Where to Find Skilled Salesforce Developers

Customer satisfaction is vital for a prosperous business and is achieved by adhering to the well-known principle of ‘the customer is always right’. Among the many tools that aid in cultivating favourable customer relations, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is highly effective. In this regard, Salesforce has been a game-changer in the B2C industry by creating a cloud-based platform that enriches the customer experience. However, the implementation of Salesforce at your company may necessitate additional personnel that may not necessarily be available. If that is the case, your best bet would be to secure the services of a Salesforce developer to handle the coding aspect. Below is a brief summary of the process involved.

Explaining the meaning of “Salesforce”

In 1999, Salesforce was at the forefront of cloud computing as a pioneering company. The innovative use of cloud technology enabled the company to deliver its services via a web interface, which was a groundbreaking concept at the time.

As a cloud-based software, Salesforce offers a range of corporate applications including marketing, sales and app development, in addition to being a customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Despite its name, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) entails much more than just managing customer interactions. It involves capturing and analyzing data on customer purchases and engagements with the organization, which every local business utilizes in some form – be it a notebook or Excel spreadsheet to document their financial transactions. In today’s tech-savvy era, corporates place high value on data and its potential to enhance customer retention and attract new ones.

Salesforce is a distinguished pioneer in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, holding a notable 20% market share and consistent growth over the years. The company is highly reputed for its unwavering commitment to developing innovative solutions that provide businesses with valuable insights into their customers.

Several businesses that rely on Salesforce include:

  • Toyota
  • An internet retailer
  • A US-based bank
  • Aldo
  • Express Scripts, a healthcare company
  • Macy’s, a renowned retail chain

How can Your Business Benefit from using Salesforce?

In today’s digital era, delivering exceptional customer experience is almost as important as offering a top-quality product. As customers are the foundation of any business, considering Salesforce for your organization can help you gain many advantages. It should be the foremost aspect to consider.

Developing a connection with your consumers or potential customers is crucial, as they will have questions about your product. Providing them with prompt responses on your website is vital to maintaining their interest and loyalty. Otherwise, they may switch to another product.

A business’s reputation could be severely impacted if a dissatisfied customer’s concerns are not addressed in a timely manner. Salesforce can help mitigate such risks and guarantee the smooth running of operations.

Salesforce’s ability to monitor and analyze customer data and behaviour is crucial for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. The primary advantages of using Salesforce consist of:

Accurate Collection of Customer Data

Salesforce’s ability to access vast datasets is undoubtedly one of its most significant advantages. The platform makes it easy for you to access all the information you require about your clients, potential prospects, or anyone interested in your product or service. You can monitor each account’s activity and records, track tasks, and more. This data is organized in a way that makes it easy to examine and analyze, assisting your sales team in determining which leads to pursue.

It Enhances Productivity.

Sales teams no longer have to exert excessive effort attempting to keep track of leads, gather data on new customers, and create a pipeline. With Salesforce, they will have instant access to this information, allowing them to use their time more effectively in establishing successful sales strategies. As per the study, using Salesforce has boosted sales teams’ productivity by 39%.

User-Friendly: Free of Complexity

Salesforce has created an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, making it a suitable choice for a broad range of businesses. The platform’s structure enables users with limited technical knowledge to benefit from its services. However, if you wish to create applications or utilize additional features with Salesforce, it is recommended to either have a technical background or seek the assistance of a Salesforce developer.

Modularity and Flexibility

Salesforce provides a highly adaptable system that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each business. There are no rigid structures, procedures or steps that must be followed, allowing businesses to adjust their marketing strategies to suit their individual needs and track progress in real-time. This enables organizations to create an optimal system that is tailored to their unique requirements.

The Application Store

The Salesforce AppExchange features a wide range of applications designed to cater to the requirements of any enterprise. There are more than 4,600 pre-built and customizable applications accessible, offering potential solutions for various functions such as recruitment, marketing, sales, and accounting.

As per reports, around 90% of Salesforce users utilize AppExchange, as it eliminates the need to create applications or solutions from scratch. This enables organizations to swiftly and efficiently discover and implement solutions to their problems.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Salesforce Developer

Salesforce is a user-friendly platform that presents certain technical challenges which may be difficult for individuals lacking technical expertise. Salesforce developers possess the necessary technical know-how to assist corporate clients in building and maintaining their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Salesforce and its supporting ecosystem are continuously evolving, with new products and features being introduced each year. With a broad range of options available, not everyone has the time or resources to learn how to utilize them effectively. A Salesforce developer can offer guidance and suggestions on how to enhance your company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) experience.

In general, the duties of a Salesforce Developer revolve around the development and maintenance of software and applications for utilization on the Salesforce platform. Potential solutions to this problem may involve storage architecture or refined network distribution strategies.

The primary responsibilities of a Salesforce developer include:

  • Develop, configure, and deploy a Salesforce-based enterprise application.
  • Maintain and optimize your Visualforce, APEX, Salesforce integration, and AppExchange sites.
  • Establish growth goals and timelines.
  • Authenticate the reliability and performance of the software.
  • Ensuring user permissions and security are maintained is crucial.
  • Create customized workflows for your clients.
  • Develop advanced tools for customer relationship management.

