Work from Anywhere: The 12 Days of (Remote) Christmas

The arrival of winter signifies a festive season among cultures worldwide. Though the winter has passed midpoint, it promises more daylight hours ahead (except those residing in the southern hemisphere, where the opposite applies). To assist with managing your remote team during the holiday period, we have compiled a list to the tune of a renowned Christmas carol. This rundown is versatile for different celebrations and festivities, including Yule, Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, or none of the aforementioned.

12 Consecutive Standing Conferences

Our dedicated readers must be familiar with our enthusiasm for the Agile development process for remote teams as we have been advocating for it for a while now. A significant justification behind our endorsement of this method is due to the similarities between Agile and remote working where open communication channels are of utmost importance.

To maintain regular contact with your remote team, it is crucial to hold daily stand-up meetings. These briefings facilitate members of the team in acquainting with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, they are better equipped to support each other and build reliance, which can ultimately aid in resolving issues more efficiently. If your team doesn’t already conduct daily stand-up meetings, consider introducing one in the upcoming year. If feasible, try conducting these meetings in parallel to accommodate different time zones.

11 Channels on Slack

It is evident that communication holds a significant role in the triumph of any remote team. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that communication ought not only to be limited to work-related updates. Being away from the workplace can be quite isolating, and it is essential to ensure that your remote staff gets the chance to socialise and build connections. Conference calls come in handy as they offer an opportunity for employees to engage in light-hearted conversations simultaneously addressing business necessities.

It is increasingly acknowledged that remote teams should be offered means to socialise. This can be achieved through various approaches such as allocating five minutes at the start or end of each meeting for casual conversations, or creating a Slack channel for non-work-related discussions. In addition, some establishments have established an anonymous platform where employees can seek suggestions and advice from colleagues regarding any concerns they may have, with the ultimate goal of improving the work environment and boosting social interaction among employees.

A Comprehensive Total of 10 Educational Programs

Remote workers often worry about missing out on opportunities for progression within their organisation. This concern may arise from the adage “out of sight, out of mind”, which suggests that distant team members are prone to being overlooked. Additionally, there are logistical challenges that come with managing and developing remote employees.

Enrolling remote workers in courses at the main office is no longer a viable option, but it doesn’t mean that they should be deprived of the necessary skills to excel in their job. Remote training can be provided, just like the job they are doing. It is crucial to acknowledge the changing times and modify the training techniques accordingly.

9 Team-Building Exercises

Team-building games are regarded as an excellent morale booster and can foster collaboration and enhance teamwork. From trust falls to orienteering, and even more challenging endeavours, team-building activities can be exhilarating and rewarding, ultimately contributing towards bettering team performance. While some remote workers may prefer to avoid such activities and work from home, team-building games can prove to have a positive impact on productivity and motivation across the work domain.

Although it is ideal to assume that a team would build strong bonds naturally, it is not always the case, especially when it is composed of a mix of diverse individuals. We have previously discussed different activities that can be undertaken remotely to promote team building, and it may be beneficial to choose one that suits your team’s requirements.

In Commemoration of these 8 Occasions

When employees from diverse parts of the world are hired to work in the same place, the resulting team is almost certainly more culturally diverse than an average in-house team. Regrettably, our preconceived reluctance to trust those who we perceive to be different from us can be an obstacle in establishing strong connections with them.

In order to alleviate tensions between individuals from diverse backgrounds, it is recommended to organise joint celebrations and lighthearted activities. It is crucial to respect and have conversations regarding national holidays and religious observances with your colleagues; therefore, it is advisable to enquire about the festivities they partake in. Though it may seem like differences between individuals are being emphasised, in reality, you are facilitating your team in realizing that, essentially, people are very similar.

Number of Mentions in Newsletters: 7

Remote team members may experience feelings of loneliness and isolation if most of their colleagues are office-based. Such team members may not have the same level of interaction with the CEO as those who work in the office, such as informal conversations in the lift or during social events, and this lack of connection can limit their ability to contribute to the company and to derive satisfaction from their work.

As a remote team leader or manager, it is crucial to avoid overlooking team members who are not physically present in the office. This involves recognizing and appreciating their contributions, such as mentioning them during meetings, evaluating them for employee of the month, and other forms of commendation. It is essential to show gratitude for their hard work and guarantee that they are not left out from the team.

