What to Expect from JavaScript in 2022: React, Elm, and TypeScript

In order to gain insight into the trends and current status of JavaScript in 2022, The State of JavaScript recently conducted a survey with over sixteen thousand participants.

Let’s analyse the most important findings from the poll.

Famous JavaScript libraries in the year 2022

In recent years, the utilisation of JavaScript has seen a considerable increase, making it a popular choice for developers working on both front- and back-end components of software as well as full stack developers. A survey conducted by our team examined the various frameworks based on the degree of interest of the respondents, how often they had heard of the framework, the level of awareness of the framework, and how well it was remembered. As we look ahead to 2022, we predict that the most prominent advancements in frameworks will be:

  • When it comes to front-end programming, React.JS is by far the most widely used framework.
  • When compared to React.JS, Svelte and Solid are more appealing to developers due to their enhanced features and capabilities, making them more likely to be used for future development projects.
  • Dropping in popularity, as expected by developers, is what happened to React.JS. People have higher standards for a popular item.
  • With respect to actual use and familiarity, Angular.JS stayed in the number two and number three spots, respectively.
  • Next.JS is now the most widely used framework for building both backend and frontend applications.

The JavaScript study also revealed the following:

  • To compile JavaScript, over 98% of respondents use TypeScript.
  • Tsc is becoming more widely used as a build tool for compiling TypeScript to JavaScript using the tscconfig.json file.
  • In addition, the poll found that nullish coalescing and optional altering are two of JavaScript’s most popular features among its users.
  • Over 70% of survey developers are utilising WebStocks as their browser API of choice.
  • Developers often employ the Jest testing framework to execute tests on JavaScript and TypeScript programs, which is likely a contributing factor to the increasing popularity of React.JS, as the framework can be easily integrated with it.
  • When it comes to JavaScript, Webpack is indisputably the most widely used build tool. However, recently, Vite has been rapidly gaining popularity due to its capability to address certain shortcomings of Webpack.
  • The United States is home to a substantial number of JavaScript programmers, according to a recent poll. Furthermore, the poll reveals that the worldwide population of JavaScript developers is increasing.

Let’s have a look at the most salient characteristics of those who filled out the survey:

  • The vast majority of those who answered had worked with JavaScript for more than three years.
  • The United States was represented by more than 14% of those who responded.
  • The majority of those who participated did it in English.
  • More over one-third of those who participated were between the ages of 25 and 34.

In 2022, React.JS emerges as the most popular JavaScript framework for front-end development. Furthermore, when building the back-end of a website, JavaScript is the most widely used framework.

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  1. In 2022, do you still think JavaScript is a suitable programming language?

    True, that’s for sure! Although it has fallen out of favour somewhat, JavaScript is still widely used by programmers all around the globe.
  2. To what extent does the JavaScript framework of the moment differ from its predecessors?

    React.JS is the most trendy and widely used JavaScript framework. JavaScript programmers rely heavily on it.

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