What’s the Difference Between a UX/UI Designer and a UX/UI Developer?

Searching for information online can be a frustrating experience, particularly when it comes to official Italian government websites. Often, the symbols and buttons displayed appear disorganized and even unhelpful. Although it is necessary to visit government websites for certain reasons such as paying taxes, it can be a challenge to find the information you are looking for.

Taking into account the rise of e-commerce and virtual enterprises, it is essential to ensure your internet presence is up to scratch. Transactions and services must be easy to complete in a timely fashion; if it takes more than 5 minutes, customers may be more likely to look elsewhere. This could potentially cause you to lose out to your competitors.

It is likely that you are now familiar with the roles of a User Experience (UX) Designer and a Developer. These professionals are responsible for the creation of the programs and user interfaces that you regularly use. User Interface (UI) and UX Design are integral elements of their work. In order to gain a better understanding of these roles, let us analyze them and discover why website owners cannot do without them.

When comparing UX and UI, what are the key distinctions?

What the user sees while interacting with the system (UI)

The user interface comprises of all the visual and auditory elements that a customer interacts with when utilizing a digital service or purchasing a digital product. In modern times, it is not uncommon to observe grandparents navigating through Instagram to keep track of their great-nephews, while their grandchildren indulge in activities on their iPads. This was not always the case.

Reflecting on the 1970s, when the first computers were introduced, users were expected to have a firm understanding of programming languages in order to undertake the most basic tasks. However, this changed with the introduction of the graphical user interface (GUI) in the 1980s. Through the use of menus, icons and buttons, computers became accessible to everyone, regardless of coding ability. A notable example of this is the Macintosh, which was initially released by Apple Computer in 1984. This was one of the earliest GUI personal computers.

Due to this revolutionary change, computers are now accessible to everyone with an internet connection. This has necessitated the need for a person with the expertise to design user interfaces whilst considering the end-user experience. If the user interface is hard to use, then the product will not be successful. The same can be said for the UI designers and developers who are ultimately responsible. With the emergence of new digital devices and technologies, there are many potential applications for UI design.

Interface and User Experience (UX)

As UI design has advanced, the user experience has improved. Once a user has interacted with a website or an app, one can say that they have experienced it. This experience can be positive or negative, depending on how the user values such interactions. UX designers and developers analyze a wide range of customer interactions. Working closely with the marketing department, this team assesses the customers’ initial contact with the company, the order in which they interact with the website’s components, the emotions evoked during the process, and the user’s final thoughts and feelings about the experience. In this case, success is determined by delivering a product that is both desirable and useful to the target audience.

What Separates a UI/UX Designer from a Developer

It can be challenging to distinguish between UX and UI design when recruiting. Ultimately, their skill sets are largely similar, however the outcome of their work is what sets them apart. In the words of Galileo Galilei, “The Holy Spirit’s mission is to instruct believers on the way to heaven, not the nature of the heavens themselves.” The same is true for UX and UI development; if you wish to work on elements of the user interface, you need a UI designer and developer, whereas for improving the customer experience, you require UX design.

It is important to remember that the roles of designers and developers are distinct. When selecting a graphic novel, bear in mind that creating artwork and writing are two completely different processes. Both are essential for success, but they are separate entities. The programmer develops the game, constructing the narrative and creating the characters. Similarly, the illustrator’s role is akin to a designer’s, as they use the story to create a visual representation, bringing the characters and environment to life.

The authors employ multiple tactics to aid readers in navigating the content. It is likely that the same principles are applied when designing pages. As long as technology is an integral part of our lives, there will be a requirement for individuals to create interfaces which are suitable for different backgrounds, ages, occupations and levels of technical competency. Let us explore their roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

Where Should You Start Your Search?

Whether they are based remotely or in-house, these roles require strong collaboration with your team. It is important to consider not only programming language proficiency, but also interpersonal and communication skills when assessing applicants’ portfolios. How can a UX Developer improve the user experience without engaging with the Marketing team? Similarly, how can UI Designers promote your brand without participating in branding meetings?

The Role of the UI/UX Designer

User Experience (UX) designers strive to enhance user satisfaction by streamlining the interface. UX designers focus on both textual and visual user input to reflect the company’s values in an aesthetically pleasing and functional online platform. The aim of a UX designer is to provide information to the user in a fast and efficient manner, which is why decisions are made regarding color, font and the placement of certain elements on the website.


  • Studying consumer routines and problems
  • Make a model that can be accessed easily and interactively.
  • Using creative visuals to implement events
  • Produce a dummy version of the website and user interfaces
  • Design user interface features like buttons, tabs, and drop-down menus.
  • User-experience evaluation and repair
  • Collaborate with the sales and marketing department to do research and incorporate business objective into the design.


Define User Interface/User Experience Developer.

There are three main types of developers that work on websites. The back-end developer ensures the site’s continued operation by maintaining and enhancing the code that runs on the server. Having a full-stack developer ensures that all aspects of the website are taken care of.

Front-end developers form the first group and are responsible for the UI and UX of an application or website. They collaborate alongside user interface and user experience designers to make sure the visual components are functioning correctly. Designers are in charge of the interface’s creative appeal, while developers guarantee that it is usable.


  • Carry out market and usability tests
  • Create a buyer persona using information architecture.
  • Drawing out diagrams of interactions and wireframes
  • Generate working models and tweak them based on learnings.
  • Take care of the visuals; we’re calling in the designers again.


  • Fluency in many programming languages
  • Fluency with cutting-edge programming languages including Ruby, PHP, Java, XHTML,.NET, and Ajax
  • Expertise with Adobe products such as Flash, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Familiarity with social networking sites’ Restful APIs
  • Ability to use several content management systems, including but not limited to WordPress, Magento, Joomla, WooCommerce, and others
  • The Knowledge of SEO

Which of these UI/UX professionals do you need?

A concise overview of the key duties of these essential roles has been provided. Ultimately, it is essential to identify the personnel necessary to manage your business.

Is having a beautiful user interface for your software a top priority? Or do you require a user interface designer to help you deliver the best possible service to your customers?

Are you beginning your journey and looking for a developer to bring your website to life? Alternatively, are you aiming to offer your visitors a superior experience than what is available on government websites?

Ensuring you are aware of the exact requirements for your mobile app, online service or other venture prior to commencing your search for a competent professional is essential. If you are uncertain of how to assemble a top-notch development group, Works is here to help. In under two weeks, we can identify the best individual for your assignment.

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