It is crucial to ensure that your remote employees feel involved in company celebrations and not left out. If joining a bar or restaurant event is not feasible for them, one way to indicate your appreciation is to send them a gift through the mail. This simple act will convey that you appreciate their input to your business.

Six Flows of Interaction

It is absolutely vital for remote teams to establish robust communication channels, and this cannot be emphasised enough. However, relying solely on a single mode of communication is not advisable, as it can impede productivity. For instance, if someone needs to locate a particular information request or a useful link, their progress can be hindered if they have to search through numerous pages of jokes before finding the information they need.

It is crucial to establish a well-defined communication strategy to avoid vital information being buried amidst the abundance of non-essential content, such as Baby Yoda memes. To ensure that your team understands the appropriate use of each communication channel, it is vital that you provide them with concise instructions on which channel to use and at what time.

Five Weeks of Cultural Treats Every Week!

The notion of ‘company culture’ has dominated discussions in recent years, especially since the arrival of millennials in the workforce. This topic remains significant for companies, particularly those that are prospering, as it is crucial for them to comprehend the principles and values that characterise their enterprise, and to be discerning while recruiting new team members.

Maintaining a sense of togetherness and harmony can be challenging when working with a remote team. One way to tackle this is by supplying your remote staff with corporate merchandise. Ordinary items such as branded coffee mugs and laptop stickers can act as a powerful emblem of recognition and contribute to creating a sense of identity and shared purpose. This small gesture can have a huge impact on boosting the morale of remote employees and making them feel valued members of the wider organisation.

Four Working Mothers with Full-Time Jobs

Maintaining a workplace that strives for greater equality is crucial. Although it is admirable that more fathers are taking time off to care for their children, businesses miss out on the advantages of the expertise and experience of women when mothers feel that they must compromise their careers to raise their families.

Undoubtedly, telecommuting is gaining in popularity and is an increasingly feasible option for both employers and employees. Instead of having to look for a replacement for a skilled programmer, it might be worth considering allowing them to work from home. This approach has the added advantage of offering scheduling flexibility, enabling the programmer to work around family commitments while still providing the employer the benefit of their competent work.

Three Productions by a School

Maintaining a healthy balance between personal and professional life is vital. That is why many individuals value the concept of part-time freelance work from home. According to research conducted by Global Workplace Analytics, over 80% of workers prefer having the freedom to work in such a manner.

Offering employees the flexibility to decide their own working hours can be advantageous for both the organisation and its staff. Contrary to common assumptions, allowing employees to choose when they work can, in fact, lead to a productivity boost. This is because workers are more likely to feel valued and motivated, which, in turn, can encourage them to exceed expectations. Thus, organisations should consider alternative working patterns, including those outside the usual 9-5 schedule.

Code Review

Code reviews are a crucial aspect of any development team, particularly those that operate remotely. Although this may not be a cheerful topic, it is of utmost significance. Through code reviews, potential bugs in the code can be detected, consistency within the code can be preserved, and any training gaps can be revealed.

Even though asynchronous code reviews offer technological benefits, they can bring much more to the table. They provide an additional communication channel for teams, which can be extremely advantageous. The significance of code reviews cannot be overstated, as they not only enhance code quality, but they can also contribute to creating a sense of collective identity and shared proficiency among remote workers.

A Specialized Firm

With remote work becoming the new norm, many managers are confronted with the task of hiring their first overseas team member. If your goal is to employ the most skilled individuals for your organisation, it is crucial to determine where to look for suitable candidates. Additionally, you must consider establishing an equitable compensation package and take into account the logistics of payroll and contract administration.

Breathe a sigh of relief and be assured that you can put your worries to rest. At Works, we are highly experienced in identifying the most skilled remote workers from across the globe and assigning them tasks that are both fulfilling and advantageous. We handle the entire process for you, from sourcing to selection, and our team will present you with a collection of developers who meet your technical specifications, possess a proven history of remote work, and share your values.

Are you searching for a superstar to add to your team? Your search ends here! We are not only proficient in identifying the ideal candidate for you, but also guarantee to do so within ten days or less. So, if you want to give yourself a holiday surprise, why not contact us right away and find out how we can assist you?

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