Which Programming Language Is Better for Your Company? PHP or JavaScript?

To compare PHP and JavaScript, it’s important to take into account the specific objectives behind their creation. Although they’re both widely used and highly popular, what sets these two programming languages apart from one another?

PHP versus JavaScript

Comparing PHP and JavaScript may not be an effective exercise, considering they are designed to cater to different aspects of web development. PHP primarily functions as a server-side scripting language, whereas JavaScript is predominantly used on the client-side.

In creating highly dynamic webpages, a combination of both languages, and sometimes even a third, is often employed.

What Is PHP Used For?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), originally an abbreviation for “Personal Home Page”, was created by Rasmus Lerdorf back in 1994 to monitor the visitors to his website. Today, this open-source scripting language is extensively embraced for web development on the back-end.

Regarded as a robust programming language, PHP is capable of handling dynamic content, databases, session monitoring, and e-commerce. In fact, according to W3Tech, PHP is being leveraged by 78.9% of websites utilizing server-side languages, which means that about 8 out of 10 websites visited use PHP. Furthermore, the market share enjoyed by PHP suggests that it is implemented by roughly 20 million websites and applications.

Developers creating PHP-based websites have the capacity to:

  • Integrate interactivity into your content.
  • Gain access to, edit, remove, and shut down server files.
  • Retrieve and transmit cookie data.
  • Utilize forms to gather information.
  • Modify the data source.
  • Undertake appropriate measures to secure your data.

Today, PHP is utilized by numerous popular websites and services like Facebook, Wikipedia, Slack, WordPress, and MailChimp.

What is the Function of JavaScript?

JavaScript (JS), a dynamic programming language, is famous for supporting multiple programming paradigms and its small size. Created by Brendan Eich in 1995, it remains one of the most prevalent programming languages today, even after almost two decades. As per Statista, 67.7 percent of developers globally use JS, making it the most favored programming language.

To create websites, having familiarity with JavaScript is crucial. For those who lack knowledge in coding language, we offer a concise introduction. Mastery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is mandatory for every front-end developer.

HTML manages the structure and content of a website, while CSS administers its design. A combination of these two elements produces a visually pleasing website instead of a disorganized and unattractive one. The role of JavaScript is to enable developers to make websites creative by incorporating interactive user features.

Developers who employ JavaScript can:

  • Create user-friendly web applications and forms.
  • Create beneficial mobile software (as of today, JS is not just limited to websites).
  • Create browser-based games.
  • Backend web development.

Numerous big companies such as Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, Uber, Google, and eBay utilize JavaScript.

PHP and JavaScript: A Comparison

I am uncertain about the distinctions between PHP and JavaScript and how they can be utilized to generate creative websites. It is vital to note that although both may be appropriate for this objective, they work best for varying aspects of the process.

Note that PHP and JavaScript are two separate languages, each with its distinct strengths and weaknesses. As a result, when selecting someone for a project, it is crucial to assess the specific abilities of a PHP developer and a JavaScript developer.

Refer to our article “How to Hire a PHP Developer” if you need to recruit a PHP developer but are unsure where to start.

Server-Side Scripting versus Client-Side Scripting

Unlike JScript and VBScript, which are client-side scripting languages, PHP scripts are run on the server. This type of scripting is particularly ideal for the back-end environment, where the user is unaware of the source code. By implementing server-side scripting, it becomes feasible to create dynamic website changes that are personalized to each user.

JS is a programming language that runs exclusively in a browser. This implies that it is employed on the client-side, within the browser, and does not require the server. By using a client-side scripting language such as JS, the burden on the server is lessened.

Functionality Comparison between JavaScript and PHP

PHP manages the entirety of the server-side operation, which includes generating unique web content, user authentication, displaying search engine findings and dealing with requests.

JavaScript is primarily created for the development of interactive web interfaces and browser-based applications, which do not necessitate any server-side interaction (as previously stated). This indicates that changes to HTML element attributes can significantly improve the visual appeal of a website that is generated using JavaScript.


PHP employs synchronous Multi-threading, which enables it to execute multiple tasks in a sequential manner by constraining input and output. In summary, despite its ‘multi-threaded’ designation, its speed is slower than other languages since developers cannot proceed to the next line of code until the previous one has been executed.

JavaScript is a single-threaded, event-driven functional language. As a result, no process is ever required to wait for anything to terminate.

Applications of PHP and JavaScript

PHP is a perfect selection for producing a dynamic website. However, if supplementary features are needed, JavaScript might be the preferable choice of scripting language.

JavaScript is a potent language with a broad range of capabilities, making it the perfect selection for developing various applications, including 3D games, productivity tools and more.

Connecting to a Database

The capability to communicate with a database is a characteristic that significantly distinguishes PHP and JavaScript. PHP seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure, regardless of the database being utilised (e.g. MySQL or MariaDB). In addition, several PHP frameworks provide valuable database connectivity features.

The issue of whether databases are advantageous because of their ability to assist in locating, organising and presenting relevant information to the user is a critical one. For those developing an e-commerce platform, data analysis can be especially helpful in providing insights into how customers engage with the site and its offerings.

Nevertheless, JavaScript is not compatible with database systems.

The main distinctions between the two programming languages are outlined in the table below:

Comparison of PHP and JavaScript

Scripting language that runs on a serverScripting language run on the client
Back-endParts of a Computer System That Are Hidden From View
Interconnected threads of discourseDialogue that never moves beyond one topic
Creates sophisticated, user-interactive websitesCreates innovative, user-friendly websites and applications
Underwhelming efficiencyPrompt operation
Especially effective for content management system (CMS) and online storefronts Favored by Spas
Relational database integrationNot a database management system

Concluding Remarks

If you lack a programming background, you may have realised that a PHP or JavaScript developer is required, depending on the specific requirements of your project’s back-end. Regardless of the functionality you are seeking, we can aid you in locating it. If you opt to engage a PHP developer, the following interview questions may assist you in finding the perfect match.

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