Work Webinars: Boosting Your LinkedIn Profile to Attract International Employers

Our top priority at Works is to link innovative companies with exceptionally skilled tech professionals who work remotely. Our mission is accomplished by offering technologists invaluable guidance, education, and knowledge, enabling them to have the best shot at landing their perfect job.

In the digital industry, LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable asset for any expert seeking to showcase their knowledge, experience and understanding to potential employers worldwide.

To broaden your reach on LinkedIn and appeal to overseas enterprises, we have arranged for two Works specialists to conduct webinars in Portuguese and Spanish.

Leading the webinars are Gabriela de Luca, Head of Talent Acquisition, and Romina Mezzabolta, Technical Recruiter, both from Works. These two experts share both their personal and career knowledge from the field, as well as dispense essential tips for effectively utilizing LinkedIn to gain the attention of global employers.

LinkedIn Guide by Gabriela de Luca

When optimizing your LinkedIn profile, it’s important to make use of the platform’s available resources. Nonetheless, Gabriela emphasizes that people tend to get bogged down by the volume of information and features the site continuously offers, making it a challenge to revamp their page. Given that the platform frequently updates and incorporates new features, it may take some time to become acquainted with it.

Gabriela stresses the significance of bearing in mind the platform’s three main pillars:

Tool for Discovering Specific Individuals: The People Search Bar, situated on top of LinkedIn’s homepage, is commonly disregarded despite its usefulness. It can be utilized to not only find prospective business contacts and employers but also ensure that your profile appears in search results and prompt you when it’s viewed. To fully maximize the potential of this tool, it is worth delving into it more.

Networking: Networking is a valuable method for enhancing user visibility, and LinkedIn has recently incorporated an algorithm that suggests fitting connections. Possessing an extensive network of professional contacts can uncover job prospects and unlock opportunities for exchanging potential leads.

Recruitment Assistance: Similar to searching for contacts, users can hunt for job vacancies using keywords. Additionally, this feature lets users create “job alerts” based on specific keywords, which notifies them when a relevant job opening is posted. LinkedIn also has a recommendation system that suggests jobs closely related to recently searched roles.

One of LinkedIn’s most crucial tools is keywords, and it’s time to incorporate them now.

Understanding Keywords and Their Implementation

Familiarizing oneself with relevant jargon for any intended searches is critical for users. Gabriela recommends creating keywords based on their experience and expertise areas. To increase their employment prospects, they should ensure their profile is written using terms and language recognized by employers.

LinkedIn algorithms efficiently collect, interpret, and categorize user-provided data through the use of keywords. Aspiring software engineers can benefit from using well-defined keywords to detect pertinent information. However, using keywords may lead to encountering irrelevant content, potentially hindering progress in building a fruitful network.

Tips for Garnering More Views on Your Profile

Keywords are the cornerstone of both driving algorithms and creating a LinkedIn profile. They should be infused into the following sections:

  • Summary Statement.
  • Education and Qualifications.
  • Skills and Expertise.
  • Profile URL.
  • Interests.
  • Recommendations.
  • User’s Connections.

How to Get Started?

Gabriela’s comments regarding the efforts required to refine a LinkedIn profile are valid. However, there are methods to progressively boost one’s online presence, such as utilising the ‘version system’. This system simplifies the editing process, resulting in improved readability and optimized keyword usage. Typically, these techniques are split into three phases.

When creating your profile, it’s vital to select the right region to align with job opportunities in that area. It’s important to consider any restrictions or permissions that may be required for working in other countries as well. Start your background summary with the most pertinent keywords to maximise your profile visibility. Adding a professional-looking profile photo enhances credibility. You can also utilize keywords to highlight your job, education, skills, experience, and language proficiency, which can help distinguish you from other users.

Section A1: A strong headline is crucial for distinguishing yourself from other users. Choose a brief, attention-grabbing phrase that encapsulates your expertise and credentials. Furthermore, highlight your most marketable skills and achievements in your resume. Incorporating relevant keywords in your URL makes your profile more accessible to potential employers. Finally, make sure to select “open to” to signal your interest in new job opportunities to recruiters.

