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Last year I had the pleasure of joining Chris Snyder on the Snyder Showdown show to discuss how businesses can benefit from utilizing nearshore teams to drive innovation faster and more efficiently. If you are interested in the topic, you can listen to the podcast for an in-depth and comprehensive discussion. For those who are short on time, we have provided a summary of the key points discussed, so you can still gain valuable insights into the advantages of software development outsourcing and why Works is the perfect partner for creating technological solutions.

Alright, let’s get to work!

Deficit in Talent Before the Pandemic

Chris has highlighted that developing software is a complex process and has not changed significantly over time. However, the attitude towards outsourcing software development has shifted, especially prior to the onset of the pandemic. To put this into perspective, let us take a look back at the situation prior to the outbreak.

In the past, numerous American businesses opted to collaborate solely with domestic enterprises, often preferring to hire internally or work with local firms. While this approach is understandable, there have been several occasions where I have paused to re-evaluate the situation.

For a considerable length of time, the USA has faced a shortage of software developers. Whilst there are a sufficient number of software engineers in the country, the demand for them is significantly higher than the available supply. This has led to organizations competing fiercely for the same candidates, creating a limited talent pool and resulting in more expensive recruitment costs.

Many organisations have a “locals only” mindset and are unwilling to consider outsourcing to countries with lower labour costs. However, many are unaware of the advancements that have been made in the software development outsourcing sector and may be concerned about the quality of the work they will receive.

The shift in the outsourcing sector with regards to Latin America is of paramount importance. Many years ago, Latin American countries began to move towards a more technology-focused curriculum in their education systems. This was in order to keep up with the global trend towards increased automation in the workplace. Furthermore, the fact that college education is either free or significantly cheaper than in the US in many Latin American countries gives those nations a competitive advantage in terms of talent.

Latin America has become an attractive destination for businesses that lack the in-house expertise to complete their technology projects, due to the high level of IT expertise available in the region. However, it is not just skill that makes this area a viable option for outsourcing. Thanks to government initiatives and new businesses such as Works, the necessary infrastructure has been put in place to enable successful completion of technology projects.

Approximately ten years ago, an event of great importance to the local outsourcing market occurred. This was due to Latin America’s position as a provider of digital transformation services to companies in other regions, despite the worldwide pandemic.

A Change in COVID-19

Prior to the pandemic, the software development industry had seen considerable success, with businesses from all over the world recognising the advantages of working with well-equipped engineering organisations. However, the pandemic has dramatically altered the landscape, resulting in an even greater demand for outsourcing.

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many CEOs have shifted their outlook to embrace a more realistic approach, such as the popular recruitment slogan “discover the greatest talent wherever it may be”. In reality, the best talent for U.S. corporations lies in Latin America. Companies like Works have the expertise, systems, and techniques in place to produce software in the post-pandemic environment, as they have spent years preparing for it.

The shift to remote working caused disruption for many businesses around the world, however, our company has been able to maintain our competitive edge due to our long-standing commitment to distributed teams. This is particularly evident in Latin American businesses. From our inception, we have had the infrastructure and expertise to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.

Many American development companies have been attempting to keep up with Latin American outsourcing companies. It has become apparent to United States businesses that collaborating with these firms is the most efficient way of meeting their requirements for technical and engineering expertise. Consequently, nearshoring – a technique that is particularly advantageous for American companies – has witnessed a substantial increase in its popularity.

At Works, we have developed a technique which involves working with a partner in the same time zone, with minimal language barriers. Our headquarters are based in Argentina, but we have a presence throughout the Americas, allowing us to work in hours that are largely similar to those of American teams. Furthermore, our employees possess a high level of English proficiency, as well as a deep understanding and experience of various technologies and methodologies. Our primary focus is centered on the quality of our human resources.

What Sets Works Apart from Other Outsourcing Companies

At our software outsourcing firm, we stand out due to our focus on talent. We are proud to be able to employ some of the most highly skilled technologists in the world. In doing so, we are able to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service, as only those with the right experience can deliver the results they require. We firmly believe that our success is linked to the quality of our people, a point which we will return to later.

At Works we are proud of our talented workforce, however, they are not the only factor in our success. Our procedures, techniques and infrastructure also play an integral role. Our business model is built on agile principles, and we remain impartial to the technologies we use, enabling us to support our customers with a variety of projects. This ranges from traditional web application development to more innovative projects such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain and edge computing.

At Works, we are technology agnostic, meaning that we are not committed to any particular software or tools. We strive to tailor our development approach to each project and provide experienced developers for any language or platform. Our commitment to deliver value to our customers and the quality of the solutions we provide are our constant priorities. We are open to discussion on most matters, but not when it comes to our standards.

