What’s Next for Engineering Personnel in 2023?

As the economic climate becomes increasingly unpredictable, companies must develop a comprehensive strategy for planning and budgeting their 2022 workforce. Does your organisation have a plan in place to monitor the workforce and outline its future objectives?

Human Resources Today highlighted the difficulty of attempting to predict the upcoming year’s recruiting environment in light of the current pandemic, noting that many organisations are facing “uncharted terrain.” It is essential for organisations to invest in solutions that provide flexibility and cost-efficiency without compromising their financial security. With the current level of unpredictability with regards to recruitment costs, this is an incredibly important factor to consider.

Hiring new employees is proving to be a difficult task due to the current shortage of engineers, as well as increasing wages which makes competing for top talent even more challenging. Even when attractive offers are made, applicants are taking an extended amount of time (two months or more) to make a decision. While there is always a certain risk associated with hiring full-time staff, a wrong decision could have serious financial and time implications.

Recruiting the right individuals to join one’s organisation can be a challenging process, and doing so remotely adds an additional layer of complexity. With engineers being in high demand, it is critical for businesses to refine their remote recruitment plans before commencing contact with prospective employees. Making mistakes in this area is not advisable, given the limited margin for error.

Organisations are increasingly turning to long-term engineering staff augmentation as an effective solution to their hiring needs. This time-tested approach provides the necessary flexibility and helps improve efficiency without an extravagant cost. In particular, this strategy is becoming more and more popular due to its ability to attract top engineering talent from around the world, even in times when there may be a shortage of job openings.

The incorporation of new engineering personnel into any organisation is not a novel or trendy concept, however, it is essential that innovative approaches are taken in order to meet the demand for talented engineers. In the United States, businesses must have the capacity to hire quickly and at a consistent cost in order to establish and maintain a stable team of engineers.

Long-term staff augmentation is a practice whereby qualified senior engineers from outside of the United States are added to existing teams in the country. These professionals are often eager to collaborate with progressive businesses that are tackling complex problems. Given the current reality that most employees can work effectively from any location, physical proximity is no longer a critical factor for successful team collaboration. However, pay stubs are where these augmented engineers demonstrate their superior value to the team.

Our staff augmentation strategy has been proven to be a reliable, effective, and cost-efficient solution for hiring managers. It simplifies the recruitment process and significantly reduces the burden on human resources and engineering executives, allowing them to easily increase their full-time equivalent engineering staff. Additionally, the risk associated with a failed hire is transferred to the staff augmentation company, ensuring that the hiring managers are well-supported.

Micah Parker, Vice President of Engineering at health insurance marketplace KindHealth, highlighted the various advantages of hiring more engineers to work on the project in the long run. According to him, one of the principal benefits is the ability to acquire talent at a rate below market pricing. He also noted that an unexpected benefit is the associated cultural augmentation that comes with it – additional perspectives and backgrounds of new personnel, and the enthusiasm they bring to make a difference.

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