When You Outsource IT, How Much Control Do You Give Up?

The Expert in Command

Many businesses leverage outsourcing to cut financial expenditures and gain access to external knowledge and hands-on experience that may not be available in-house. Despite this, some businesses have concerns about the potential drawbacks of outsourcing, including impacts on their internal processes and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, outsourcing IT tasks to trustworthy partners can significantly ease the burden on a company’s resources (both financial and human), empowering businesses to progress towards their goals while allowing team leaders to remain in control of project oversight.

To maintain strict regulation of their projects, companies can adopt a structured team approach. Businesses may choose to hire a complete team, which includes a project manager, to handle any tasks that require significant labour.

The Initial Step is Hiring

When it comes to software outsourcing, it’s crucial to secure a strategic partner who understands the importance of maintaining the desired level of control. It’s imperative to work with an outsourcing company that acknowledges and respects your right to assert adequate control. As a client, you’re not alone in being cautious about ceding too much authority, so be sure to choose a partner who is aware of this concern.

It’s advisable to connect with the point of contact or project manager to gain insight into their approach and workflow organization. While an in-person meeting is not mandatory, having a comprehensive discussion with this individual is crucial to understanding the project’s workflow and the extent of responsibilities assigned to you. If you prefer to have greater involvement in the day-to-day operations of your team, consider partnering with an outsourcing company that uses the managed team model.

Minimize Harmful Outcomes and Enhance Control

A business may adopt additional measures to ensure it maintains project management control beyond selecting the right partner.

  • Establish and keep up transparent communication and ongoing participation.
  • Ensure availability to discuss issues or review work.
  • Enquire now about how your partner intends to address challenges.
  • Select an arrangement that includes a review schedule or performance metrics.
  • It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your partners’ measures for safeguarding your financial and personal information.
  • When outsourcing customer-facing IT activities, it’s particularly critical to educate subcontractors about company policies.

Incorporating regular, quantifiable performance metrics is essential. For instance, the time taken by the outsourced team to respond to customer queries is a time-based efficiency indicator. Another success criterion is the percentage of completed projects delivered by their targeted completion dates. For example, a particular technological component should have reached a specific level of advancement by a certain date. By implementing performance measurements, you can maintain the desired level of control and let the experts complete the work without requiring constant micromanagement.

In the end, monitoring the progress of the outsourcing process is critical to ensure its smooth operation. Your outsourcing partner will usually provide periodic reviews and evaluations, which should be utilized. Furthermore, performance data can be used to determine what needs to be assessed. Open communication between partners can assist in streamlining the process and minimizing the need for frequent meetings.

Quality Matters More Than Management.

Adopting a managed team approach allows businesses to maintain an equivalent level of quality control when outsourcing work as they would with their internal staff. If a business carefully assesses its IT outsourcing requirements, selects a dependable provider, and integrates the service with its brand, it can manage the overall process without bearing the entire workload.

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