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In the previous year, I had the pleasure of joining Chris Snyder on his Snyder Showdown podcast, where we talked about how businesses can enhance innovation by utilizing nearshore teams in a more efficient and expeditious manner. If the topic piques your interest, you can listen to the podcast for an in-depth and comprehensive discussion. However, if you’re pressed for time, we have summarized the key points discussed, so you can still glean valuable insights into outsourcing software development and why partnering with Works is the perfect choice to create top-grade technological solutions.

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Talent Shortage Preceding the Pandemic

Chris emphasized that creating software is a complex process that hasn’t changed significantly over time. Nevertheless, attitudes towards outsourcing software development have shifted, particularly before the pandemic. To gain a better understanding of this, let’s reflect on the situation before the outbreak.

Previously, many American companies chose to partner only with domestic enterprises, often prioritizing internal hiring or working with local firms. Although this approach is reasonable, there were several instances when I had to stop and reassess the situation.

The USA has been grappling with a shortage of software developers for a significant period. Despite having an adequate number of software engineers in the country, the demand for them exceeds the available supply. This has resulted in intense competition among companies for the same candidates, leading to a limited talent pool and escalating recruitment costs.

Numerous organizations have a “locals only” mindset and are reluctant to explore outsourcing to countries with lower labour costs. However, they may be unaware of the progress that has been achieved in the software development outsourcing sector, which could lead to concerns about the quality of work they will receive.

The transformation in the outsourcing sector concerning Latin America is immensely significant. Several years ago, Latin American countries began directing their education systems towards a more technology-based curriculum to keep pace with the growing global trend of workplace automation. Additionally, the fact that college education is either free or considerably less expensive than in the USA in numerous Latin American nations provides them with a competitive edge in terms of talent.

Due to the considerable level of IT expertise available in the region, Latin America has emerged as an appealing destination for businesses lacking in-house proficiency to complete their technology projects. Additionally, it’s not just the expertise that makes outsourcing to this region an attractive option. With the help of government initiatives and new companies like Works, the required infrastructure has been established to ensure the successful execution of technology projects.

Around ten years ago, the local outsourcing market experienced a significant event. Despite the global pandemic, Latin America has continued to provide companies in other regions with digital transformation services.

A Shift During COVID-19

Before the pandemic, the software development industry had achieved considerable success, with firms from all around the globe realizing the benefits of collaborating with proficient engineering companies. However, the pandemic has substantially changed the scenario, leading to even greater outsourcing demands.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous CEOs have adopted a more pragmatic approach, such as the renowned recruitment slogan “find the best talent wherever it may be”. In truth, the finest talent for US companies is located in Latin America. Companies like Works have the required proficiency, systems, and methods to develop software in the post-pandemic era, having spent years preparing for it.

The transition to remote work created disturbances for numerous businesses globally. However, our company has been able to preserve our competitive advantage due to our longstanding focus on dispersed teams. This is particularly apparent in Latin American companies. Since our establishment, we have had the necessary infrastructure and proficiency to guarantee that our clients receive optimal service.

Numerous American development companies have been striving to catch up with Latin American outsourcing firms. United States corporations have realized that partnering with these companies is the most efficient approach to fulfil their technical and engineering expertise requirements. Resultantly, the popularity of nearshoring, a technique that is particularly beneficial for American companies, has noticeably surged.

At Works, we employ a technique that involves collaborating with a partner in the same time zone, with minimal language barriers. Our headquarters is located in Argentina, but we have a presence throughout the Americas, allowing us to work during hours that mostly overlap with American teams. Additionally, our employees possess outstanding English proficiency, as well as extensive knowledge and experience with various technologies and methodologies. Our top priority is focused on the caliber of our human resources.

What Distinguishes Works from Other Outsourcing Companies

At our software outsourcing company, we differentiate ourselves through our emphasis on talent. We take pride in employing some of the most exceptionally proficient technologists globally. As a result, we can assure our clients of receiving top-notch service, as only those with the appropriate expertise can deliver the desired outcomes. We strongly believe that the caliber of our personnel is linked to our success, a concept that we will revisit later.

At Works, we take pride in our talented workforce, although they are not the sole factor in our success. Our procedures, techniques, and infrastructure also play a crucial role. Our business model is founded on agile principles, and we remain impartial to the technologies we use, enabling us to assist our clients with a wide scope of projects. This varies from conventional web application development to more advanced projects such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, and edge computing.

At Works, we are impartial to technology, which means that we are not bound to any specific software or tools. We strive to personalize our development approach for every project, and offer proficient developers for any language or platform. Our unwavering priorities are to deliver value to our clients and provide high-quality solutions. We are open to discussion on most topics, except for our standards.

