Who Should You Hire to Create Your HubSpot? Have a Look at This Handbook

Given the widespread use of the CRM software across hospitality, retail, and other industries, it might be wise to engage a HubSpot developer. The software has several features that are advantageous for businesses and customers alike, making it an attractive option.

In case the tools offered by HubSpot do not meet your requirements, their development team can come to your rescue. They can build or tailor solutions that ensure seamless integration of the HubSpot platform with your current system.

Here, we will cover the key queries you must pose while seeking to recruit a HubSpot developer.

What are the Duties of a HubSpot Developer?

To ensure the ideal person for the job, it is necessary to comprehend the responsibilities of a HubSpot developer. Essentially, these developers are accountable for the platform’s current performance and its future potential. Their key responsibilities involve enhancing the platform to boost the experience for both company employees and customers.

There are two main types of developers associated with HubSpot:

Developers Making Applications

Our coders make continuous efforts to augment the HubSpot platform through incorporating novel features and integrating with third-party applications. Developers can decide to make their applications either public (available to all firms) or private and exclusive (solely for one enterprise).

Here are some of the primary functions they perform:

  • The app development industry attaches immense significance to this aspect. You require a comprehensive understanding of the app ecosystem and its market to create top-notch, operational applications.
  • Customized solutions for specific markets or clients may have to be built instead of or in addition to general market solutions.

App development necessitates two main skills:

  • Given that HubSpot is predominantly an online service, proficiency in the conventional web development tools of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is imperative for developers.
  • Developers should have a grasp of HubL, given its extensive usage within HubSpot. HubL is a template engine founded on JinJava, which employs the same syntax as Django. Despite familiarity with any of these languages being advantageous, it’s still crucial for a developer to adjust to the unique HubL requirements.

All of your coders can register for a free HubSpot Developer Account and start creating applications for the platform right away.

Experts Crafting Websites

Our coders collaborate with marketing teams to build a website with HubSpot’s Content Management System (CMS). They are accountable for designing Themes, Templates, and Modules.

App developers have three core responsibilities:

  • A Website Developer’s primary function involves designing and building websites. They usually concentrate on the backend, encoding and developing distinct web pages, necessitating a diverse range of design skills to cater to the different types of websites.
  • Fabricating the code for a website is merely a part of the process; the other half involves devising the tools needed to oversee the website’s content. It’s crucial to possess a fully operative website with interactable customer content. Hence, web designers require resources enabling others (such as marketing teams) to include content like product descriptions, blog posts, and more to the website.

Establishing a HubSpot website requires two fundamental skills:

  • Building efficacious sites demands website developers to possess specialised expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At HubSpot, these technologies constitute the foundation of the platform, creating the structure for themes, templates, and modules.
  • Familiarity with Content Management Systems (CMS) is crucial for establishing a feature-rich website. HubSpot possesses its CMS, making it imperative for developers to be conversant with it. This blog post provides more insight into choosing the right knowledge management system for your team.

Searching for a HubSpot Programmer in the Year 2023: Best Practices

It can be a daunting task to find HubSpot developers possessing the required expertise. Thankfully, there are three principal approaches to locate well-versed and qualified HubSpot developers.

1. Starting with Digital Job Boards

Engaging a HubSpot expert freelancer is the most versatile option. However, this approach isn’t without its drawbacks.

Thanks to their enhanced availability and established portfolio, they are a favourite among numerous clients. Nevertheless, due to their inclination towards swift turnarounds to cater to their vast clientele, scheduling them for extended projects may pose a challenge.

As a HubSpot contractor, it’s crucial to recognise that specific projects may necessitate a high degree of confidentiality, and the requisite documentation to commence the development may result in delays or even the scrapping of the contracting process.

The community of HubSpot developers serves as an outstanding forum to locate freelancers. It not only presents a plethora of insights, but also facilitates job listing from where you can connect with registered professionals willing to undertake your project for a fee.

2. Staffing Agencies

HubSpot’s Marketplace presents access to 6,000 organisations and their seasoned developers. With the diverse range of choices obtainable, it should be easy to find the perfect squad to support your project.

The resources and expertise at your disposal will vary based on the team you pick. Assess all the feasible alternatives and settle for the one that aligns with your requirements most adequately.

At Works, compromising isn’t in our DNA. Our skilled and competent developers are obtainable at reasonable rates. If you’re seeking to outsource, please contact us first.

3. In-House Programmer

If you plan on managing several HubSpot projects simultaneously or operating a HubSpot project for an extended period, creating an in-house development team is prudent. This alternative may be more time-consuming and expensive, but it provides greater security as executing the project via individual engineers or agencies. Additionally, it enables you to access your team unrestrictedly when required.

Competent HubSpot developers are in high demand, but they can be difficult to recruit for permanent roles. You could opt to employ experienced HubSpot professionals or web designers with minimal or no prior experience with the platform, necessitating considerable training given HubL as its native language. To ensure acquiring the finest developers that align with your firm and projects, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive testing.

The HubSpot Software Engineer Job Interview

Hiring suitable candidates is crucial when searching for a full-time, in-house HubSpot developer. Time-sensitive onboarding is critical to the smooth execution of any project; therefore, somebody with knowledge of the platform and a capacity to circumvent prevalent obstacles is necessary.

While interviewing for HubSpot roles, it is essential to concentrate on assessing a candidate’s technical aptitude in the platform. Pertinent inquiries should encompass the candidate’s familiarity with the platform, their proficiency in utilizing it, and any other relevant technical skills.

Familiarity with the HubSpot Community

When developing for HubSpot, comprehending the platform’s singular attributes is crucial. It’s necessary to ensure comprehensive functionality and to seek clarification on any features imperative for the project’s triumph. Aspirants who provide particularized information in their applications will be granted prioritized consideration.

Mastery of software engineering, coding in general, and the HubL language

It’s indispensable to guarantee that any project based on HubSpot necessitates the suitable planning and development from the beginning. Employing pre-existing components such as templates, themes and plugins can provide a starting point; however, eventually, something customized should be created. If a candidate lacks the ability to devise original solutions, they may encounter difficulties in envisioning creative resolutions to project obstacles.

Proficiency in HubSpot API

It’s imperative that a developer is cognizant of the numerous API endpoints that regulate various functions of the HubSpot platform. It would be impractical to anticipate them to possess a comprehensive knowledge of all the endpoints, but they should be able to identify the appropriate endpoint or function to utilize when responding to an array of issues.

Interoperability with Third-Party Services

While evaluating potential candidates for a project that necessitates interaction with third-party services or databases, we must assess their interest and proficiency in those fields. The degree to which this is obligatory may vary based on the project’s nature; however, the more pre-existing knowledge the candidate possesses, the less time will be devoted to onboarding.

To evaluate a candidate’s proficiency with HubSpot, administering a HubSpot Coding Evaluation or HubSpot Coding Challenge is necessary. To guarantee the proper execution of the evaluation, adequate preparation is necessary, and a specialist in this domain should be in attendance to supervise the process and assess the outcomes.

Discover a Consultant for HubSpot with Works

With this awareness, you can rest assured while seeking a HubSpot developer to assist with team integration. It might be more challenging to discover a developer with this particular skill set than one with a more general specialization. Nonetheless, their proficiency with the platform will assist you in avoiding potential problems and economizing money.

Are you still on the lookout for a HubSpot integration developer? At Works, we possess a vast collection of proficient Java engineers and web developers who can collaborate with your current team. We also consider your company’s culture to ensure the perfect match for your business. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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