What to Include in Your RFP When Evaluating Software Development Companies

To gather offers for a specific project, companies utilise a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) document. Suppliers who meet the criteria are given bid requests containing information regarding the project requirements, such as the needed resources and projected expenses. The candidates are then requested to present their plans for executing the project.

Works has a wealth of knowledge in drafting comprehensive Request for Proposals (RFPs) and can, therefore, assist in creating an RFP that will effectively evaluate potential suppliers. To this end, we have provided a sample RFP which can be used as a template when drafting an RFP for this purpose.

It is possible that this RFP template may not meet the requirements of every project, hence a few adaptations may be necessary to address the needs of the current project. As a result, this template should be utilised as a preliminary guide for your RFP, rather than as an absolute version.

Once you have finished the essential preparatory measures, you can send an invitation to tender to your preferred software development companies. By following the suggested template, you should be prepared for a considerable response.

Request for Proposal Format

When drafting an RFP, it should be comprehensive enough to address the essential aspects of the project, clearly defining objectives while avoiding being excessively intricate. To strike this balance, the following components are suggested:

  1. Contact person at the company
  2. Overview of the company
  3. Proposal format specifics and submission timeline
  4. Analysis of the current situation
  5. Project objectives
  6. Explanation of services and products
  7. Technology requirements
  8. Breakdown of expenses
  9. Evaluation criteria

We’ll review each element and illustrate its significance in ensuring your RFP is comprehensive and effective.

Contact person at the company

Your primary objective is to introduce yourself to potential development providers. This involves designating a contact person to serve as the main point of communication between you and the service providers. The contact person can be anyone you select, such as a manager, team leader, or even yourself.

Overview of the company

Service providers require a brief description of your company to grasp the nature of your project. Please provide straightforward and concise information instead of a lengthy description.

This section should comprise of:

  • What you do
  • Kindly add the primary products, services, and areas of proficiency that your company deals in.
  • Who are your specific customers?
  • Which markets do you operate in?

Formatting of the proposal and deadline for submission

This section specifies our strategy for managing the proposal process. We will get in touch with potential development partners on a specific date and anticipate receiving their proposals shortly afterwards. We intend to dedicate a specific amount of time to evaluate the proposals before commencing the project on a prearranged date.

Establishing definitive timelines for each phase of the process can aid in maintaining momentum and promoting timely responses from businesses with the information you need (usually a presentation based on the specifics we will discuss later).

Project Overview

This section requires you to provide an extensive description of your project, enabling a potential outsourcing partner to comprehend your goals. Please bear in mind that this should describe the issue you want to address, not the solution you are searching for.

While it is not mandatory to provide a complete outline of the concept at this point, it is recommended to provide a summary of the digital solutions being contemplated along with their relevant details.

Project Objectives

This part of the RFP sets out the qualifications that a contractor must satisfy to qualify for the project. The criteria for the desired outcome and anticipated results should be explicitly stated. Moreover, it is crucial to specify the target audience, which is a critical consideration when undertaking any software development project.

Tasks to be Accomplished and Results to be Attained

To guarantee the prosperous completion of this project, please furnish comprehensive information on the necessary resources, a timeline with a projected completion date, and an inventory of deliverables to be accomplished.

Technical Specifications

When it comes to discussing software development, it is crucial to prioritize the technologies, features, and capabilities that are necessary, as well as those that are desirable but not mandatory. This will aid in ensuring that the process is feasible.

It is imperative to provide a comprehensive depiction of the current software and hardware setup, as it will enable developers to make optimal use of the new product’s incorporation into your existing digital framework.

If you are willing to undertake a challenging task, make sure to allocate ample time for gathering all the essential information. Providers with a thorough comprehension of the situation can provide you with more accurate projections, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the agreement.

Details on the Financial Plan

Including a budget with Request for Proposals (RFPs) is crucial to provide potential partners with an idea of the funds that are available for digital initiatives. Giving a pricing range or, if feasible, a more comprehensive budget, will enable suppliers to determine if they are a suitable financial fit for the project.

Suppliers may be able to aid you in adapting the project to fit your budget, such as by rearranging tasks and deferring nonessential ones for later. This could make the project more feasible and simpler for future expansion.

Evaluation Criteria

It is crucial to ensure that the selected individual meets your requirements. To achieve this, it is vital to specify the criteria used to evaluate them. By devoting time to thorough research and analysis, potential suppliers can be demonstrated that their ideas are treated with seriousness. Additionally, this will provide them with a platform to exhibit their skills, expertise, and offerings effectively.

Criteria may include, but are not restricted to, the following components:

  • Overall, we are dedicated (especially to those related to performance)
  • Pricing
  • Establish the scope
  • The technical and operational challenges of the project have been resolved.
  • Information Risk Management
  • Proposed methodologies
  • Qualifications acquired through experience in the relevant sector
  • Complying with current rules and regulations


It is worth noting that, while the standard Request for Proposal (RFP) comprises the nine items specified, an addendum may be appended to gain a more profound comprehension of the prospective vendors. The information furnished in the RFP should demonstrate the applicants’ expertise to fulfil the project, but supplementary information presented in the addendum can assist in providing a more inclusive understanding of the organisations and individuals under consideration for employment.

This is not a mandatory part of the RFP, so you have the liberty to format it in a way that you consider to be suitable and encompass any inquiries that you regard as pertinent. You can use this example questionnaire as a reference for your own.

Background of this Company

  1. Kindly provide me with all the necessary information about your company (contact details, website, point of contact for bids, etc.).
  2. Kindly furnish us with some introductory information about your company, such as the number of engineers, area of expertise, level of experience, and the kinds of projects you have previously undertaken.
  3. Kindly inform us of your time zone and the proficiency in English of your staff.


  1. Have you previously worked on projects for firms operating in (your industry)?
  2. It would be preferable to review some of your past work, if available.
  3. Can you provide me with contact details of your past clients so that I can request feedback on your services?

Managing the Progress of a Project

  1. Detail your complete development lifecycle scope.
  2. Provide an overview of the methodologies you utilise.
  3. What measures do you implement to manage privacy, security, and other sensitive information?

Technical Expertise

  1. How proficient is your team in the following skills?
  • Continuous Integration
  • Automated Deployment
  • Automated Test Execution
  • Efficiency and Stress Testing
  • Safety Testing
  • Engineering Documentation
  1. Does your team possess relevant credentials in the fields of technology and methodology? Please provide details of the team members who hold such credentials.
  2. List the cutting-edge technologies that your staff is proficient in:
  3. What are your processes for ensuring everything is functioning correctly?

Technology and Infrastructure

  1. What resources do you typically utilize in the product design process?
  2. What does your communication model entail?
  3. What is your process for sourcing qualified candidates?
  4. Does your development team work on multiple projects simultaneously?
  5. Is your team capable of quick expansion to accommodate increasing demands?


  1. What is your process for determining the cost of a project?
  2. Can you clarify if your pricing model differs from those of your competitors (e.g. fixed cost vs hourly rates)?
  3. Is ongoing support, maintenance and updates included in the pricing or do additional costs apply? Please specify the date until which support will be provided.
  4. What currency do you typically use for invoicing?

Additional Information Included

  1. What form does your post-production support take?
  2. Could you outline the benefits of establishing an ongoing partnership with your organisation?
  3. Are there any ancillary abilities or expertise you would like to highlight?
  4. How else may we be of assistance to you?

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