What’s New in Android 12? Explained: Major Updates

The updated version of Osai’s mobile operating system, ‘Snow Cone,’ delivers a more streamlined, secure, and personalised experience to its users. The latest release boasts several user-friendly features, as outlined in Osai’s discussion of Android’s top 12 features. The renewed version caters to the unique requirements and choices of individual users, offering an enhanced, modernised experience.

Material You: One of Android’s Top 12 Features

Android 12 has introduced a new design language called Material You, which enables users to create personalised and dynamic applications.

Private Compute Core: One of Android’s Top 12 Features

Android 12 features Private Compute Core, a secure mobile environment that is isolated from the operating system and other applications.

AppSearch: One of Android’s Top 12 Features

One of the new services featured in Android 12 is AppSearch, a high-performance, on-device search engine app. It allows applications to index structured data and provides a built-in full-text search feature for efficient information retrieval, ensuring users can quickly and easily find the information they need.

Widget Improvements: One of Android’s Top 12 Features

Android 12 features an upgraded widgets API, aimed at significantly improving the platform’s user experience, as well as easing the burden on app developers. To ensure compatibility with Android 12, developers can refer to the comprehensive guide provided by Android developers. Furthermore, a reference for APIs enabling the refreshment of existing widgets is also available.

Android 12 enables widgets to incorporate the device’s colour scheme for features such as buttons, backgrounds, and other components in both light and dark themes. This unifies the appearance of widgets, creating a more seamless experience across multiple widgets.

Animation Improvements and a New API: Two of Android’s Top 12 Features

All applications in Android 12 showcase a new app launch animation, which features smooth introductory movements from launch, displaying a splash screen with the app icon, and transition to the application. This improved animation delivers a more immersive experience for users when launching applications.

A unified API has been introduced in Android 12, allowing access to a diverse range of content such as keyboard entries, drag-and-drop objects, and text from the clipboard. Two new APIs, RoundedCorner and WindowInsets, have also been added to the latest version. With the RoundedCorner API and its getRoundedCorner(int position) module, developers can retrieve the radius and centre point of rounded corners. Meanwhile, the WindowInsets API assists in applications adapting to window layout changes.


In the near future, Android users should anticipate enhanced functionalities in the operating system, including improved performance as well as security features.

Due to the widespread popularity of the operating system, Android developers are currently in high demand worldwide.

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