Why and How New Businesses Should Use Remote Developers

As companies strive for independence and autonomy, the demand for remote software developers has seen a marked rise. Healthily growing, the global IT outsourcing industry was valued at $66.52 billion in 2019, and has continued to grow amidst the pandemic crisis. Using remote developers lets businesses access top talent and technical expertise while retaining maximum control of their projects and operations.

At Works, I hold the position of Business Development Manager and take pride in our team’s ability to enable remote IT outsourcing for our clients. Our customers have reported several advantages of using our services, such as significant monetary gain.

Our article aims to guide you through the process of discovering and recruiting remote engineers for your enterprise.

The Advantages of Utilising Freelance Software Developers for Your Startup

It is no secret that even huge digital corporations like WhatsApp have made use of remote development teams to address their IT needs. By outsourcing a considerable portion of their development work, WhatsApp was able to make significant cost savings during their initial stages.

Below are various scenarios where outsourcing can be a smart choice for any business to make.

Strategies to Combat the Shortage of Technical Talent

Recruiting and retaining skilled remote developers can prove to be a challenging task, especially in the United States where there is a significant shortage of Information Technology professionals. This shortage of IT experts has only made it harder to find and hire remote developers in the United States.

Investing in remote developers can broaden your access to various IT skills, including Python programming. If inadequate Python developers are available in your locality, exploring other options such as Eastern Europe, where our company is headquartered, might be worth considering.

Efficiently Hiring Fresh Talent

Recruiting remote software engineers involves several critical stages such as advertising, interviewing, assessing, shortlisting, and onboarding, each of which can be time-consuming. For startups, in particular, time is a crucial resource that must be efficiently managed to remain competitive in the market.

To expedite the process, you can opt for a virtual IT staffing company that manages the recruitment process entirely for you.

Be Flexible in Your Approach

In the early stages of a business lifecycle, countless factors are yet to be determined. As the business expands, it is crucial to keep its organisational structure flexible. Investing in an in-house development team can be quite expensive and is not a feasible option.

In today’s intensely competitive business climate, exploring the benefits of remote development teams might seem quite appealing. With such a team, you only pay for the services you require, without having to enter into lengthy contractual agreements, thus enjoying greater flexibility.

Hiring Costs Less with a Strict Budget

Finding exceptionally talented technology professionals can prove to be challenging in many developed countries. Usually, in the United States, the cost of hiring a developer is about $180 per hour, whereas the same level of skills can be availed from Eastern Europe at around $50 per hour.

Startups are heavily reliant on cash flow, so being prudent with this resource is critical, especially when it comes to hiring new employees.

Utilise Existing Expertise and Knowledge

Partnering with remote developers can prove incredibly lucrative while developing your software for the first time. The rationale behind this is simple: such developers have most likely tackled a wide range of software projects, making them well-versed with the kind of software you intend to build.

We possess vast experience in creating applications for diverse industries, spanning from mobile commerce to real estate to financial technology. Thus, we are assured that we can offer valuable guidance on how to optimally approach the development of your application.

Where to Discover Freelance Software Engineers

Since there is compelling evidence for remote engineering positions, it’s time to start searching for the perfect candidates. Here are some suggestions to ensure the success of your remote recruitment process.

Industry Publications

To gain insight into the background of remote engineers before hiring, reading through their blogs is a great idea. IT outsourcing service providers typically have a well-crafted content marketing strategy that involves case studies, white papers, and thought leadership pieces authored by seasoned software development experts. Perusing these materials aids in gaining profound comprehension of these companies and their offerings.

As enterprises gain greater awareness about the benefits of leveraging social media and business-oriented websites like LinkedIn and Medium for content publishing, they are starting to explore the possibilities of these platforms. Running a basic Google search on relevant subjects can enable access to blogs written by software companies. By doing this, businesses can unearth ways to harness the potential of these digital channels to maximise their outreach and engagement.