Essential Skills of a Salesforce Developer

When hiring a Salesforce developer, it is crucial to verify that they possess the required experience and certifications for the position. Some of the vital skills to evaluate are:

  • Familiarity with the Apex and Visualforce Development Environments.
  • Proficiency in JavaScript.
  • Managing Application Lifecycles.
  • Integrating Systems.
  • Internet-based Technology Services.
  • Skilled in developing custom elements like objects, fields, picklists, page layouts, validation rules, reports, and dashboards.
  • Expertise in setting up administrative frameworks.
  • Quality Standards for Lightning Experience.
  • Salesforce Recertification.

Interview Questions for Salesforce Developers in 2023

With the IDC projecting a Salesforce ecosystem of 3.3 million individuals by 2023, it is crucial for businesses searching for an efficient customer relationship management system to hire a skilled Salesforce developer. To ensure the recruitment of the right candidate, it is important to know how to conduct effective interviews and assess their skills accurately. Presented below are the top interview questions for Salesforce developers in 2023.

A typical question might be, “What constitutes an Apex transaction?”

Apex transactions take place in one fluid motion, as when querying records through DML operations, for example. If any problem arises when saving a record, the entire transaction will be rolled back.

Which fields in Salesforce are automatically indexed?

Salesforce automatically indexes four fields:

  • ID or Unique flags assigned to user-generated fields
  • Primary Identifiers (ID, Name, and Owner fields)
  • Audit Schedules
  • Foreign keys (Lookup or Master-Detail relationship fields)

Can you explain how companies leverage Salesforce for tracking sales?

Companies typically analyse sales data to understand their sales performance. Salesforce provides an all-in-one solution for monitoring sales, enabling businesses to gather data on daily clients served, daily revenue, and daily reports, as well as weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales totals – all of which can be customised to suit a business’s unique requirements.

What is data skewing?

Dealing with a large customer with over 10,000 records can lead to ‘data skewing’. ‘Ownership data skewing’ arises when an individual owns an unfairly high amount of data resulting in slow data updating processes for users.

Can you explain what attribute tags are and how they can be added to code?

For proper representation of attribute of a custom component, it’s crucial for an attribute tag to be a child of a component tag. Creation of component definitions that require attribute characteristics will be automatic.

What are the different types of Salesforce reports that can be generated?

There are four main types of reports that can be generated in Salesforce:

  1. Tabular data displays make it easy to quickly view information, featuring a set of columns that correspond to different fields.
  2. By arranging data into relevant sections across rows and columns, a matrix report provides a meaningful representation of information.
  3. In a truncated report, the displayed groups are based on the columns acting as grouping criteria.
  4. A single, comprehensive report is created by combining several reports together.

What advantages are there to adjusting preferences on an individual basis?

Individualized preferences function like unique physical objects. Programmers gather customized data and associate it with an individual or entity’s profile. The advantages include swift access without the need for costly, repeated database searches, as user preferences and configuration data are stored in the application cache. Salesforce supports two types of user-defined configurations: the list structure and the tree structure.

Key Considerations for Identifying a Competent Salesforce Developer

Recruiting a Salesforce developer requires careful consideration of various aspects. The high demand for these developers has made the hiring process more challenging in recent years. The ideal recruitment strategy will depend on the level of need – whether it is for part-time, full-time, or freelance work. In cases where time is a crucial factor, a local Salesforce developer may be the best choice, but if more flexibility is possible, a remote developer could be a viable option.

It is crucial to take sufficient time to make an informed decision, considering your requirements. If you plan to hire a Salesforce developer, the following are the typical areas you can find them:

The Emergence of Freelance Platforms

Various freelancers are available on platforms like Upwork, Works, and PeoplePerHour, providing development support. They can be viewed as a roster of potential employees, among whom you can select the one that best suits your needs. This seems like a reliable option, but it’s crucial to remember that freelancers may not be fully committed to your organization. They might complete a job and then move on to the next client.

If you need help on a particular project and have no qualms about collaborating with an external developer, contracting might be the best possible alternative. This approach can be a quick and efficient solution.


If your company already has a capable IT team, it may be worthwhile to ask them if they know of any Salesforce developers available for hire. Instead of posting a job vacancy and waiting for candidates to apply, it may be more beneficial to consider an internal candidate for the position. It’s possible that you have a connection within the IT industry who could recommend a highly qualified applicant.

If possible, it can be beneficial to explore personal or professional networks to fill an IT position.

The Internet and Associated Social Networking Sites

Harnessing the strength of social media, recruiters can now effortlessly research job candidates and communicate directly with them. HR departments are extensively utilizing LinkedIn to source promising applicants and present them with appealing employment offers.

If you have the capability and desire to stay up-to-date during the hiring process, this could be a favourable choice for you. Certain positions allow you to screen potential candidates before they submit their applications. This enables you to verify the accuracy of their information and develop an impression of their personality.

Employment Agencies for Remote Workers

Employment agencies for remote workers provide the advantages of two worlds: access to exceptional talent at a lower cost. Previously, people may have confused remote workers with outsourced workers, but that is not the case. Recruiting remote workers refers to hiring people who can work from a distance. This allows businesses to benefit from lower living expenses in Eastern Europe and hire developers for significantly less than they would pay in the US.

If you are seeking cost-effective access to a broad range of qualified personnel, then this is the perfect solution. In addition to that, recruitment agencies can do all the necessary screening, ensuring that you don’t make the expensive mistake of hiring an unqualified candidate if you lack the expertise to identify IT professionals.

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