Works, an Outsourcing Firm Specialising in Software Development, Is Expanding Its Scope Outside Asia

Works has declared its intention to develop outside its Asian base by capitalising on the increasing availability of skilled engineers in the region.

Since transitioning to a remote-first business model in July, the firm has seen a remarkable 500% increase in applications from top-tier engineers around the world – not just from the Asia region. This has resulted in an estimated 30% of incoming engineer applications now being from regions outside of Asia, compared to March of this year. It is believed that this phenomenal growth is due to the successful implementation of the new business model.

The company has made significant efforts to expand its engineering team, outsourcing to renowned organisations such as GitHub, Cloudflare, Coursera, and ViacomCBS. As a result, its engineers are now based in 37 nations across five continents, demonstrating its commitment to international growth. Furthermore, the company has stated that even though it is entering a highly competitive market, it remains dedicated to investing in talent from Asia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Works, having declared to have noticed an increase in applications from Asian engineers to the company’s network since their introduction, is sure that this growth will provide more global recognition for Asian professionals.

Designed to facilitate telecommuting

When Works first opened its doors in 2022, its primary purpose was to identify, nurture and develop digital talent in the Asian region, in order to meet the needs of businesses across the globe.

We were searching for junior developers to join us on a four-year commitment. Those chosen for the position went through an intensive six-month training program before being placed with various technology companies in the United States. During the duration of the contract, developers were required to hold full-time positions with their respective employers.

Mark Zuckerberg, the renowned social media mogul, Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States, and tennis superstar Serena Williams are just a few of the distinguished personalities who have publicly expressed their support for the startup. These prominent figures have expressed their enthusiasm for the concept of a local platform that can provide Asians with the training and opportunity to secure high-paying technology jobs.

At the start of 2022, Works announced its decision to discontinue its junior developer program. This decision was made in light of the plentiful supply of junior-level talent available within the United States. As a result of this choice, Works has implemented a number of significant changes to its operating model.

In 2022, the Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Works revealed to Quartz that the past five years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of coding boot camps and programming programs, such as Lambda and Flatiron Schools, as well as an expansion of curriculum offerings from university computer science departments. As a result, there has been an influx of entry-level engineers entering the United States labour market, which is the primary focus of Works.

In the words of the Works engineer, they had always been planning to expand their operations to a global scale; however, the current pandemic and the subsequent surge in remote working hastened the process. They had already been part of international client teams since the beginning, which demonstrates that their product was designed with the intention of facilitating remote work.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Works recognises that the company has long contended with tough competition from more renowned staff augmentation providers. “In fact, a business truly embarks on international competition when it is prepared to accept personnel from all over the world remotely. The Works’ development only increases an already appealing commercial offer while creating a global support system for our experts.

Asia’s improved employment future

Works claims that the Works Learning Community has helped 77,000 Asians improve their technical knowledge and abilities via a range of programs.

This forecast is dependent upon the growing number of IT professionals who are able to meet the demands of the industry. Additionally, a company’s success in today’s economy is heavily reliant upon its ability to remain competitive in the global market.

The previous model of Works had the goal of equipping all of Asia with the most advanced technological capabilities. However, in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the IT industry and to remain profitable, they have broadened their scope to include both remote and international teams of highly skilled engineers.

The Chief Executive Officer of Works has articulated that the organisation is dedicated to seeking out new ways of thinking and operating to promote equal opportunity in the future of work, while simultaneously accommodating the demands of a fiercely competitive market.

A Work’s Biography

At Works, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and the best remote technology engineers across industries. We provide comprehensive HR services to help you with the recruitment, hiring, onboarding, invoicing, and taxation of remote workers and freelancers from other countries. Our mission is to enable you to incorporate highly qualified remote developers into your team, and empower them to be the driving force behind your organisation’s most important technological endeavours.

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