Working from Home Is the Way of the Future; Strengthen Your Professional Potential Now

The trend of flexible work arrangements continues to thrive. After the outbreak of the pandemic, several firms, including Works, have embraced the concept of remote-first work as it offers the advantages of improving lifestyle and enhancing productivity through telecommuting.

At Works, we strongly believe that employees deserve the freedom to craft their desired work-life balance and ideal workplace, irrespective of their whereabouts. We are a remote-first firm, which implies that your workplace is no longer limited to a particular physical location, but can be anyplace where you can perform most efficiently.

On the 29th of June, the world marked the National Work from Home Day to acknowledge the modern workplace and its growing trend of remote and flexible employment opportunities. This transition from the conventional emphasis on work hours and physical locations to career advancement is an indication of the forward-looking nature of work.

The advent of Working from Home (WFH) has paved the way for people to exert more authority over their work and personal lives. However, this necessitates a higher degree of self-management and individual responsibility than before. The escalating trend of teleworking in the technology industry has unlocked diverse opportunities for tech employees to mould their own professional courses.

Alright, but what are the benefits of WFH? Let’s delve into how telecommuting could enhance your career possibilities.

  • Remote work for a multinational corporation is possible:

    With the rise of remote work culture, you can now gain access to top-level job positions across geographical locations without having to relocate. This presents a plethora of prospects for both professionals and firms, offering diverse viewpoints, encounters and expertise from people worldwide. It’s a mutually beneficial scenario for both the employee and the organization, as it provides greater flexibility and access to higher paying job roles.
  • You’re in charge of your work schedule:

    Do you perform better by completing your tasks in the morning and scheduling meetings in the afternoon? Or do you prefer to have all your meetings done before engaging in other work duties? When working remotely, you have the flexibility to plan your work schedule around your other responsibilities.
  • Maximise your work output with reduced time and expenses on commuting:

    Working remotely provides numerous benefits, including savings on transport costs and time spent commuting, as well as improved health benefits such as reduced stress and increased sleep. Furthermore, depending on your location, you may be eligible for better medical benefits as an employee of Works. As a remote worker, you can also set your own work hours and accomplish more tasks efficiently. So, why spend two hours daily commuting to an office when you can work from the convenience of your home or any other remote location?

Show us what you’ve got outside of your office!

Have you ever worked remotely? We encourage you to reveal your virtual office space with us. Display your workstation arrangement by posting an Instagram or Vine video and don’t forget to tag us! We’re eager to know about your teleworking experiences, any tips you have, and tales that exemplify how you’ve struck a balance between flexible work and productivity. Remember to use #ThisIsWorks and #WFH in your tweets.

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