Where to Find and Work with Freelance IT Professionals Around the World

Recent years have witnessed a surge in remote working, particularly in the IT industry. Consequently, contract work has become a sought-after alternative for professionals seeking greater independence and versatility in their careers.

For enterprises seeking to address temporary or project-specific gaps in their development teams, hiring an IT contractor can prove to be a cost-effective solution. As these contractors demand minimal financial and human resources to maintain their services, they can operate with remarkable efficiency in achieving their goals.

The task of identifying and hiring freelance IT specialists to meet short-term requirements has become significantly easier. Yet, what implications does this trend hold for your enterprise? This article offers comprehensive details to aid you in comprehending the working process with freelancers.

A Comprehensive Guide to Contracting with Freelancers

Several measures can be adopted to streamline the process of engaging an independent contractor.

  1. Thoroughly assess your specific needs.
  2. Ensure that your legal documents and other requisites are up-to-date.
  3. Advertise and promote your open position.
  4. Organize interviews and select the most suitable candidate.
  5. Orient the new member into the team.
  6. Develop a payment structure.

Analyze Your Specific Needs.

It is crucial to verify if the potential candidate possesses the essential skills and fits well with the existing team. To promote clarity and transparency, it is advisable to develop a list of qualifications and communicate this to the team.

Arrange Your Legal Documents and Other Requisites.

If you face difficulty in identifying the necessary legal documents and paperwork, it is recommended to consult a lawyer (in the USA, independent contractors are obligated to submit Form W-9, and the hiring company is expected to complete a version of the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC). Make sure to use safe and globally accepted modes of payment to compensate your contractor. Opting for a recruiter to oversee the recruitment process can reduce the burden of effort and time.

Advertise and Promote Your Job Opening.

After conducting a thorough needs analysis, draft a detailed job description highlighting the necessary duties. To avoid ambiguity regarding the job type, it is necessary to mention that the position is for independent contractor explicitly. Alternatively, one can hire a recruiter to manage the recruitment process.

Conduct Interviews and Select the Most Suitable Candidate.

It is the right time to evaluate the qualifications of the individuals who have submitted their resumes either directly or through recruiters. Recruiters can assist in conducting meticulous screenings to shortlist potential candidates who fit your requirements and work culture. Additionally, involving team members in the selection process can help identify the best-suited candidate.

Introduce the Selected Candidate to the Team.

It is crucial to facilitate the smooth onboarding process of the newly hired individual by acquainting them with their role and the team they will be joining. Providing necessary information related to team processes helps them initiate work seamlessly. This aids in establishing mutual understanding and avoids delays in integrating the new hire into the team.

Develop a Payment Strategy.

Ensure timely payment to your independent contractor post receiving their invoices. The tax documentation would rely on these bills.

Advantages of Collaborating with a Freelancer.

There are multiple reasons why companies opt for independent contractors for their services.

  • When there is a pressing demand for specific technical expertise that is beyond the capabilities of the existing team, and learning the necessary skills takes too much time, the organization may require an external resource.
  • Secondly, when you require the expertise of an employee working with the company, but you intend to release them to focus on other responsibilities.
  • Thirdly, you are searching for contract programmers to assist during peak times or with critical assignments.

Independant Contractors: Definitions, Advantages and Disadvantages.

  • Consultants:

    Contractors are experts in providing advice during the initial phase of a project when the plan and foundation are still under development. They can be approached later to rectify mistakes or to offer guidance on a particular aspect of the project.
  • Developers:

    Finding appropriate resources swiftly becomes critical when the development team requires expertise in a particular technology to build a codebase or maintain related code.

Besides the work that contractors will perform for the company, there are additional benefits of hiring them:

  • It is more convenient to locate such contractors from any part of the world, as they frequently operate remotely.
  • They do not require training as extensively as a regular employee does.
  • They can start their work almost immediately with no upfront costs or preparation.
  • Aside from the advantages mentioned above, hiring these contractors will also save the company a lot of money.

The most appealing benefit of collaborating with remote IT specialists is the last advantage. Exploring alternative markets provides access to extremely skilled developers at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring locally. Additionally, there’s the potential to save time and money on training and onboarding, as they are already experienced and interested in their working environment.

Writing Job Descriptions for the Freelance Market at Works

Crafting a job description to attract contractors is comparable to posting a regular job opening, thus current job postings can serve as a helpful reference.

