Why Are Web Developers Different than Game Designers?

Valued at over $60 billion, the gaming industry in the United States is making headlines, and businesses are seeking ways to profit from it. To streamline their digital footprint, these businesses may opt to outsource the development of their web, software, and applications to external providers or maintain in-house development teams.

Businesses facing this situation must assess if the phrase “devs are devs” holds true. The answer is negative; developers who specialize in web development and those who specialize in video game development have distinct skill sets. Although some developers can handle multiple domains, many opt to concentrate on one domain having understood the effort required to transition between industries.

How do web developers and game developers differ, and what drives the necessity for unique hiring prerequisites in both domains?

So, What Exactly Do Web Developers Do?

Web developers are responsible for the creation and design of websites and other digital content. Their duties include developing, integrating, launching, maintaining, and supporting websites and online applications of all types, from simple blogs to intricate social networks and e-commerce stores. This necessitates the inclusion of appropriate features that enhance the website’s effectiveness.

Web developers work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages extensively. Web development is a wide-ranging domain with countless specializations, such as front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, with programmers choosing to specialize in any of these areas.

Coding languages are utilized by front-end developers to create the layout and appearance of websites. Whenever a user interacts with a website, it is probable that the design was created by a front-end developer. Conversely, back-end developers generate the code that enables websites to function as intended, including retrieving data from databases and determining how that data should be presented to the user. Back-end developers frequently work with programming languages like PHP, Python, and Node.js.

Full-stack developers have the responsibility for the whole development process, from developing the front-end to the back-end. Typically, they have a specialized set of skills and excel in all aspects of the development process, providing consistent contributions to the functionality of the product.

The Developer’s Role in Video Game Creation

While it is not completely accurate to state that game developers and web designers are entirely dissimilar, significant distinctions exist between these two domains. Video game development entails a comprehensive process, from ideation to deployment, that encompasses planning, design, programming, and distribution. Although websites have evolved to be more interactive and feature AI, they still cannot match the level of interactivity observed in video games.

Developing a video game necessitates a diverse array of tools and resources, ranging from the game’s physics and digital models to its core logic and landscapes. In contrast, constructing a website typically does not require considerations of these aspects. Some web developers specialize in specific areas of the industry, such as 3D graphics, project management, server-side programming, game engines, among others.

Developing a video game is a complex and collaborative process that demands a diverse range of skills. The duration of game development can vary from several months to many years, depending on the game’s complexity and funding. It is not uncommon for a development team to have various departments operating simultaneously to attain the desired deadlines.

In the development of video games, game designers, artists, sound engineers, level designers, testers, producers, and developers all play a crucial role. While website creators might not have to consider aspects like music, scenery, or physics when constructing a website, these are fundamental elements for engrossing and immersing players in video games.

Engineering experts in video games are accountable for accomplishing the art and design teams’ concepts and designs by creating executable code for the game on different platforms. This entails integrating artwork, allowing users to access and interact with the game, and building the essential codebase required for the game to function. Additionally, engineers must consider aspects such as multiplayer networking, artificial intelligence, and similar factors.

Is it Possible for a Game Developer to Work in Web Development, or Vice Versa?

Businesses seeking to hire developers should determine the kind of software they aim to create before beginning recruitment for the position. Developing a video game is a much more intricate and time-consuming undertaking than web development. Creating a video game is a relatively more complex process than web development.

It is not rational to assume that the skills and knowledge required for web development and game development can be interchanged. While certain similarities may exist between the two, they diverge significantly in terms of development methods, specializations, processes, and collaboration necessities. Therefore, substituting one role with the other is not feasible.

Given the limited number of job opportunities in the gaming industry compared to the workforce, the industry is highly competitive and selective. Following the conclusion of their education or training, web developers may find it less challenging to obtain an entry-level position.

Transitioning from traditional programming to game development can be difficult due to the additional considerations involved, such as sceneries, art, and physics. This necessitates a shift in one’s mindset and methodologies that cannot be easily activated or deactivated. Recognizing that achieving proficiency in either domain necessitates a significant amount of time and dedication to learn and gain experience is essential.

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