Work from Anywhere: The 12 Days of (Remote) Christmas

As the winter season arrives, it is a time of joy and celebration across various cultural backgrounds. Now, halfway through the winter months, we can look forward to increasing daylight hours (unless you live in the southern hemisphere, in which case the opposite is true). To assist you in managing your remote staff throughout the holidays, we have compiled a list that has been inspired by a popular Christmas song. This list will suit whatever celebration you participate in, whether that be Yule, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, or none of the above.

Iteration of 12 Standing Conferences

As avid followers of our writings will be aware, we have been ardent proponents of the Agile development process for distributed teams for some time. One of the main reasons for our support of this approach is the fact that Agile and remote work both emphasise the importance of frequent communication.

It is important to maintain regular contact with your team, and one of the best ways to do this is to hold daily stand-up meetings. These meetings enable members of the team to become familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, meaning that they are better-placed to support each other and build trust. In turn, this can help to resolve any problems that arise more quickly. If you do not already have a daily stand-up meeting in place, it may be worth considering introducing one in the new year. Should time zones not be convenient, it may be possible to run the meetings in parallel.

Slack Has 11 Channels.

It is clear that communication is a key element of any successful distributed team. However, it is important to remember that communication should not be solely focused on updates regarding the progress of projects. Remote working can be isolating, and it is important to ensure that employees have an opportunity to socialise and build relationships. This is where conference calls can be incredibly beneficial, as they can provide an opportunity for employees to engage in lighthearted conversations, as well as taking care of any business needs.

There is an increasing recognition that remote teams should be provided with opportunities to socialise. This can be achieved in various ways, such as dedicating five minutes at the start or end of each call for informal conversation, or setting up a Slack channel for non-work related conversations. To further encourage social interaction, some organisations have even set up an anonymous channel where employees can express any issues they have and gain advice from their colleagues, with the aim of improving their work environment.

There Are a Total of 10 Educational Programs.

A frequent concern held by remote employees is that they may miss out on opportunities for progression within their organisation. This is likely due to the proverb “out of sight, out of mind”, which implies that if a team member is physically distant, they can be easily overlooked. Furthermore, there are practical issues associated with managing and developing personnel who operate from a distant location.

It is no longer feasible to simply enrol remote workers on courses at the main office; however, this should not be an excuse to avoid providing them with the required skills to be successful in their role. Training can still be provided, albeit remotely, much like the job itself. It is essential to recognise the changing times and update the training methods accordingly.

9 Teambuilding Activities

It is widely acknowledged that team building games are great for building morale, strengthening teamwork and fostering collaboration. From trust falls to orienteering and even more challenging exercises, team building activities can be fun and beneficial in improving team performance. Although some individuals may prefer to work from home in order to avoid such activities, team building games can have a positive effect on productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Whilst it may be ideal to think that your team would naturally build strong connections amongst themselves, this is not always the case, particularly if the team is composed of a diverse range of individuals. We have previously discussed potential activities that can be carried out remotely to encourage team building, so it may be beneficial to select an activity that is suitable for your group’s requirements.

In Honour of These 8 Events

When personnel from around the globe are employed to work in the same workplace, the resultant team is sure to be more culturally diverse than a standard in-house team. Unfortunately, our preconceived hesitancy to trust those who we deem to be dissimilar from ourselves could make it difficult to establish strong connections with them.

In order to help reduce tensions between individuals of various backgrounds, it is suggested that joint celebrations and light-hearted activities be organised. It is important to show respect and to have dialogue regarding national holidays and religious observances with your colleagues, therefore it is wise to ask them what festivities they partake in. It may appear that differences between people are being highlighted, but in reality, you are helping your team to understand that, fundamentally, all people are similar.

No. Of Mentions in Newsletters: 7

Members of distributed teams who work remotely may experience feelings of loneliness and isolation if the majority of their colleagues are based in the office. These individuals may not have the same level of access to the CEO as those in the office, for example in the lift or at social events, and this lack of connection can hinder their ability to contribute to the company and to enjoy the process of doing so.

As the remote team manager, it is essential to ensure that team members who are not present in the office are not overlooked. This involves providing recognition for their contributions, such as mentioning them during meetings, considering them for employee of the month, and other such acknowledgements. It is important to show appreciation for their efforts and ensure they are not excluded from the team.

