Where Can I Find Qualified Objective-C Programmers for Hire?

Realizing that a mobile app is critical to the continued success of your organization, your market analysis has indicated that an iOS app is the most viable option. To create an app requires a skilled Object-C programmer and so you will need to begin the process of finding one. To ensure you find the right person for the job, be sure to prepare thoughtful questions to ask during the interview. Our HR Manager has compiled a list of 8 questions to ask an Objective C programmer for the interview, and his name is Ihor Shcherbinin.

Here’s Where You Should go:

  • Goal-Oriented, Objective Interview Questions
    • Describe What “Method Swizzling” Is and Why You’d Want to Use It in Objective C.
    • How do you use NSURL Connection, and what are the several ways you may do this?
    • Define Key Value Conversion and Key Value Override, and Show an Example of KVC’s Use in Value Setting
    • Describe the Chain of Incidental Response
    • NSArray and NSMutableArray 5: When to Use Them?
    • What do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of categorizing things?
    • Is it possible to store media like music and pictures in a static library?
    • Define the term “protocol,” please.
  • You Need only Employ a Skilled, Remote Objective-C Programmer

Object-C Development: What Is It?

Objective-C is an object-oriented language that is an extension of C and offers increased flexibility in communication. Apple’s operating systems are predominantly written in this language.

Despite Apple’s recent release of Swift, many companies are still seeking an Objective-C programmer. This language was developed in 1983 with the aim of providing greater flexibility to system libraries and improved communication by combining low-level C control with object-oriented capabilities.

Steve Jobs co-founded NeXT Computer in 1985 after leaving Apple. During his time at NeXT, Objective-C was incorporated into their software development. When he returned to Apple, he brought with him the NeXT OS and, consequently, Objective-C.

Since then, businesses seeking to develop Apple software have been searching for Objective-C programmers to outsource to. Over one million apps have been written in this language, demonstrating its reliability.

You may feel safe hiring an Objective-C developer because of the vast number of Objective-C apps and developers.

Since Swift has only been around for a few years, there aren’t nearly as many learning and debugging resources for it as there are for Objective-C.

Goal-Oriented, Objective Interview Questions

Once you understand the importance of Objective-C development, it is important to consider the questions you will ask potential hires to ensure they have the necessary skills. We have compiled a list of essential interview questions which you may find useful. If you would like to find a verified and experienced professional without having to manage the recruitment process yourself, please get in touch with the remote developer recruitment experts at Works.

Also, if you need to interview a C# programmer, you should read our blog article, “Key C Sharp Interview Questions.”

Describe What “Method Swizzling” Is and Why You’d Want to Use It in Objective C.

Programmers can utilize this function to generate code that will execute before and/or after the main process. This is achievable due to the dynamic nature of method invocations in Objective-C, as the code for an existing selector can be rewritten.

By swizzling methods at runtime, we can swap out the implementation and use a new one.

How do you use NSURL Connection, and what are the several ways you may do this?

The following are the NSURL connection methods:

  • Any link that can get a reply
  • The process of receiving data over a link
  • An unsuccessful connection that generates an error
  • A link that loaded completely and successfully

Define Key Value Conversion and Key Value Override, and Show an Example of KVC’s Use in Value Setting

Key-Value Coding (KVC) and Key-Value Observing (KVO) are terms your Objective-C developer should be familiar with.

KVC enables you to access a value or property by passing in a string. This makes it easier to quickly access properties during development, as you do not need to remember the names of the properties at runtime.

KVO provides developers with the ability to monitor any changes to values and properties. KVC must be used to designate a property with a string in order for it to be observed through KVO. Unless the item meets the KVC criteria, KVO cannot be used to observe it.

Let’s take a look at an actual instance of a class property name.

Describe the Chain of Incidental Response

The applications utilize responder objects to receive and handle events. Instances of the UIResponder class receive raw event data and either process it or forward it to another responder object. An active chain of responders, or a “dynamic arrangement of the app’s responder objects,” routes unhandled events from one object to the next.

A prospective Objective-C programmer should be aware that the default rules of the application can be altered and that there is no predefined responder chain. Apple has provided a diagram to illustrate the default responder chain of an application with a label, text field, button and two background views.

It can be observed that UIKit will initially send the event to the parent UIView object of the text field, and should the text field not process the event, it will then be passed to the root view of the window. After the responder chain has been directed to the view controller that owns it, the event will be sent to the window.

If the window does not process the event, it is sent to the UIApplication object. If the object is an instance of UIResponder and is not already part of the responder chain, it may be passed to the application delegate instead.

When to Use Them?

When the contents of an array are not expected to change, it is best to use an NS Array. This provides a secure way to protect the array’s data, such as by encoding it. If modifications to the array’s contents are necessary, then NS MutableArray should be used. This is the ideal choice if the array needs to be sent to a method that will alter its contents.

What do you see as the benefits and drawbacks of categorizing things?

Categories provide a powerful tool for extending any class, even if the original implementation is not available. Organizing code into categories offers the advantage of logical grouping across compilation units. The main limitation is that it is not possible to reliably override methods which have already been defined by the class or another category.

Is it possible to store media like music and pictures in a static library?

It is not possible to provide only a static library of code, as files are essentially archives of object files, which can support multiple CPU architectures on Mac and iOS. Therefore, it is necessary to create a Framework.

Define the term “protocol,” please.

It would be an oversimplification to compare a protocol to Java’s interface. Protocols set out a set of methods which must be implemented by classes which adopt the protocol, as well as methods which are optional. Classes which communicate with a class which implements a protocol only require knowledge of the protocol’s methods, not the class type itself.

To help you decide whether you need to employ an Objective-C developer, let’s examine some of the most compelling arguments in favor of doing so.

As an Objective-C Developer, Why Should I Hire You?

Massive population

When developing applications for OS X and iOS, developers had to use Objective-C. Despite the increased popularity of Swift, many developers have continued to learn Objective-C, or chosen not to learn Swift at all.

There is a strong offline community for Objective-C, such as StackOverflow, as well as an abundance of books, classes, online courses and resources available.

This indicates that there is usually someone available to support your developer should they encounter any challenging issues or problems. Furthermore, due to the length of time this code has been used by a large number of programmers, comprehensive solutions to common queries can be found online, minimizing the time your team needs to spend on development.

Enhanced Adaptability

Objective-C offers the compatibility of C, with the added benefit of Object Oriented features, allowing objects to be addressed with any message. This makes it distinct from other C-based languages, such as C++ and C#, where objects are fixed to a particular class.

Objective-C developers can still send messages to objects even if they are not supported. If the object does not understand the message, it can forward it along.

It’s safe to say that this language offers a great deal of leeway when it comes to managing messages.


As was previously said, this language has been present for quite some time, with several apps built by every iOS and OS X developer.

Objective-C, a programming language based on C which has been in use since 1972, is renowned for its reliability. By hiring an experienced developer in this language, one can be certain of an optimal application performance.

You Need only Employ a Skilled, Remote Objective-C Programmer Who

Having gained knowledge on Objective-C and the best questions to ask of a potential programmer, you may wish to contact us to help you find a skilled and reliable developer to help you achieve your goals without the need for an extensive search.

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