Furthermore, Works is the ideal software development partner for US businesses for various further reasons. Situated in Latin America, we are well-positioned to travel at short notice to meet with our clients, which can help them save time and money. Although this procedure has been disrupted by the pandemic, we still believe that face-to-face meetings with our customers are essential for creating a strong connection between us and our customers, as well as strengthening our working relationships.

Finally, we have the capacity to rapidly scale up to meet changing staffing requirements. We have access to a range of experienced engineers with varied ages and qualifications, allowing us to quickly create any kind of engineering team. We can bring on board any necessary personnel at a moment’s notice, and we can do it in a timely manner. What’s more, we can provide teams that are ready to start working alongside our customers right away, so they can employ us, and we can get going straight away.

We Have a Strict Hiring Procedure

Investing in our people is essential for providing the highest quality service to our customers. We understand that the success of any project is directly linked to the individuals working on it, which is why we have become more vigilant in our recruitment process. We now dedicate three times more funds towards recruiting new employees than we do towards attracting new customers. As a result, we have a highly rigorous selection process which takes many factors into consideration.

At the core of our values is the belief that we should always seek to employ highly competent IT professionals who possess a combination of technical and interpersonal skills. We take into consideration the wellbeing of our employees and partners, which is why we only recruit those who have the necessary qualifications and expertise to represent our brand. Our recruitment process is rigorous and involves assessing a candidate’s soft and hard skills in detail, rather than simply relying on a CV.

Our recruiting process is facilitated by Staffing Hero, our AI recruitment technology, which enables us to filter through over 1.2 million applications annually to determine the most suitable candidates. This allows us to quickly select the most promising applicants to progress to the next stage of the process, where they will be interviewed by members of our HR team.

At Works, we use a combination of automated and manual methods to thoroughly assess pre-selected applicants. We evaluate their technical knowledge and English proficiency through automated tests. Additionally, we assess qualities such as intelligence and situational awareness, which require more than just logic. We also recognize that communication, empathy and collaboration are key elements of intelligence, which are essential for successful software development.

We understand that our selection process is challenging and can be seen as a daunting prospect by some of our applicants. However, we believe that it is essential to ensure that we attract only the top one percent of technical talent to join the Works team. The procedure typically takes 2 to 3 months and involves various assessments. We want to make sure that we select the best candidates, and so have designed a selection process which we believe to be the most effective.

The Path Forward for Outsourcing and Productivity

The software development market is highly competitive, as Chris highlighted in the episode. This has led to a rise in outsourcing firms looking to connect with businesses that are in search of IT professionals with the right qualifications. This is beneficial for everyone concerned, as it drives the industry to new and higher standards.

The surge in software development outsourcing in the post-pandemic era has brought with it a wave of inexperienced individuals who view it as an opportunity to make quick profits. This has, in turn, led to the rapid emergence of new organisations looking to take advantage of the trend. Unfortunately, many of these organisations are primarily focused on generating revenue and do not take the task at hand seriously. However, it is important to remember that software development is a serious undertaking that requires commitment and dedication.

As a privately owned business which has operated for over a decade, we have grown our customer base and solidified our reputation. We are not influenced by external pressures or market trends, enabling us to pursue our own objectives and focus solely on providing our customers with outstanding quality and value.

We are proud to offer our clients relationships that promote mutual growth. Our longstanding success in this area has resulted in our business partners having the trust and confidence that we will continue to deliver the highest standard of service. We understand the importance of adapting to new circumstances in order to maintain our success.

In conclusion, I believe that the outsourcing sector and Works‘ have a bright future ahead of them due to the digital acceleration that many organizations are undergoing in order to adapt to the new digital world. In order to be successful, it is essential that we all develop a new key competency as we grow: monitoring of delivery processes.

The software developed by the sector is renowned for its challenge in terms of oversight. Despite the progress made in terms of regulation, investments into governance and structure that can accommodate the ever-changing global environment must be made. To take full advantage of outsourcing and to ensure seamless remote collaboration across the world, it is essential that this framework is safeguarded.

I am proud to work for a company that is leading the way in this field, and I am well aware that there is still a long road ahead of us. Works is indeed doing this; rather than simply attempting to keep up with the current trends, it is forging a path forward into the next era of software development. This is why Works is the ideal partner for crafting technological solutions: our focus is always on the future.

For your attention, I thank you. Don’t forget to check out Chris’ podcast; it’s fantastic and jam-packed with helpful advice.

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