It is important to ensure that your remote workers feel included in celebrations, not excluded. If attending a bar or restaurant event is not possible for them, one way to show your appreciation is to send them a gift through the post. This small gesture will demonstrate that you value their contribution to your business.

Six Interactional Flows

It is absolutely essential for remote teams to have strong lines of communication, and this point cannot be overstated. However, having just one single form of communication is not advisable, as it can lead to a decrease in productivity. For example, if someone needs to find a specific request for information, or a helpful link, their progress can be hampered if they need to sift through pages of jokes before they can find what they are looking for.

It is essential to have a well-defined communications strategy, so that essential information is not overshadowed by the abundance of Baby Yoda memes. To ensure that your team understands the correct use of each channel, it is important that you provide them with clear instructions on which channel to utilise and when.

A Cultural Package Every Week for Five Weeks!

The concept of ‘company culture’ has been at the forefront of discourse in recent years, particularly when Millennials entered the workforce. This subject continues to be of relevance to businesses, particularly those which are successful, as it is essential for them to understand the values and principles which define them, and to be discerning when selecting new members of staff.

When working with a remote team, maintaining a sense of unity and cohesion can be challenging. One way of addressing this is to provide your remote employees with corporate swag. Simple items such as branded coffee mugs and laptop stickers can be a powerful symbol of recognition and help to foster a sense of belonging and shared purpose. This small gesture can make a big difference in making remote employees feel valued and part of the wider organisation.

Four Mothers Who Have Full-Time Jobs

It is essential that the workplace continues to strive towards greater equality. It is commendable that more fathers are taking time off to care for their infants, however, when mothers feel that their career must be sacrificed in order to raise their family, businesses are missing out on the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

It is certainly true that telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular and is an increasingly viable option for employers and employees alike. Rather than having to search for a replacement for a highly skilled programmer, it may be worth considering the possibility of allowing them to work from home. This has the added advantage of providing flexibility in terms of scheduling, enabling the programmer to work around family commitments, while still providing the employer with the benefit of their highly skilled work.

Three School Productions

It is essential to maintain a good balance between your professional and personal life. This is why many people favour the concept of freelance or part-time work from home. According to research from Global Workplace Analytics, the majority of workers – more than 80% – prefer having this kind of freedom.

Providing employees with the flexibility to determine their own working hours can be beneficial to both the organisation and its personnel. Contrary to popular belief, allowing staff to decide when they work can actually lead to an increase in productivity. This is because employees are likely to feel more grateful and motivated, which in turn will make them more likely to go the extra mile in order to show their appreciation. Consequently, organisations should be open to the idea of alternative working patterns, such as those outside of the traditional 9-5.

The Review of Code

Code reviews are an essential part of any development team, but especially those working remotely. This is not necessarily an uplifting topic of conversation, yet it is still of paramount importance. Through code reviews, potential bugs in the code can be identified, consistency within the code can be maintained, and any training deficiencies can be highlighted.

Despite the technological benefits, asynchronous code reviews can offer much more than that. They provide an additional avenue of communication for teams to use, which could be incredibly beneficial. The importance of code reviews cannot be underestimated, as they not only improve the quality of the code, but they can also help to create a sense of unity and shared competence among remote workers.

One Specialized Firm

As working remotely has become the new standard, many managers are now facing the challenge of hiring their first team member from a different state, country, or continent. If you want to ensure your organisation is staffed with the most talented individuals, it is important to consider where to search for the right candidates. You must also think about what a fair remuneration package is, as well as the practicalities of payroll and contract administration.

Take a deep breath and rest assured that you can put your worries aside. Here at Works, we are highly experienced in pinpointing the most capable remote workers from all around the world and pairing them with tasks that are both satisfying and beneficial. We take care of the entire process for you, from sourcing to selection, and our team will present you with a selection of developers who meet your technical requirements, have a proven track record of working remotely, and whose values are in line with yours.

Are you looking for a superstar to join your team? Look no further! Not only are we experts in locating the perfect candidate for you, but we guarantee that we can do it in ten days or less. So, if you are looking for the surprise of the holiday season, why not get in touch with us now and see what we can do for you?

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