React, Elm, and TypeScript

To gain an understanding of the latest developments and trends concerning JavaScript in 2022, The State of JavaScript carried out a survey involving more than sixteen thousand respondents.

Now, let’s examine the key discoveries from the survey.

Noteworthy JavaScript Libraries in 2022

Over the past few years, JavaScript has experienced a significant surge in adoption, making it a sought-after option for developers working on front-end, back-end, and full-stack software components. Our team conducted a survey exploring different frameworks based on respondents’ levels of interest, familiarity with the framework, and degree of recall. Moving forward to 2022, our predictions for the most notable advancements in frameworks include:

  • React.JS is the most commonly employed framework for front-end programming.
  • Compared to React.JS, Svelte and Solid have superior functionalities and capabilities, making them more attractive to developers and increasing their likelihood of being used in future development endeavours.
  • As anticipated by developers, React.JS has experienced a decrease in popularity. People have higher expectations of popular items.
  • Angular.JS maintained the second and third positions in terms of actual usage and familiarity.
  • For constructing both back-end and front-end applications, Next.JS has emerged as the most commonly used framework.

The JavaScript investigation also unveiled the following:

  • For compiling JavaScript, more than 98% of participants utilise TypeScript.
  • The use of Tsc as a build tool for compiling TypeScript into JavaScript via the tscconfig.json file is becoming more prevalent.
  • The survey also discovered that two of JavaScript’s most favoured features among users are nullish coalescing and optional chaining.
  • More than 70% of developer respondents are employing WebStocks as their preferred browser API.
  • As developers frequently use the Jest testing framework to run tests on JavaScript and TypeScript programmes, this is a possible explanation for the rising popularity of React.JS, as the framework can be conveniently integrated with it.
  • Webpack is unquestionably the most frequently used build tool for JavaScript. Nonetheless, Vite has quickly gained traction lately owing to its ability to resolve certain inadequacies of Webpack.
  • According to a recent survey, a significant number of JavaScript programmers reside in the United States. In addition, the poll indicates that the global community of JavaScript developers is growing.

Let’s examine the most noteworthy qualities of those who completed the survey:

  • The overwhelming majority of respondents had worked with JavaScript for over three years.
  • The respondents included over 14% from the United States.
  • Most of the participants completed the survey in English.
  • Over one-third of survey respondents were aged between 25 and 34.

React.JS has emerged as the preeminent JavaScript framework for front-end development in 2022. Additionally, when it comes to constructing a website’s back-end, JavaScript is the most commonly used framework.

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  1. Do you believe JavaScript remains a viable programming language in 2022?

    Absolutely! Despite losing some of its popularity, JavaScript is still extensively utilised by programmers worldwide.
  2. How does the current JavaScript framework differ from its forerunners?

    React.JS is the most prevalent and extensively used JavaScript framework, and it is heavily relied upon by JavaScript developers.

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