Networking Version 2.0 promotes building connections that can expand your visibility to potential employers. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing the network’s search bar to locate individuals you are acquainted with, either by name or the company they work for. Additionally, hashtags can be used to filter posts associated with your field of work, which could help you identify potential contacts.

Topic: Maximizing Your Public Persona

Applying LinkedIn’s “version system” for editing can be advantageous, but it necessitates “iteration.” Gabriela’s approach includes networking with businesses and potential employers to improve her expertise and enhance her abilities. She conducts research on companies and job openings, reviews employee profiles, ensures she meets all qualifications, and adjusts her profile to appeal more to her desired audience.

Romina Mezzabolta’s Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn’s Hidden Features

During Romina Mezzabolta’s webinar, she emphasized the significance of refining current abilities while enrolling in courses that cover emerging technologies.

Hidden Gems: Unveiling LinkedIn’s Potential

Section Headline: Romina highlights the advantages of incorporating hashtags in this section, which empowers users to showcase their professional accomplishments and expertise. Furthermore, hashtags are a powerful tool for boosting search engine rankings and raising the visibility of content.

Recommended Profile Pictures: A high-quality, professionally taken photo of yourself with good lighting and a simple backdrop can significantly enhance your professional social media image. According to LinkedIn, adding a photo to your profile can generate nine times more connections, twenty times more profile views, and thirty-six times more messages than not having a photo at all.

About Section: Crafting your first impression with a recruiter is critical, hence it’s crucial to maintain an impeccable profile presentation. To make it more engaging, Romina suggests writing in the first person as if you were addressing a potential employer or colleague.

Highlights Section: When constructing a LinkedIn profile, it’s common to disregard the ‘Highlights Section.’ However, this area offers an appealing visual display that empowers users to exhibit their most remarkable achievements by utilizing concise text and captivating visuals. Additionally, the ‘drag button’ attached to each section allows users to reorder the highlighted information based on time and relevance.

Activity Section: LinkedIn is an online networking platform that permits users to exchange and discuss articles created by both themselves and others. The activity stream not only summarizes your profile, but it also showcases the conversations you’ve had with your network. For this reason, it’s beneficial to display your interests in a manner that appeals to talent acquisition professionals using this function.

Skills and Endorsements Section: While many users are aware that they can list their talents and get recommendations from former employers, several are unaware that these two features can be merged on LinkedIn. Requesting and providing feedback on particular skills in a user’s profile can make it more comprehensive and credible. Romina, a recruiter, underscores the significance of this, claiming that candidates with at least five skills listed on their profiles are 27 times more likely to appear in search results.

Converting LinkedIn Profile to a Resume: Uploading a comprehensive resume to your LinkedIn profile can optimize your profile’s usefulness and save you time. This feature can be especially advantageous for individuals with graphic or extensive portfolios.

Aligning Career Goals with Personal Preferences: It’s crucial to utilize the diverse assortment of filters accessible on LinkedIn to customize job preferences and enhance the likelihood of catching the attention of potential employers that meet your criteria. You can choose from criteria such as job types, work locations, and travel duration.

Groups Section: Becoming a member of relevant organizations is a wonderful means of expanding your professional network. Such organizations can grant access to individuals who may not be readily available otherwise, and offer opportunities to learn about local job and training openings, as well as network with like-minded professionals.

“Open to Job Opportunities” feature: If you are currently employed and exploring alternative employment options, this feature could prove advantageous to you. By enabling this filter, your profile will not be visible in your present employer’s recruitment searches on LinkedIn, ensuring your job search remains confidential.

LinkedIn Help Center: Lastly, LinkedIn’s “Help” section is accessible to provide a concise summary, as well as comprehensive details regarding the platform’s most valuable features. Thorough articles are obtainable to aid users in navigating the system, furnishing precise guidance and advice.

In conclusion

If you’re concerned that recruiters and other potential connections on LinkedIn are overlooking your profile, you ought to improve your profile’s visibility.

Our specialists have proven that utilizing the proper resources and refining your profile will produce optimal results in terms of gaining attention and page views. By optimizing your profile, those in need of your services will be able to locate you with greater ease.

Utilizing these LinkedIn tactics can help you differentiate yourself from others and receive greater notice from relevant individuals.

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