Who Is an ETL Developer and What Do They Do? The Functions and Obligations of Each Party

As an integral part of any software company, ETL Developers are responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining the data infrastructure to ensure that it is both secure and accessible. But what does it mean to be an ETL Developer? What are the duties and responsibilities associated with this role? And how can you source the best one for your organization? In this article, we explore these questions in more detail to help you find a competent ETL Developer for your business.

Define an ETL Developer.

An ETL Developer’s job involves all three steps of the ETL process: extraction, transformation, and loading. They are responsible for constructing a data warehouse and amalgamating data from multiple sources. A reliable data storage system is paramount for business intelligence teams who are responsible for the architecture, development, and upkeep of data applications and infrastructure.

A company’s most important duties often fall within an ETL developer’s purview. This is why they are an integral member of the BI group.

Let’s define ETL first before diving into the details.

1. Take Out

This is the initial phase of collating data from various databases, files and other sources. Once the data has been extracted, it is transferred to a staging area for validation prior to being placed in permanent storage.

2. Modify

When initially extracted, data is in its raw state and needs to be further processed, such as filtering and mapping, prior to being stored in a data warehouse. During this stage, data is cleansed and normalized.

3. Load

We have now arrived at the final stage, where the data warehouse is supplied with its standardized data feed. At first glance, this step may appear straightforward, however, the sheer amount of data that must be imported rapidly makes it quite a challenging task. Before initiating the procedure, the load is assessed to ensure a successful outcome.

What Responsibilities Does an ETL Developer Have?

An ETL Developer is responsible for designing storage system architectures, developing these architectures, extracting data from multiple sources, cleansing and normalizing the data, loading the data into a data warehouse and validating and troubleshooting the data. They must possess strong analytical skills to be able to create efficient data management solutions.

In other words, what does an ETL developer do?

An ETL Developer is a key role in your organization, due to the sensitive data they manage and store. For instance, they may be responsible for tasks such as:

  • Implements several data principles into a data warehouse designed for usage by internal groups and divisions.
  • Conceives of data solutions and handles massive amounts of data, including cleaning, standardizing, and maintaining it.
  • Takes pains to ensure that data quality is always optimal.
  • Creates a data map to determine needs and develops suitable data storage options.
  • Produces and automates sophisticated software for data extraction, transformation, and loading.

The successful applicant for the role of ETL developer will possess not only the technical skills typically associated with developing databases and code, but also strong analytical capabilities, enabling them to devise effective data management solutions.

Competencies and Experience Needed for ETL Work

It is crucial to evaluate a candidate’s most critical talents if you want to recruit the top ETL developer.

1. Expertise in Software for ETL Developers

  • Expertise with NoSQL Data
  • Learned Skill in Dimensional Modeling
  • Possessing familiarity with, and training in, MDX, SSAS, and OLAP
  • Expertise in SQL/PL server development
  • Skills in.NET and Java
  • The SSIS Perspective
  • Skill in Spark, Hive, Hbase, HDFS, and Sqoop – familiarity with Hadoop
  • Experience with the data modelling tools Erwin, Embarcadero, and Toad

When recruiting a new employee, it is important to consider their level of software expertise, educational background and personal characteristics. Ideally, we would be looking for an ETL developer with at least two years of experience, and knowledge of ETL tools.

2. Instructional Experiences of an ETL Developer

  • A four-year degree in software engineering or computer science
  • Having expertise in the relevant field is essential in order to provide effective data storage solutions. For example, a bank requires an ETL developer who is knowledgeable about banking procedures.
  • It would be a benefit if you have experience with ETL/BI or were certified in this area.

3. Qualities of a Good ETL Developer

  • Competence in interacting with commercial enterprises. This indicates the ETL developer has worked with huge datasets in the past.
  • Ability to change one’s mind and start again. This is essential for introducing novel methods.
  • The capacity to collaborate effectively is required. In turn, this would encourage individuals to be more receptive to new information.
  • Competence in overseeing and completing projects.
  • Capability to handle stressful situations and solve problems effectively.
  • Ability to convey ideas effectively. These would facilitate better communication among the team and facilitate work.
  • ETL developers must possess the ability to focus intently on detail, as they are often responsible for managing multiple intricate systems at once.

ETL: In Need or Not?

Data management is an essential component of any business, and ETL is a key element of this process as it enables the combination of different data sets into a single repository. This is why businesses of all sizes are investing in ETL software to gain more insights from their data. Consequently, there is likely to be an ongoing need for ETL specialists.

Where Can You Locate Qualified ETL Developers to Employ?

Now that you understand the importance of an ETL Developer to the success of your company, it is time to start searching. Consider hiring remote ETL Developers, as this may save both time and money, and you can select from a range of top talent from across the world. You can find ETL Developer resumes on a variety of websites, but it is essential to remember that it is not possible to assess the best candidate for such a critical role based on their CV alone.

It is essential to hire an expert in remote ETL developer recruitment who is familiar with the necessary competencies and understands the appropriate interview questions to ask when assessing potential candidates for the best ETL developer for your business. Here at Works, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the ideal solution, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your data throughout the process. This will enable you to dedicate your time and resources to expanding your company in other areas. Working with us, you can expect to find and hire high-caliber ETL developers who have already gone through the rigorous vetting process necessary to work in Silicon Valley within two weeks. If you wish to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, phone or by visiting our Montreal office.

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