Why More and More Businesses Are Moving to “IT as a Service”

Reasons Behind the Rise of “IT as a Service”

IT as a Service (ITaaS) is a customer-centric strategy for providing IT support. Rather than managing IT like other departments, ITaaS adopts a company-like structure that allows for a more agile response to changing customer requirements. Businesses in need of IT support can choose from a range of pre-defined services, each for a fixed fee. This approach enables businesses to access the IT support they need without having to invest in a large in-house team.

As businesses become increasingly aware of the security, administration, and efficiency benefits of the IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) concept, many are making the switch and taking advantage of only paying for the resources they actually use. This strategy is proving particularly attractive to those organisations that require constant IT support and management, allowing them to benefit from a range of advantages.

Global Administration

Many multinational corporations are now turning to Information Technology (IT) as a Service (ITaaS) due to its reliability and consistency. The complexity of keeping tabs on each employee’s computer, ensuring they have the latest hardware upgrades, and administering all the devices used by employees can be a huge challenge, especially for multinational companies with offices worldwide. An ITaaS provider can manage these responsibilities on their behalf, such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones. Furthermore, they can provide remote support in the event of an issue, troubleshooting or dispatching a professional to the location as required. Additionally, they can access and manage a company’s servers remotely, offering the perfect solution. Companies that choose IT as a Service are also able to benefit from more detailed reporting of any issues that may arise.

Employees may benefit from the advantages of global management in numerous ways. For example, remote workers can submit help desk requests or search for solutions to their IT related queries through a self-service support website. Additionally, they can raise a ticket for a replacement device and track its progress in the event of any IT issue.

Protection Mechanisms

Every organisation is rightly concerned about the safety of their operations, given the fact that security breaches are now occurring with greater regularity and can have a detrimental impact on public trust. Utilising IT as a Service (ITaaS) means that businesses do not need to hire a full-time employee to oversee the safety of their services, instead they can outsource this task to their IT service provider. Companies who lack the resources to fully manage their security concerns can be assured that their ITaaS provider is monitoring any potential alarms, outages or hardware threats. This is a major benefit of ITaaS and is one of the primary reasons why more and more organisations are now using it.

Savings in Time and Money While Increasing Scalability

Organisations that opt for IT as a Service (ITaaS) can benefit greatly from the simplicity and flexibility of such agreements. This is because the monthly fee for such services is usually determined by two factors: the number of employees and the complexity of the infrastructure. This means that businesses can easily scale up their IT systems without being met with an unexpected fee increase. As a result, they can more accurately estimate their future IT costs, making budgeting easier.

Organisations are increasingly turning to models based on Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) to outsource their IT and service requirements, in order to focus on their core, value-adding operations. The value of the ITaaS service staff lies in their ability to provide dedicated resources in a timely manner. ITaaS offers businesses a more tailored and effective way of approaching their digital solutions and technological needs.

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