Moreover, Works is the ideal software development partner for US corporations based on several other factors. Situated in Latin America, we are strategically located to travel on short notice to meet with our clients, which can help them save time and money. Even though this practice has been disrupted by the pandemic, we still believe that face-to-face meetings with our clients are vital for forming a strong connection between us and our customers, as well as reinforcing our collaborative relationships.

Lastly, we possess the capability to swiftly adapt to changing staffing needs. We have access to a diverse pool of proficient engineers with varying ages and qualifications, enabling us to rapidly assemble any type of engineering team. We can onboard any necessary personnel at a moment’s notice, and we can do it promptly. Moreover, we can provide teams that are prepared to begin working alongside our clients right away, so they can engage us, and we can commence promptly.

We Adhere to a Stringent Recruitment Process

Investing in our personnel is crucial for delivering the finest quality of service to our clients. We understand that the success of any project is directly linked to the individuals working on it, which is why we have become more meticulous in our recruitment process. We now allocate three times more resources to recruit new employees than we do to attract new customers. As a result, we have implemented a highly thorough selection process that takes multiple factors into account.

The crux of our principles is anchored in the notion that we should always strive to hire exceedingly competent IT professionals who possess a blend of technical and interpersonal skills. We prioritize the welfare of our employees and partners, which is why we only recruit individuals who have the requisite qualifications and proficiency to represent our brand. Our recruitment process is rigorous and entails meticulously evaluating a candidate’s hard and soft skills, rather than solely relying on a CV.

Our recruitment process is augmented by Staffing Hero, our AI-powered recruitment technology, which empowers us to sift through more than 1.2 million applications each year to identify the most fitting candidates. This enables us to promptly narrow down the most promising applicants to proceed to the subsequent stage of the process, where they will be interviewed by members of our HR team.

At Works, we utilize a blend of automated and manual techniques to comprehensively gauge shortlisted candidates. We appraise their technical acumen and English fluency via automated tests. Additionally, we evaluate traits like perceptiveness and situational awareness, which demand more than mere logic. We also acknowledge that communication, empathy, and collaboration are integral features of intelligence, which are vital for thriving in software development.

We understand that our recruitment process is rigorous and may seem like an intimidating prospect to some of our candidates. However, we consider it essential to guarantee that we attract only the most exceptional technical talent to join the Works team. The process typically takes 2 to 3 months and entails several assessments. We strive to ensure that we select the cream of the crop, and thus have devised a selection process that we deem to be the most efficacious.

The Future of Productivity and Outsourcing

The software development sector is exceptionally competitive, as pointed out by Chris in the episode. As a result, there has been a surge in outsourcing companies seeking to connect with businesses that are seeking IT professionals with the requisite qualifications. This is advantageous for all parties, as it propels the industry towards new and loftier standards.

The upsurge in software development outsourcing in the post-COVID era has resulted in an influx of inexperienced individuals who perceive it as an opportunity to reap swift profits. In turn, this has given rise to a rush of new organizations seeking to capitalize on the trend. Unfortunately, many of these organizations prioritize revenue generation and do not take the undertaking seriously. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that software development is a serious business that demands commitment and devotion.

Being a privately owned enterprise that has been in the industry for more than a decade, we have expanded our clientele and established our name in the market. We are not swayed by external pressures or market fads, which allows us to pursue our own goals and concentrate exclusively on delivering exceptional quality and value to our customers.

We take pride in cultivating client relationships that foster mutual growth. Our enduring triumph in this aspect has instilled our business associates with the trust and assurance that we will persistently uphold the highest level of service. We recognize the significance of adapting to new circumstances to sustain our success.

To conclude, I am of the opinion that the outsourcing industry and the future prospects of Works are promising, owing to the digital transformation that many organizations are undergoing to adjust to the new digital era. To succeed, it is crucial that we all develop a new essential skill as we progress: monitoring of delivery processes.

The software produced by the industry is known for its difficulty in terms of supervision. Despite the advancement made in regulation, investments in governance and infrastructure that can adjust to the constantly evolving global landscape must be undertaken. To make the most of outsourcing and guarantee smooth remote collaboration across the globe, it is crucial that this framework is protected.

I feel privileged to be associated with a company that is pioneering this domain, and I am well aware that there is still a long journey ahead of us. Works is actually doing this; instead of merely trying to keep abreast of the current trends, it is forging a path ahead into the forthcoming era of software development. This is precisely why Works is the perfect collaborator for creating technical solutions: we consistently focus on the future.

Thank you for your time and attention. Do not miss out on Chris’ podcast; it is amazing and loaded with valuable insights.

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