What You Should Know About WordPress Development

WordPress is an outstanding open-source platform that is the most popular and widely utilised way for businesses to create websites of superior quality. WordPress development, then, is the process of designing and maintaining WordPress websites.

As of 2022, it is estimated that there are approximately 1.3 billion websites currently available on the internet. Of these, an impressive 708 million are powered by WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. This number is expected to rapidly increase in the coming years, with a reported 2 million downloads happening annually.

Despite its initial purpose of creating blogs and publishing content online, businesses can now leverage WordPress to build a wide range of websites and applications. With its versatile capabilities and easy-to-use interface, WordPress has become an increasingly popular platform for businesses to create powerful and impactful digital experiences.

Let’s look at why so many websites prefer WordPress over other options.

What exactly is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that is released under the General Public Licence version 2 (GPLv2). This licence grants anyone the ability to use or modify the software without any associated cost.

WordPress development offers businesses of all sizes the flexibility and usability they need for their online presence. From small businesses to large corporations, WordPress provides an excellent platform for a variety of applications, such as blogging, eCommerce, and corporate websites. Its versatility is unparalleled, allowing businesses to create a website that meets their specific needs.

Here are a few examples of websites that can be created using WordPress development:

  • Blogs
  • E-commerce stores
  • Membership websites
  • Business websites
  • Forum websites
  • E-learning websites
  • Event websites
  • Professional portfolios
  • Wedding websites

There is no limit to the potential of what can be achieved with WordPress development. With the vast selection of themes and plugins available, businesses have access to an array of design choices and additional features to create any type of website imaginable. The only restriction is the extent of your imagination!

What exactly is a WordPress Developer?

A WordPress developer is someone who focuses on designing and implementing websites for businesses on the WordPress platform.

With their deep understanding of the platform’s architecture and environment, they are dedicated to enhancing the software, as well as creating new WordPress themes and plugins.

It is widely acknowledged that the development of a WordPress website does not necessarily require one to have coding knowledge. However, a WordPress developer must have a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in constructing a reliable WordPress site to meet the specific requirements of a business.

WordPress developers are classified into three types.

  1. WordPress Core Developer. The developers in question specialise in the backend of WordPress development, utilising their programming skills to enhance the platform’s performance. This includes writing code to extend its functionalities and capabilities.
  2. WordPress Theme Developer. Custom WordPress themes are designed and developed by professional theme developers for individual clients or for distribution through third-party marketplaces such as themeforest.net. Additionally, these themes can be made available for free through the WordPress Theme Directory.
  3. WordPress Plugin Developer. WordPress Plugin Developers are professionals who specialise in creating custom plugins for WordPress. They can craft tailored plugins for individual clients, distribute them on external websites, or offer them as free downloads on the WordPress Theme Directory.

Benefits of WordPress Development

  1. Simple to use WordPress is designed to be easy to set up, use, and manage, even for those who do not possess extensive coding knowledge. The core platform is built using a combination of multiple coding languages, but the user does not need to have any prior coding experience to be able to work with WordPress.
  2. Free WordPress.org hosts the software for free. However, you must pay to obtain a domain name and web hosting.
  3. Flexible WordPress development allows you to create a wide range of websites.
  4. Free and open-source software. WordPress is not owned by any single company or entity. As a result, it is available for use by anyone.
  5. SEO WordPress provides businesses with a streamlined approach to search engine optimisation (SEO). By utilising existing header tags and incorporating relevant keywords, businesses can easily optimise their websites for higher visibility and rankings on search engine result pages. Furthermore, the presence of several plugins, such as Yoast SEO, allows users to more effectively manage their SEO efforts.
  6. Extensible Software developers from all over the globe collaborate to enhance the functionality of the software. These members of the community are constantly innovating and refining the platform to optimise its performance. Developers have the ability to select from a vast selection of themes and plugins, or to craft their own unique themes and plugins.
  7. Customizable WordPress development themes offer a high level of customization, allowing developers to easily alter the website’s layout and design. For more advanced WordPress themes, they operate similarly to page builders, providing developers with full control of the website’s look and feel.
  8. Support The WordPress platform offers a comprehensive range of media formats for uploading, including images, video, audio, and documents. It has the capability to support several uncommon formats, in addition to the more conventional media formats.
  9. Security The WordPress website security team is a collaborative effort that includes core software developers and users. It is important to note that the majority of security issues encountered with WordPress are caused by user negligence rather than any inherent flaw in the WordPress platform itself.

So, why should you hire a WordPress developer?

Businesses often choose to develop their official websites using WordPress, as it is renowned for its highly customizable and aesthetically pleasing themes, as well as the additional features and capabilities that its plugins offer. This Content Management System (CMS) provides a great platform for businesses to create a website that is both visually appealing and functionally dynamic.

It provides a platform for them to test and implement their creative ideas while also keeping up with the latest technologies and features.

Despite being one of the most intuitive and user-friendly platforms available, it is advisable to enlist the services of experienced WordPress developers in order to create and manage your website to its fullest potential.

WordPress developers have the expertise to craft a website that is designed to keep visitors engaged and to reduce the bounce rate, thereby resulting in more leads. To achieve this, they employ visual elements to maintain the interest of visitors and integrate various add-ons to ensure users remain connected with your site.

They also understand how to track the effectiveness of your website using tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

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