Ensure that you identify and compile the following, just as you would for any other job listing:

  • Job Requirements
  • Required Skills
  • Job Responsibilities

Incorporate phrases such as ‘remote work’ and ‘independent contractor’ in your job listing to draw suitable candidates and to clearly communicate that you’re seeking contractors rather than permanent employees.

Consider the future of your company beyond the completion of the assigned task by the independent contractor. Plan ahead and prepare accordingly.

  • Would you be interested in bringing this individual on as a permanent member of your team?
  • If they are unable to be physically present, is remote work a viable option?

By posing these two questions to potential candidates, you can significantly narrow the applicant pool to those who align with your long-term objectives.

Where to Find Independent Contractors

When seeking to hire IT professionals, you have two fundamental alternatives:

  • Posting job listings on recruitment websites is a common method of discovering potential candidates. It can be a time-consuming process to evaluate applications with varying levels of qualifications and experience.
  • Works is an IT staffing company that possesses extensive databases of well-qualified candidates with expertise in various technologies. Our experts are available to bridge the gap between your business’s requirements and the available candidate’s capabilities.

If you require the services of an independent IT specialist, selecting a specialized recruitment firm catering to the industry will yield the best results.

Is Your Business Ready to Utilize Independent Tech Experts?

Independent contractors can represent a valuable asset, whether by augmenting the number of qualified staff members on a project or by joining a team. They offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness and can aid in addressing difficulties or moving forward.

If you are anxious about finding the ideal IT contractor for your project, Works is here to assist. Our extensive network of modern technology specialists equips us with the essential resources to find the perfect candidate for your needs.


What precisely does the term “freelancer” mean?

Within the IT sector, an independent contractor is a specialist engaged for a specific duration or project. Typically these professionals are freelancers, granting them the ability to set their own hours, use their own equipment, and work from any location.
Throughout the project, the hiring company is expected to make payments at certain points (milestone payments) or on a regular basis (hourly payments), depending on the needs of the task.
Even if employed by a corporation, these specialists have the freedom to work for and provide services to other businesses for compensation as well.

Is it possible to engage a 1099 worker?

Yes, by hiring an independent contractor, they will receive a 1099 form which offers tax benefits associated with this form of agreement.

What additional documentation requirements are applicable to 1099 workers?

It is crucial to obtain legal counsel based on the relevant regulations for each respective country. For independent contractors in the United States, a W-9 form must be completed, and the business must file a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC form for each employed contractor.
It is also important to note that 1099 workers are required to consistently provide invoices, so be sure to remind them of this.

What are some options for finding work if one wishes to work as a freelancer?

Initially, it is critical to ensure that you meet all the prerequisites for the independent contractor position, which are as follows.

How adaptable are your hours?
Do you get to use your own equipment and desk?
Are you able to choose which assignments to take?
Can you apply your preferred working methods (during times when you’re not communicating with management)?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these inquiries, you may be qualified to work as a freelancer. Make certain to register with reputable job boards and established staffing agencies.

Is it possible for a company to hire me as a freelancer?

In order to qualify, you must not be permanently employed by a single company, complete all the essential paperwork, and stay informed of pertinent employment regulations.

What tax forms are required to be completed by freelancers?

It is recommended to seek guidance from an experienced attorney knowledgeable in the corresponding jurisdiction for more comprehensive information. All independent contractors operating in the United States must receive a 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC, or a similar equivalent, from their employer.

Can a freelancer hire another freelancer?

If this happens, the initial independent contractor is reclassified as a sub-contractor, utilizing their services to assist the initial independent contractor in exchange for a percentage of the earnings from the primary agreement.

What is the status of an Independent Contractor who is authorized to hire workers?

Certainly. As defined, an independent contractor operates as their own entity and is thus authorized to hire employees.

What is the scope of payment for an Independent Contractor, and in what manner?

Independent contractors may receive compensation either on an hourly basis or per project. Once the essential paperwork outlining the contractor’s duties has been finalized, the ultimate step involves collecting invoices from the independent contractor at specified intervals and making payments in the agreed-upon manner.

The term hourly in the previous sentence can be linked to a reliable web page providing more information on hourly wages with the hyperlink as https://www.gov.uk/minimum-wage-rates

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