What We Can Learn from InVision, a Fully Virtual Organization

Imagine your entire team gathered around a large meeting table, each of them passionately discussing their ideas. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the air, and one of the attendees is absently nibbling on a biscuit while they contribute to the conversation. This moment of chaos is a reminder of the culture of independence that you have created in your business. After much deliberation, a cohesive plan is beginning to take shape. It is now time to take the plunge and launch your venture into the digital realm, anxiously awaiting the outcome.

You find that one of the most rewarding aspects of work is sharing your ideas and inspiring others to be enthusiastic about them. However, you worry that if your team were to work remotely, it would be impossible to create the same level of enthusiasm and energy that you experience when everyone is in the same physical space. Is that correct?

Indeed, it appears that you were correct in your assumption; our knowledge of InVision, and the fact that it is used by more than four million people, has resulted in this error.

If you are concerned that online collaboration would be too much of a burden on your organization, and therefore believe that remote working is not a viable option, let us provide you with the facts that could help you reconsider your position.

Due to its cloud-based nature, InVision App is an excellent collaboration tool for rapidly prototyping digital goods. This innovative application was developed and improved by a completely remote team, who have consistently demonstrated their ability to tailor the software to meet the requirements of their geographically dispersed customers.

  • I have a great appreciation for Design Studio as it enables us to craft a useful resource tailored to our own needs. Steven Fabre, InVision’s Product Designer, has commented saying, “I find myself using the tool every day and it is effortless to detect any discrepancies.
  • Lead Designer of InVision, Scott Savarie, said, “We’re our own customers in a way, so we know when something is w(h)ack.”

To repeat, the InVision App was developed with remote collaboration in mind.

Using InVision, you and your team can work together in real time with the same vigour and enthusiasm as if you were in the same room.

According to InVision, Working Together Digitally Is Always Preferable than Doing so in Person.

InVision’s ethos is based on the fundamental belief that employees should be able to work from any location. This was the main driving force behind Clark Valberg, one of its co-founders, when he was establishing the company’s structure. The idea was that there should be no need for employees to come into the office if they could do their job remotely.

On the subject of remote employment, they share our views.

  • Thanks to the advances in technology and communication, we are no longer limited to hiring from a restricted area, but instead can access a much larger and more diverse range of talent from around the globe. This allows us to not only find the best people to fill our roles, but also to introduce a variety of different perspectives and ideas into our organisation. Lead Product Designer at InVision, Andrew Cullen
  • We shouldn’t let the fact that we don’t all reside in the same places hinder our potential to collaborate and create something really amazing. As InVision’s Vice President of Product Design, Billy Kiely,
  • “I am more productive here than I would be at a regular workplace.” Bill Kiely

And what makes working together virtually so much better than face-to-face? Because while your team is collaborating on InVision app, they may do the following:

  • Create permanent draughts of their ideas on a digital whiteboard (using their Freehand) that may be shared with others.
  • Construct interactive prototypes (in Studio) and see immediately what’s wrong with them
  • Rapidly collect comments and suggestions
  • Quickly iterate, make new versions, and refine your product.
  • Maintain consistency by keeping your group’s thoughts in the same location (like the InVision Board)
  • Facilitate a smooth transition from the design phase to the development phase (where the dev team may see the design team’s work).

If you were to do all of this manually, it would take weeks. One-fifth of that time is all that is needed if your company uses digital methods.

InVision Offers a Suite of Digital Collaboration Tools.

Massive Growth of InVision, Only Possible in the Cloud

Although they have an office in New York, they have always operated independently.

In 2023, Ben Nadel and Clark Valberg founded InVision and, although they initially only comprised a small team, the company has since grown to encompass a global remote workforce of almost one thousand individuals. Our staff spans numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Israel, Nigeria, Arizona, California, Portland and Glasgow.

Angel investors were the first to provide capital, and after seven rounds of investment, they have managed to acquire a total of approximately $235 million. This capital has been used to purchase nine different technology start-ups, including well-known companies such as Muzli, TrackDuck and Wave.

They have developed in the usual ways, yet their growth has been much faster as they have not had to spend money on large-scale infrastructure such as additional premises and costly equipment.

Only seven years old, InVision has accomplished more than any IT startup could have hoped for.

Software that Helps InVision’s Remote Workers Get Stuff Done

It is essential for every business to ensure that they have the most motivated remote staff in order to be successful. In addition to this, it is also imperative that the best possible equipment is provided to enable these staff members to carry out their jobs to the best of their abilities. At InVision, we take these considerations seriously and employ a range of tools to ensure that our remote staff have everything they need to be productive and effective. Some of these tools include:

  • Communication Slack
  • Zoom: online video conferencing
  • Assisting with group work using InVision (surprise)
  • Online Resource for Coding and Collaboration: GitHub
  • Project Management using Trello
  • Password Safe: Dashlane
  • Data storage and management using Google Drive
  • Streamlining Processes using Zapier
  • Time Zone Converter: World Time Buddy

One digital content developer at InVision, Will Fanguy, makes some excellent comments regarding the usefulness of these remote technologies.

  • Don’t assume anything about your team’s level of knowledge or comprehension.
  • Two or three hours a day spent communicating with your crew may make a significant impact.
  • The phone call need not be a momentous occasion.

InVision’s Staff at a Zoom Meeting

InVision, a Fully Remote Company, Taught Us These 7 Valuable Lessons.

  • To be successful while working from afar, you must always be hungry for knowledge. At InVision, all employees are eligible for a tuition reimbursement program, as well as a series of in-depth analyses of successful company practices, aptly named “Secret Sauce”.
  • When working remotely, honesty is essential. Andrew Cullen and Will Fanguy have emphasised the importance of keeping staff informed, communicating frequently, and ensuring there is an abundance of communication when managing a large remote workforce. This approach will ensure that employees remain engaged and active.
  • Inaccessible does not imply lonely – The InVision team strive to maintain close communication by engaging in regular conversations and meetings on a daily basis. Furthermore, they make an effort to foster team spirit and camaraderie by coming together for social events and attending conferences whenever possible. Managers also convene in person once a month in order to ensure that their team is functioning cohesively.

Gathering of the San Francisco InVision Crew

  • The benefits of work-life balance are not only an academic concept in the It is essential to ensure that employees are not overworking and burning out. Offering free gym memberships and unlimited vacation time may be necessary in order to prevent this. The rumors suggest that it is important to be passionate about one’s career, but it is equally important to look after one’s own wellbeing and needs.
  • For the most part, isolated locations operate at warp speed. InVision offers a range of technologies which allow for instantaneous prototyping, enabling the creation of any digital product to be monitored with a single mouse click. This has enabled them to attract 4 million users who have reportedly seen an increase in productivity of up to five times. Their exceptional growth is largely attributed to the fact that they have been able to remain isolated from competitors.
  • That difficulty can be overcome. No matter the difficulty of the situation, InVision is fully aware of the complications that can arise from remote working. For example, when the team had to expand quickly across different time zones, this presented some logistical issues. To address this, they have now organised their schedules so that they have the same three to four hours of downtime each day.
  • When dealing with people, particularly in less-accessible locations, As a business, InVision have done their utmost to ensure the wellbeing of their remote workers. They provide comprehensive medical coverage, grants for necessary equipment and travel expenses, and they even have a Director of Happiness to ensure staff morale is kept high.

The rapid growth of companies like InVision can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. However, the key to success is to remain open to new opportunities and be prepared for further expansion. Rest assured, the next step for your business will be to embrace remote working. So, why not take on the challenge and get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your business reach its potential.

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