Why Members of Generation Z Are Ideal for Remote Work

Undoubtedly, a fresh workforce is emerging, bringing with it a fresh perspective on work norms. The media’s portrayal of this demographic, commonly known as ‘Generation Z,’ is oftentimes broad and sweeping, although it is crucial to recognise that this group of people is vast and varied, and cannot be summarised by any single trait. It is evident that this new generation is here to stay in the workforce, necessitating acceptance and reverence.

What is the age range of Generation Z?

Generation Z is typically defined as individuals born in 2001 and onwards. They have been brought up with an unparalleled access to advanced technology, including trend-setting devices such as the Apple iPhone and digital streaming services for kids’ shows. Moreover, due to the widespread availability of the internet and computers, they have never had to rely on traditional means such as phone calls to order food, like pizza.

Recent reports on recruitment emphasise the significance of comprehending the requirements of Generation Z when hiring fresh talent. It is crucial to employ the most effective techniques for drawing in and retaining this generation, as they offer unmatched abilities to the workplace. Nevertheless, it is cautioned by experts to abstain from implementing the same recruitment procedures used for previous generations, as it may not achieve the desired results with Generation Z. Therefore, it is necessary to stay informed about current trends and practices to leverage their exceptional skills and capabilities for your organisation’s benefit.

The Guardian has conducted an extensive analysis to shed light on the actual personality of the new workforce generation. This demographic is predicted to account for over 25% of the global labour force by the conclusion of 2023, underscoring the need to recognise their skills and input. The report details how Generation Z are skilled in virtual recruitment methods. In a nutshell, here’s a brief version of the key findings:

Characteristics of the Present Generation

  1. Tech-savvy is in their DNA.

    This demographic has been raised in a world of modern technology and introduced to smartphones and tablets from an early age. They have quickly become adept at using these devices, with the hugely popular game ‘Angry Birds’ being among their first encounters. Generation Z is the first to have experienced YouTube as a substitute for traditional television and to favour messaging apps like Snapchat over making phone calls. It is this effortless ability to utilise technology and adapt to the digital world that sets them apart from previous generations.

    Younger generations are accustomed to building relationships with individuals from around the globe through technology-based communication. However, they are not as fascinated with advanced technology or the idea of having friends from distant places as their parents’ generation was. It’s just a routine aspect of their lives now.

    It’s critical to recognise that members of Generation Z place a high value on direct human contact. While they enjoy communicating with friends on digital platforms like Xbox Live or Discord, they understand that the world offers considerably more than what can be accessed through a computer screen. They are motivated to travel, partake in cultural events like the opera, and create enduring memories. This implies that they are more likely to be digital nomads than individuals who prefer to work remotely from home.
  2. Money is a motivating factor.

    No, Generation Z is not following the same money-spending pattern as their Millennial predecessors in the 1980s, who were characterised by the “buy, buy, buy!” mindset. Instead, this relatively fresh demographic is taking a much more careful approach, focusing on securing a dependable income and qualifying for mortgages. It’s apparent that this generation is hardly a rebellious one but is, in fact, keen on securing their financial future.

    As a result, a significant proportion of Generation Z members are likely to become part of the workforce at a young age. Rather than taking on the weight of student loan debt, they prefer to start on their career path with an apprenticeship or entry-level position. This presents employers with a unique opportunity to hire them while they are still in the early stages of their career and shape them into the type of employees that their organisations require.
  3. They Excel at Meeting Demands

    Generation Z members are incredibly well-suited to utilise technology to its fullest potential, thanks to their familiarity with always-available, free Wi-Fi. This has allowed them to naturally develop a deep understanding of how to quickly and effectively learn new skills and technologies. As a result, they do not depend on older generations to teach them how to use their cellphones, as is commonly the case with their parents. Instead, they can instinctively comprehend the most up-to-date and advanced innovations.

    The millennial generation is widely recognised for their ability to rapidly and efficiently adopt new technologies. With the internet being an integral part of their lives since childhood, they are skilled in multitasking and working remotely, even while engaging in other activities. This generation is the first to have had access to smartphones and laptops while consuming media, allowing them to access additional information or partake in real-time conversations about what they are watching. As a result, they have developed a natural talent for seamlessly transitioning between tasks.
  4. Family is their top priority.

    The message represented an essential cause that attracted this demographic of people. However, for the more recent Generation Z, the most vital values revolve around the significance of their immediate family. Similar to the Baby Boomers, they have been significantly impacted by the 2007 global financial crisis and are now actively pursuing stability. In the near future, both Millennials and Generation Z members will value a perfect work-life balance. To achieve this, they may opt to work from home, cutting down on the amount of time taken up by commuting.
  5. They Will Constantly Change Jobs

    The present demographic of individuals has become accustomed to having their desires instantly fulfilled. Want to watch your favourite content? Select it at your convenience. Require assistance? Place your order and have it delivered the next day. Unsatisfied with the service you received? Rate it one star on TripAdvisor and move on. Therefore, if you fail to provide Millennials and Generation Z with what they desire, they will simply look for it elsewhere.

    Despite having already discussed this topic, the needs of Generation Z are apparent: they want to be appropriately compensated for their work and have the ability to work remotely. Studies have revealed that remote hiring can boost employee retention, and this will apply equally to Generation Z.
  6. The Significance of Teamwork to Them

    Generation Z members have grown up accustomed to using digital tools to manage their time efficiently. Consequently, it’s crucial to ensure that your remote workforce has access to all the necessary resources to collaborate effectively. Millennials have been utilising digital media for communication for a while, as an example, when planning their prom outfits on Snapchat. Therefore, when it comes to remote teams, the ability to communicate and cooperate online is a necessity.

    It is anticipated that Generation Z will not be a group of sole innovators; rather, they will collaborate to devise imaginative solutions to problems. If you are in doubt, consider the fantastic progress made by Greta Thunberg, who has brought together young people from all corners of the world to discuss climate change.

Recruiting Generation Z: What Do You Need to Know?

Undeniably, their accomplishments are impressive. If you are seeking to recruit talented young individuals, the ideal starting point is the online realm since that’s where most of Generation Z spends its time. By posting adverts that stress both the tangible work benefits and the appeal of working cooperatively with others, you can successfully draw the attention of appropriate candidates.

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