Why Your Distant Team Needs Company Swag

Our recent podcast episode featured Luis and Shauna Moran from Operate Remote, discussing strategies for better integrating remote team members into corporate culture. Shauna highlighted how she was warmly welcomed into the Shopify team with a carefully curated welcome package, featuring company ‘swag’, which included branded t-shirts and other merchandise designed to help her feel more connected to the organization.

My employer recently sent me a ‘culture drop’, which consisted of several items featuring the company’s logo including a t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, stress ball, and a bottle of spicy sauce. This package provided me with invaluable insights into the company’s ethos and values; but more significantly, it demonstrated that I was an important member of the organization. Receiving this package was a truly heartening experience.

It is reasonable and relevant to inquire about the rationale behind companies investing in sending gifts to their remote workers. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, and it is understandable to question the cause of a civilization’s downfall. However, let us explore some possible explanations for these queries.

What makes a shared company culture so vital for remote teams?

Ten years ago, company culture was not a buzzword that was commonly heard. However, it has since become ubiquitous. Recruiters began emphasizing company culture when trying to attract millennials, and later, Generation Z, to workplaces. The idea was that these groups of people place a higher value on the culture of the organization they work for than earlier generations did.

In an attempt to provide a more precise definition, “business culture” is perhaps best described as “indescribable,” a term used in the film Good Omens. This concept is not merely a reflection of a company’s branding (though it may be associated with it); rather, it represents the work environment. What expectations and principles are prevalent in this context? How can we anticipate the consequences?

Incorporating a distinctive feature that distinguishes your company from others can yield various advantages. This may involve implementing a global recycling program or initiating a regular ‘Team Taco Tuesday’ event. It is crucial to ensure that any initiatives align with your organization’s mission statement and core values, as well as having a commitment to donating to charitable causes. Additionally, celebrating diversity and preserving the past can foster a powerful sense of identity among your employees. Lastly, it may be worthwhile to trust your staff and permit them to select their own working schedules.

Establishing a distinct and unambiguous organizational culture can offer numerous advantages, such as heightened employee engagement. Being part of a family-like environment in the workplace is an essential human need, second only to basic survival necessities such as food, water, and safety. When individuals feel a sense of belonging, it has a beneficial impact on their contentment, involvement, and efficiency. As a result, organizations can retain their finest talent.

A brand’s success is not solely determined by the quality of its products and services, but also by its unique identity and culture. In the current climate of #MeToo and the collapse of numerous large corporations due to their unhealthy internal environments, cultivating a robust and positive corporate culture is crucial. Possessing the right culture can enhance your brand’s credibility and distinguish it from competitors.

Remote Teams: Behaviour and Culture

Fostering a sense of community is essential in remote teams. When working in a physical office alongside others, you are likely to share common experiences and interests with your colleagues. You may encounter the same traffic jams, support a shared sports team, or have children who attend the same schools.

As colleagues could be situated in various regions of the globe, it is crucial for remote teams to dedicate time towards establishing a shared identity. Developing a sense of community ought to be a top priority for any organization with employees working remotely, as company culture serves as the framework for achieving this goal.

How to Establish a Superb Culture Drop?

What steps can you take to inspire motivation among your remote workforce? Or to reinforce your organization’s culture? The answers to these questions can vary, just as they do from one company to another. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to revisit the fundamentals and comprehend the origins of your company culture.

Discover Your Identity.

The nature of a company’s business activities is a major factor contributing to its organizational culture. An example of this can be observed in something as simple as the shipment box, which can reflect the origins of the culture and the goods sold. For instance, if a bottle of spicy sauce is included in the box, sourced from a supplier known for their “fiery” blog content, this could serve as a fitting analogy for the task at hand. In other words, bringing a thrilling flavour to existing data for a client.

One approach to incorporate your firm’s history into the present is to establish a link between the area in which your headquarters is situated and your staff. This could be as straightforward as offering a baseball cap featuring the local team or a cup of coffee from a nearby roaster, or as simple as a candle with an urban aroma. These minor gestures can imbue a sense of the community’s essence into the homes of your employees, forging a connection to when your company was first established.

The Query is, “What Do You Stand For?”

How can you establish a corporate culture grounded in shared beliefs? And how can you convey this through a package sent to remote employees? Branded merchandise, like a reusable coffee cup or water bottle crafted from recycled materials, can assist in this endeavour.

Suppose your company has ambitious targets for its fundraising campaigns. In that case, you could send your remote employees details about the charitable causes you support and offer them opportunities to take part. There are online challenges, such as virtual marathons similar to the one organized by Diabetes UK or the Ration Challenge, which people worldwide can participate in to become a part of something larger, collectively.

Convey Your Objectives

When endeavouring to establish a productive and thriving remote working environment, it is crucial to take into account the company’s long-term objectives. One way to initiate a cultural shift is to reference the organization’s mission statement, which can furnish all remote staff with a clear sense of direction regarding the company’s overarching purpose. A simple way to maintain this message and keep it at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts is to offer employees with some physical representation of the company’s logo, such as a mug, post-it notes, or a mouse pad.

Furthermore, Consider the Following

When it comes to resolving conflicts among remote teams, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of maintaining open lines of communication. One way to reinforce this message and make it more enjoyable is to incorporate something that facilitates easy and enjoyable communication. For example, you could send some selfie props to new team members and ask them to use their creativity and share an introductory photograph with the rest of the team. Additionally, a useful addition to any remote team member’s kit is a headset with a microphone.

It is worthwhile to contemplate how the items in the kit can promote team spirit and solidarity among members of your team. By providing access to platforms like Facebook, Google Hangouts, or Slack chat, your team can interact and showcase their new kit. You could even take it a notch higher by awarding a prize to the person who uses their mug in the most creative way. Ultimately, as long as it fosters a sense of mutual support and collaboration among team members, it will qualify as a successful initiative.

Dealing with Persistent Drops

We hope that you now recognize the importance of providing your new employees with a culture “drop” to aid them during the onboarding process. But why stop there? Stay connected and reinforce these messages with frequent mailouts that reinforce the sensation of belonging.

It’s worth considering the implementation of an employee recognition award system, where we acknowledge the employee of the month who best embodies the company’s values and objectives. The recipient of this award could proudly display it as part of their work video conference call setup during team meetings. The prize need not be elaborate or expensive; a straightforward postcard or a DIY kit for printing cards would be adequate.

To celebrate an individual’s year in the workplace, it’s often customary for an envelope to go around amongst team members, requesting a small financial contribution and signature from each. This duty then falls on a single person to coordinate the cake or present, which can be done remotely if necessary.

It’s similar to the procedure above, however, the distant team member gathers funds through PayPal and uses them to arrange for a cupcake delivery from a local bakery to the birthday celebrant or to order a gift online that is delivered on time. Essentially, contemplate all the ways in which your office-based staff expresses your culture and attempt to devise a virtual counterpart.

Impeccable Element

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