Why and How the Works Technical Leadership Program Is Empowering Women to Shape the Future of Technology

According to recent studies, women represent a mere 26.7% of the technology workforce on a worldwide scale. This highlights the necessity for augmented female representation within the industry to safeguard their roles in the upcoming years. Deloitte Global forecasts that by the close of 2022, the average participation of women in the workforce of top global technology organisations will increase to roughly 33%.

Works Technical Leadership Programme has been tailored explicitly for the people of Rwanda, offering a specialized training scheme encompassing both technical skills and leadership development for those aspiring to be software engineers. Once the program is successfully completed, participants will obtain an edge in their career as a developer, along with the necessary leadership attributes to oversee and direct their own teams.

An ex-student of ATLP, Bey Faith, with a vast experience in corporate IT, argues that it is advantageous for women to have the chance to advance in their careers.

Bey asserts that it is crucial for an increased number of women in Rwanda to participate in the technology sector and undertake the nine-month course. She firmly believes that technology’s future should not be dictated by only one gender and that women deserve an equal voice in shaping our technological destiny. During a conversation with Bey, she shared her views as a former student of ATLP and enumerated why everyone should consider applying for the ongoing session.

How much did the ATLP support you?

Before commencing my education at the University of Kigali, I had worked in a few different organizations, undertaking clerical duties like answering calls and managing files. Regrettably, I found the work to be ungratifying, often leaving me feeling exhausted after a day at the office.

My principal impetus for joining Works was the desire to channel my creativity in a productive direction while delivering innovative solutions and insightful analysis to businesses. Working with Works has been particularly satisfying as I feel that my contributions have been acknowledged and appreciated.

During my stint with ATLP, I received outstanding assistance. Not only did I get the necessary tools and knowledge to learn coding, but also the analytical and technical mindset required to excel in my undertakings.

I realized the significance of self-reliance when I got the opportunity to work remotely. However, I also comprehended the value of teamwork. Collaborative work is crucial for the flourishing of projects as well as efficient self-evaluation. Therefore, I became more self-assured in communicating with my peers.

How has the ATLP aided your software development career?

After spending nine months in the programme, I underwent significant personal growth. Prior to enrolling, I grappled with feelings of impostor syndrome, uncertain if the curriculum was the right choice for me. I was inclined to doubt myself and my abilities, convinced that happiness and success were not something I deserved. I would often wake up every morning unsure if I had taken the right path. However, with persistence, I am now competent enough to overcome any challenges that present themselves. If you require a problem-solver, I am at your service.

Throughout challenging times, my peers served as a robust support network. I could confide in them and leverage our combined technical and managerial skills to navigate past those hardships. Subsequently, I managed to secure a position in a well-regarded IT company based in Rwanda.

Would you recommend this programme to individuals interested in pursuing a career in software development?

I fully endorse anyone keen on enrolling in the programme, especially women who are spearheading this technological revolution. It is vital that we have equal participation in this decision-making process, so I implore more women to join the programme.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for this programme?

Technical proficiency is crucial, but a strong passion for the work is equally vital. Without a profound affinity for the work, one may have the requisite skillset but fail to achieve success or satisfaction.

My advice to all participants, irrespective of gender, is to approach the programme with zeal and commitment, as this will bring a tremendous sense of fulfillment on completion.

Are you keen on leading the next major technological breakthrough?

If so, you may want to consider submitting an application for the Works Technical Leadership Program.

Join the ATLP

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