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Gone are the days when setting up an online store required extensive resources, limiting access to only large businesses. Today, even small-scale companies can enjoy the advantages of eCommerce. Whether you offer a few items or a range of services, online sales present a viable opportunity. Startups too can delve into the prospects of opening an online store.

Selecting the ideal online storefront software for a new business can be a daunting task, given the plethora of alternatives at hand. Choosing the right fit entails a thorough evaluation of each option. Such an approach enables you to choose the most suitable partner for your business.

However, before proceeding, there is one pivotal question that needs to be addressed.

What are the reasons behind requiring an online storefront?

Contemplating the prospects of venturing into the e-commerce market? If affirmative, an internet store might be the optimal solution. Nonetheless, determining whether to commence an online venture necessitates more than a simple answer to this question.

While it is probable to sell items online without an appropriate e-commerce platform, creating a platform from scratch is a feasible option (provided you have the suitable development resources). Nonetheless, this undertaking demands a substantial amount of time and effort. Although a personalized build ensures that you obtain the exact functionality you require and integrates seamlessly with your existing website, it may not be the most economical solution for a new enterprise.

If your business values time and budget, procuring an eCommerce solution can be highly beneficial. The ensuing benefits may accrue:

  • 24×7 availability of your store allows customers to make purchases at their convenience.
  • The initial investment required is significantly lower than that of creating a website from scratch.
  • An eCommerce solution can have a worldwide reach, allowing customers to make purchases from anywhere in the world.
  • An eCommerce solution can enhance brand credibility and recognition.
  • E-commerce solutions can provide valuable customer data insights.
  • An eCommerce solution can offer a superior level of personalized service compared to traditional retail establishments.
  • E-commerce solutions can provide automatic assistance to customers.
  • Scalability.
  • E-commerce solutions are more convenient to meet current business requirements.
  • E-commerce solutions have a strong emphasis on mobile accessibility right from the outset.

It is worth noting that ready-to-go eCommerce solutions that require minimal modifications are available to fulfill all the needs of your startup. These solutions known as turnkey solutions are often considered the optimal choice.

Some factors to consider before finalizing an eCommerce software for your online store.

When choosing an eCommerce platform for a new business, it is essential to consider several critical factors. To help with this process, it’s advisable to be well-prepared with the relevant information.

What are the ownership costs involved?

The selection of an eCommerce solution is not only a financial decision, but also a matter of efficiency. To ensure a prompt and seamless integration process, it is recommended to choose a solution that can be easily integrated into your existing website without requiring any programming skills.

What is the required level of adaptability?

Are you in need of a solution with basic features or a highly customizable system?

Are you looking for a long-term solution?

A well-established eCommerce platform can provide confidence that it will remain operational in the long-run. Additionally, regular updates containing new features and performance enhancements are frequently released.

Are you searching for a solution that requires minimal effort?

E-commerce platforms are available in a wide variety, differing in complexity and features. While some require extensive training, others offer limited features with an easier setup. To determine the most suitable platform for your current and future needs, it is essential to carefully evaluate your requirements.

Do you need an omnichannel strategy?

Currently, there are various options available for starting a business. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a service that can offer support across multiple channels, including online, offline, mobile and various others. While making your decision, it is essential to consider your e-commerce platform in relation to the rest of your website.

Do you need open-source software?

Opt for an open-source solution if you wish to integrate multiple channels, pipelines, and platforms into your online store.

Once you have answered all these questions, you can proceed to the most crucial one: what is the optimal solution for your startup?

The top eCommerce software for online storefronts

WooCommerce is an excellent option for new businesses, even though other solutions offer more features and wider availability. This free and open-source software seamlessly integrates with WordPress, a widely-used content management system. WordPress powers roughly 43% of the world’s websites, while WooCommerce holds a 29% market share.

Built exclusively for WordPress, WooCommerce is the most efficient e-commerce integration plugin available, granting you the advantage of quick and easy setup. The platform’s central features can be extended with a wide array of third-party plugins.

For existing WordPress sites, you have the option to self-install WooCommerce or go with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Self-installation is completely free, while SaaS services have associated fees. However, for the majority of new businesses, the simple set up of WooCommerce should make it a straightforward choice.

WooCommerce provides options such as:

  • Global network of helpers
  • Modular design
  • Web Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Over 800 verified delays
  • Unique AJAX callbacks and webhooks
  • Intuitive design
  • Multiple sales channels
  • There is a wealth of ideas available.
  • Product embedding
  • User-friendly shopping cart
  • Archived data of past users
  • Examples of classification, labelling, and attribution


If you are setting up a new business that involves eCommerce, WooCommerce is a highly recommended platform. It is a robust plugin that integrates with WordPress, making it easy to install and start selling online.

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