Why Collaborate with Your Outsourcing Company

Establishing an Outsourcing Alliance

When a company is in need of additional personnel to complete a project in a timely manner, outsourcing can be an invaluable resource. Outsourcing services can provide access to software development and engineering professionals with specialised knowledge that may not be available internally. In fact, research has revealed that 28% of organisations leverage outsourcing to gain access to intellectual capital that is not internally available, while 57% of firms use outsourcing to focus their efforts on their core competencies.

Whilst it is possible to enlist the services of outsourced teams on an ad-hoc basis, your business can benefit from a longer-term collaboration with your supplier. It is important for your outsourced workforce to feel a sense of pride in their work, just as your in-house employees do, and you should endeavour to ensure they understand and adhere to your corporate values and culture. Establishing a long-term relationship with an outsourced team will help to foster an emotional investment in the project, as well as a financial one.

In order to transform a supplier into a reliable business associate, consider the following three suggestions.

1. Sign a multiyear agreement with your service provider.

If you are only engaging an outsourcing firm for one-off jobs, you could be missing out on the advantages of having a long-term partnership. Establishing communication, meeting deadlines, working collaboratively and building trust are all challenges that come with outsourcing for businesses, especially if contact with the outsourced team is not regular. To ensure ongoing dialogue and collaboration, it is beneficial to put in place a written agreement or contract with your outsourcing provider. This document should include your company’s values, goals and a short overview of your business culture. Doing so will help foster closer ties between both parties.

2. Make sure you can get in touch with the group you’re outsourcing to.

In order to ensure successful collaboration with your outsourced team, it is important to maintain regular contact and communication. Establishing a line of communication that allows team members to stay in touch even outside of the project timeline can be beneficial. Appointing representatives from each organisation such as a project manager and scheduling regular meetings is a great way to keep everyone informed of the latest developments. Communication tools such as Zoom, Twist, Slack and Appear are useful for organisations that are outsourcing to distant nations, allowing them to keep the lines of communication open even when there is no immediate project.

3. Establish a reliable connection with one another.

If you take a collaborative approach to working with your outsourcing provider, it can open up a range of opportunities for both parties to benefit from the arrangement. Your supplier brings a wealth of skills and expertise to the table, and should be included in strategy meetings and decision-making processes whenever possible. Establishing trust between the two parties is key – allowing your provider to complete tasks efficiently and independently without overly restrictive oversight will demonstrate this. It’s also important to remember that, while your provider may not always arrive at the same conclusions as you, they may have an alternative solution that is even better. When trust is established, the relationship between the two parties can become less transactional and more collaborative, leading to increased freedom and productivity.

In order to make the most effective use of your outsourced workforce, it is essential to ensure that a consistent level of effort is invested in building a strategic collaboration. It is also important to ensure that clear lines of communication are proactively established to tap into the expertise that they can provide. To make your outsourced staff feel part of the wider organisation, it is recommended to set aside regular updates to ensure that they understand how their contributions are driving the growth of the company. The more invested they are in the success of the company, the more likely that they will go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met and exceeded.

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