When You Outsource IT, How Much Control Do You Give Up?

The Master of Command

Outsourcing can be hugely beneficial to businesses, by helping to reduce financial expenditure and providing access to knowledge and experience which may not exist in-house. However, there have been some reservations amongst certain organisations about the potential negative implications of outsourcing on their internal processes and customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, so long as the business is working with a reliable partner, IT outsourcing can provide a great relief to resources (both financial and human) and help the company to progress towards its objectives, while enabling team leaders to maintain oversight of their projects.

Companies can ensure that their projects remain firmly under control by utilising a team structure which is strictly regulated. Companies may opt to bring in a full team, including a project manager, to deal with any labour-intensive tasks which may be required.

The First Step Is to Hire

Securing a strategic partner is a fundamental step in software outsourcing to ensure you maintain the necessary level of control. It is important to collaborate with outsourcing companies that recognise your right to exercise sufficient control. You are not the only one to be wary of relinquishing too much authority, so select a partner who is mindful of this issue.

Take the time to connect with the point of contact or project manager to gain an understanding of their approach and organisation of their workflow. Whilst it is not essential to meet in person, it is important to have a comprehensive discussion with this individual to get an understanding of the project workflow and the extent of responsibilities allocated to you. If you wish to have more input into the day-to-day operations of your team, seek out one that utilises the managed team model.

Reduce Potential Harm and Increase Command

A business may take further measures beyond selecting the proper partner to guarantee it will retain management of its projects.

  • Establish and maintain transparent communication and continued participation.
  • Always be available to go over issues or look over work.
  • To find out how your spouse plans to deal with difficulties, ask them now.
  • Pick a deal that has some type of review schedule or performance measures built in.
  • It’s important to know exactly how your partners plan to protect your personal and financial data.
  • It is especially important to teach subcontractors on company rules when outsourcing customer-facing IT activities.

It is important to implement regularly measurable performance measures. For example, the amount of time taken for the outsourced team to respond to customer queries is one measure of time-based efficiency. Another measure of success is the percentage of completed projects that have been delivered on their targeted completion dates. For instance, by a certain date, a certain piece of technology should have reached a certain level of development. By having performance measurements in place, you can maintain the desired level of control while also allowing the specialists to complete the work without the need for regular micromanagement.

Ultimately, it is essential to monitor the progress of the outsourcing process to ensure it runs smoothly. Your outsourcing partner will likely provide regular reviews and assessments, which should be taken advantage of. Additionally, performance data can be used to evaluate what should be reviewed. Open communication between the partners can help to streamline the process and reduce the need for frequent meetings.

It’s Quality, Not Management, That’s Important.

By implementing a managed team approach, businesses can ensure that the same level of quality control is maintained when outsourcing work, as they would with their own internal staff. If a business carefully considers their IT outsourcing needs, chooses a reliable provider and manages the integration of the service into their brand, they can be in control of the process without having to take on the entirety of the workload.

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