Where Can I Find Qualified Objective-C Programmers for Hire?

After analysing the market and deducing that an iOS app is crucial for your organisation’s growth, it’s time to start searching for a skilled Object-C programmer who can make it happen. To find a qualified candidate, you need to carefully prepare and ask pertinent questions during the interview. Our HR manager, Ihor Shcherbinin, has curated a list of 8 essential questions to ask an Objective C programmer, ensuring you find the right fit for your needs.

Discover the Ideal Destination:

  • Essential Interview Questions to Evaluate Goal-Orientation
    • Explain the Concept of “Method Swizzling” and Its Purpose in Objective C.
    • What are the Different Approaches to Utilise NSURL Connection in Objective C?
    • Illustrate the Usage of Key Value Conversion and Key Value Override with an Instance of KVC’s Implementation for Value Setting
    • Explain the Chain of Implicit Response
    • When Should You Choose between NSArray and NSMutableArray?
    • What are the Pros and Cons of Classifying Things?
    • Can Media Files like Music and Images be Stored in a Static Library?
    • Please Explain the Meaning of the Word “Protocol.”
  • Hire a Competent Remote Objective-C Developer

An Introduction to Object-C Development

Objective-C is a programming language that is object-oriented, based on C, and enables enhanced communication flexibility. It is widely used for developing Apple’s operating systems.

Despite the emergence of Swift programming language by Apple, companies are still in search of Objective-C developers. Objective-C was created in 1983 to offer improved communication and flexibility to system libraries by combining C’s low-level control with object-oriented features.

Following his departure from Apple, Steve Jobs co-founded NeXT Computer in 1985. It was during his tenure at NeXT that Objective-C was included in their software development. When he eventually returned to Apple, he brought along NeXT OS, and consequently, Objective-C was introduced in Apple’s software development.

Since then, companies intending to develop Apple’s software have been searching for skilled Objective-C developers to outsource to. The language’s reliability is evidenced by the development of over one million apps using it.

With the vast number of Objective-C apps and developers available, you can rest assured of finding a reliable Objective-C developer to hire.

Due to its recent creation, there are limited debugging and learning resources for Swift programming language compared to Objective-C.

Objective Interview Questions that Aim to Achieve Goals

Understanding the significance of Objective-C development is crucial in formulating pertinent interview questions to aid in discerning a suitable candidate during the recruitment process. We have curated a list of crucial interview questions that may prove helpful. If you would rather hire a competent and verified professional remotely without supervising the recruitment process, feel free to contact the accomplished remote developer recruitment experts at Works.

If you need to interview a C# programmer, our blog article, “Key C Sharp Interview Questions,” can be a valuable resource.

Explain the Concept of “Method Swizzling” in Objective-C and Its Purpose.

Method swizzling in Objective-C allows programmers to produce code that can execute preceding or succeeding the primary process, owing to the dynamic nature of method invocations in Objective-C, which enables the rewriting of code for an existing selector.

Swizzling methods at runtime enables the swapping out of the implementation with a new one.

Utilizing NSURL Connection: What are the Various Approaches Available and How Do You Employ Them?

Listed below are the available methods for using NSURL connection:

  • Any hyperlink that can obtain a response
  • The mechanism of obtaining data through a hyperlink
  • An unsuccessful link resulting in an error
  • A hyperlink that loaded entirely and without any errors

Key Value Conversion and Key Value Override Defined: A Practical Example Demonstrating the Use of KVC to Set Values

For an Objective-C developer, familiarity with Key-Value Coding (KVC) and Key-Value Observing (KVO) is essential.

KVC provides access to a value or property by using a string parameter. This simplifies the process of accessing properties while developing, as there is no need to recall property names at runtime.

KVO provides developers with the functionality to track changes made to values and properties. For a property to be observable by KVO, it must first be designated using a string through KVC. In the absence of KVC compliance, KVO cannot be used to observe the item.