Reading published works of outsourcing providers allows for gaining an understanding of their strengths and limitations. It may also provide information on the provider’s previous projects, their developers’ competencies, quality assurance and operational processes, and their existing portfolio as well as feedback from past clients. All these factors could be used to assess the provider’s capabilities, thereby ensuring the organization’s suitability for the project.

Discovering and Hiring Remote Developers

As an employer, your responsibility now is to form the top-notch, most adept remote team from the worldwide workforce. To guarantee that you recruit the finest candidate for your enterprise, following these guidelines meticulously is crucial. This will enable you to assemble a team of outstanding individuals who can assist in accomplishing your business objectives.

Step 1: Determine Your Startup’s Actual Requirements.

Every start-up is unconventional in terms of their products, services, and organisational structure. It’s valuable to contemplate how hiring a remote developer could help your business accomplish its goals.

Are you looking to hire for launching a minimum viable product to test the market’s response? Also, do you need assistance with any of your existing IT services? Lastly, for which operating systems do you plan to optimize your software – web, iOS, Android, or both?

Your requirements will significantly determine the type of talent that will be necessary for the future.

Secondly, Embrace a Collaboration-driven Model.

Next, it’s crucial to decide the ideal level of collaboration required for the project. Are you comfortable taking up the position of the project manager while collaborating with an external software developer who is working remotely?

Alternatively, you might prefer to have the entire development taken care of by a remote firm you hire externally.

Your decision will influence delegation, coordination, as well as financial obligations.

Thirdly, Select a Preferred Location for Hiring Remote Developers.

It’s worth noting that when collaborating with remote developers, there may be language, time zone, and cultural barriers that need to be addressed. To leverage the affordability and competence of software professionals, it’s advised to contemplate hiring developers from Eastern European nations if you’re situated in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Western European countries.

Choosing to recruit developers from Eastern Europe can be an excellent option for companies looking for first-rate and cost-efficient solutions. These developers are well-versed in the Western work culture and are familiar with their clients’ expectations. Moreover, their proximity to various Western countries enables seamless, real-time communication during business hours, resulting in speedy troubleshooting and streamlined project delivery.

Fourthly, Leverage an Existing Pool of Talent

Once you have pinpointed a specific nation as a probable talent source, it’s time to commence recruitment from the talent pools available there. If you’re searching for full-time positions, job postings can be placed on job boards such as Lensa and Glassdoor. Upwork and Guru are excellent platforms to locate freelance experts. Furthermore, you can check out reviews on websites like Clutch and Wadline to identify the best development firms in the region.

Alternatively, you may contact reliable app development firms through blog posts like this one.

5. Ensure that You’re Collaborating with the Right Specialist

Regardless of the chosen system, evaluating the qualifications of potential candidates remains imperative. Freelance platforms provide access to a developer’s profile and their previous project history.

Finalize with Interviews (Step 6)

When it comes to evaluating possible candidates for a remote development team, an in-person meeting is the most effective method. Employers are recommended to conduct video conference meetings with each potential applicant, regardless of whether they are freelance programmers or product managers. This allows employers to determine if the applicant’s design process aligns with the role’s requirements and whether they can work remotely with the team effectively.

Commence Onboarding Procedures

After selecting a successful candidate, it is standard to have a contract signed. Before starting any work, it is crucial that both parties have a comprehensive comprehension of the expectations and the resources accessible to them. This guarantees an efficient and effective project execution.

The Advantages of Utilizing Works

Works is a cutting-edge job board created to simplify the process of finding qualified senior remote engineers for businesses. Our verified verification process guarantees access to a group of experienced software developers who have been meticulously scrutinized and authorized to work remotely.


In response to the scarcity of highly qualified Information Technology professionals, a number of startups have begun to rely on remote engineers. This move is highly advantageous due to the enhanced flexibility and accessibility it offers to a more budget-friendly and diverse group of professionals. Uptech recognizes these benefits and is well-equipped to assist you in finding the appropriate remote IT experts for your specific requirements. We have identified where to find the right personnel, allowing you to move ahead with recruitment.

Contact us to learn how you can transform your ideas into reality quickly and affordably.

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