What’s Next for Engineering Personnel in 2023?

With the economic climate growing ever more uncertain, businesses must create a thorough approach for the preparation and allocation of their 2022 workforce budget. Has your company established a framework for supervising the workforce and defining future goals?

As reported by Human Resources Today, predicting the recruitment scene for the upcoming year has become significantly challenging due to the ongoing pandemic – organisations are encountering unprecedented circumstances. In light of the current volatility in recruitment expenses, it’s crucial for businesses to invest in solutions that enable flexibility and cost-effectiveness while safeguarding their financial stability.

Recruiting new staff is proving to be a challenging undertaking in the current climate, with a scarcity of engineers and mounting wages heightening competition for the best talent. Even when desirable offers are presented, applicants are taking an extended period of time (two months or more) to come to a decision. Although hiring full-time staff always carries a certain amount of risk, making an incorrect decision could result in significant financial and time-related consequences.

Attracting the right candidates to one’s organisation can be challenging, and doing so remotely adds an additional level of complexity. With engineers being in high demand, it’s essential for companies to refine their remote hiring approach before interacting with potential employees. Given the limited room for error, avoiding errors in this area is strongly recommended.

As a solution to their hiring requirements, businesses are increasingly adopting the strategy of long-term engineering staff augmentation. This established approach offers the necessary flexibility while being cost-efficient, resulting in enhanced efficiency. Moreover, this hiring strategy is gaining popularity due to its capability to draw top engineering talent from across the world, particularly in times of scarcity in job openings.

Integrating new engineering staff into any business is not a new or fashionable idea; however, it’s important to adopt innovative techniques to meet the demand for competent engineers. In the United States, organisations must have the ability to recruit quickly and at a consistent cost in order to establish and sustain a dependable team of engineers.

Long-term staff augmentation is a technique for adding skilled senior engineers from locations beyond the United States to existing teams within the country. These experts are often keen to partner with forward-looking companies that are solving intricate issues. Today, given the fact that a majority of employees can work efficiently from any location, physical proximity is no longer a primary factor for successful team collaboration. However, it’s in the pay slips where these augmented engineers exhibit their exceptional value to the team.

Our staff augmentation strategy has been a proven, dependable, and cost-effective solution for hiring managers. This approach streamlines the recruitment process and significantly lightens the workload on human resources and engineering executives, thereby enabling them to easily enlarge their full-time equivalent engineering staff. Furthermore, the risk associated with a faulty recruit is assumed by the staff augmentation company, ensuring that the hiring managers receive the requisite support.

Micah Parker, Vice President of Engineering at KindHealth, a health insurance marketplace, has identified several benefits associated with hiring more engineers to work on projects over the long term. He notes that one of the key advantages is the ability to acquire talent at a rate below the market average. Moreover, he highlighted that a related but unanticipated benefit is that of cultural enhancement, resulting from the introduction of diverse perspectives and backgrounds of new staff, coupled with their enthusiasm to drive change.

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