Now, let’s examine a concrete example of a class property name.

Understanding the Chain of Unintentional Response

To receive and manage events, applications employ responder objects. Raw event data is received and processed by instances of the UIResponder class, which may further forward it to another responder object. Unhandled events are passed from one responder object to the next in an active chain of responders, also referred to as a “dynamic arrangement of the app’s responder objects.”

A potential Objective-C developer should understand that the default rules of an application can be modified as there is no predefined responder chain. To demonstrate the default responder chain of an application, Apple has created a diagram with a label, text field, button, and two background views.

The diagram demonstrates that the event is first delivered to the parent UIView object of the text field by UIKit. In the event of failure to process the event by the text field, it is directed towards the root view of the window. Once the responder chain has reached the owning view controller, the window will receive the event.

If the window fails to process the event, it is transferred to the UIApplication object. If the object is an instance of UIResponder and has yet to be included in the responder chain, it may be transmitted to the application delegate instead.

Circumstances That Warrant Their Usage

For cases where the contents of an array are static, it is advisable to use an NS Array. This ensures the security of the array’s data, for instance, through encoding. Conversely, if changes to the array are required, NS MutableArray is the preferred option. This is especially true if the array is to be transmitted to a function that will modify its contents.

What are the Pros and Cons of Categorizing Items?

Categories present a robust approach to expanding any class, even if the original implementation is unavailable. Categorizing code delivers the benefit of a well-defined grouping within compilation units. However, the primary drawback of categorization is its inability to modify methods that have already been defined by the class or another category, which renders it unreliable.

Can Music and Pictures Be Stored in a Static Library?

Creating a static library of code is not feasible as the files consist of object file archives that can accommodate several CPU architectures on Mac and iOS. Therefore, it is imperative to produce a Framework.

What is Meant by the Term “Protocol”?

Drawing comparisons between a protocol and Java’s interface would amount to an oversimplification. Protocols outline a series of methods that must be implemented by classes that adopt the protocol, as well as optional methods. Classes that interact with a class that implements a protocol only need an understanding of the protocol’s methods, not the class type.

To assist in determining whether an Objective-C developer is necessary, let us consider some of the most convincing reasons in favour of doing so.

What Makes You a Valuable Hire as an Objective-C Developer?

Huge Population Size

Using Objective-C was compulsory for developing applications for OS X and iOS. Despite the rising popularity of Swift, numerous developers have persisted in acquiring expertise in Objective-C or have opted not to learn Swift at all.

Objective-C boasts of a thriving offline community, including StackOverflow, in addition to a plethora of books, classes, online courses and resources that are accessible.

This implies that there is typically someone ready to provide support to your developer if they come up against any intricate issues or problems. Additionally, owing to the extended period that this code has been employed by a significant number of programmers, comprehensive solutions to common queries can easily be accessed online, thereby reducing the amount of time your team would have to spend on development.

Improved Flexibility

Objective-C provides the compatibility of C, in conjunction with the added advantage of object-oriented features that enable objects to be addressed using any message. This distinguishes it from other C-based languages, such as C++ and C#, where objects are bound to a specific class.

Objective-C developers retain the ability to transmit messages to objects even if they are not compatible. In the event that an object cannot understand the message, it is capable of forwarding it to another object.

Undoubtedly, this language bestows a significant degree of flexibility in handling messages.


As previously mentioned, this language has been in use for a considerable period, with numerous apps built by every iOS and OS X developer.

Objective-C, which was established in 1972 and is a programming language based on C, is known for its dependability. Engaging an experienced developer in this language ensures that your application runs at optimal performance.

You Just Need to Hire a Competent, Remote Objective-C Programmer Who

Now that you have acquired information on Objective-C and the relevant questions to ask a potential programmer, you may want to get in touch with us to assist you in finding a proficient and dependable developer, so that you can attain your objectives without having to undertake an extensive search.

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