Working from Home and the Big Organizational Shakeup: 5 Ideas to Reimagine Your Career with Works

With the rise of remote work as a need for numerous technologists, Works has been instrumental in aiding exceptionally skilled professionals, ranging from developers to product managers, to discover their next career opportunities. As companies worldwide have shifted to a remote-first mindset, Works has provided the necessary support in the last couple of years.

Flexible working options have become increasingly popular, paving the way for remote work to become the future of work. IT professionals have been proactive in responding to this shift in the industry by cultivating a culture of flexible work and pursuing novel career opportunities.

The year 2022 witnessed a global COVID-19 pandemic, prompting several individuals worldwide to reassess their professional lives, resulting in what is now being referred to as “the Great Resignation”. This situation has presented challenges for businesses who are now having to explore innovative solutions in managing its consequences.

With unparalleled instability and continuous transformations in workplaces, millions of employees are now seeking novel opportunities that are more suited to their values and individual specifications.

As the most dependable marketplace for outstanding talent across the world, Works has taken the lead in the remote work revolution.

Take a look at five methods by which Works can aid you in transitioning to a new career:

Blogs and Webinars

Choosing to change your career path after gathering a significant amount of knowledge and expertise might seem overwhelming. However, conducting extensive research is crucial in figuring out the domain you wish to pursue. For instance, a software engineer may aspire to transition to product management, while an iOS developer may consider embarking on Android development.

Alongside updating your LinkedIn profile to attract international employers, it’s equally essential to enhance your time management abilities. Technologists can gain valuable insights into the tech industry and learn tips on highlighting their distinguished qualities to potential employers by exploring Works Blog and on-demand webinars, conducted by prominent individuals worldwide. Visit our website to learn more about propelling your professional journey.

Sign up for the Works Talent Network to discover your next job.

At [company name], we are dedicated to creating remote engineering teams from all corners of the world, consisting of the most exceptional talent. With a vast community of over 175,000 engineers hailing from over 90 countries, we strive towards achieving this objective.

Fill up the sign-up form to be a part of the Works Talent Network. After receiving your application, we’ll contact you to extend an offer to join our team.

Complete a 15-minute English language proficiency exam.

Demonstrate your technical expertise in any language or programming environment of your preference (Python, Golang, etc.) — 1 hour.

Arrange a one-hour technical interview with one of our experienced developers.

For further information, please visit the Works Talent Network registration page at Works.

Become a Part of the Works Community

Interacting with others who have experienced a similar career shift can assist in gaining insight and motivation to explore a suitable job aligned with your interests and abilities. Works provides a platform for technologists worldwide to connect and exchange their latest ideas, counsel on career development, and collaborate on exciting projects. Hackathons, contests, and virtual or in-person meet-ups are fantastic opportunities to socialize and expand your professional network.

Enhance your skills with the ALC.

A desire to learn is crucial to succeed in the tech industry. To keep abreast of the latest job requirements and improve your abilities, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve by using new strategies. Why not explore learning Python to stand out from the crowd? The Works Learning Community can provide you with guidance on additional skills, such as teamwork and leadership. We have trained more than 100,000 students in the IT sector, assisting many of them in finding better employment prospects, and offer extensive courses and individualized mentoring to help you take the next step in your professional development.

According to Agnes Muthoni, Director of Talent Partnerships at Works, due to the rise of online education, investing in one’s professional development is more critical than ever. The current global shift has emphasized the necessity for educators to think creatively. Prior to the pandemic, Works was already using its online learning community platform to offer the majority of its technical education. Our schools understand the need to modernize in response to the evolving work/learning sphere, and as a result, offer clear and accessible instruction to students worldwide.

Stay Prepared for Anything.

Tech professionals possess excellent skills in this realm, given their involvement in a fast-paced and fiercely competitive industry.

The Head of Talent Experience at Works has complete faith in the capabilities of our community members.

In light of recent changes, our tech team is likely pondering their alternatives. Our employees value professional growth, exciting work, the potential to improve their personal lives, and the flexibility to work at their discretion as they weigh the pros and cons of potential job changes.

Revamp your career as a tech professional for 2022 by connecting with like-minded individuals. Trying something different is always a smart move.

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