Works, an Outsourcing Firm Specialising in Software Development, Is Expanding Its Scope Outside Asia

Skilled engineers are becoming more abundant in the region, prompting Works to expand its reach beyond Asia.

Works has experienced a tremendous 500% rise in applications from highly skilled engineers across the globe since adopting a remote-first business model in July. This rise is not limited to the Asian region, as the company is now receiving approximately 30% of its engineer applications from other parts of the world, compared to March’s figures. The successful integration of this new model is believed to be the primary reason for this extraordinary climb.

Works has taken significant measures to expand its engineering team by partnering with highly respected organisations including GitHub, Cloudflare, Coursera, and ViacomCBS. This effort has culminated in the placement of Works engineers across five continents in 37 countries, demonstrating the company’s commitment to worldwide expansion. While acknowledging the competitive environment, the company reaffirms its dedication to recruiting talent from the Asian region.

According to the Works CEO, the recent expansion has resulted in an influx of applications from Asian engineers to the firm, which he believes will lead to greater global recognition for professionals from the region.

Intended to enable remote work

Works was originally established in 2022 with a key objective of identifying, cultivating, and fostering digital talent specific to the Asian region to satisfy the demands of global enterprises.

Our search for junior developers focused on candidates willing to commit to a four-year term. The chosen candidates undertook an extensive six-month training program before being placed with different US-based technology companies where they held full-time positions for the duration of their contracts.

Works has earned the support of noteworthy public figures such as social media tycoon Mark Zuckerberg, former US Vice President Al Gore, and tennis superstar Serena Williams. These influential individuals have publicly demonstrated their excitement for a local platform designed to offer Asians the chance to obtain top-tier technical employment by providing training and opportunities.

In early 2022, Works revealed that it was discontinuing its junior developer program due to the abundance of junior-level talent already present in the United States. Consequently, Works has implemented several substantial modifications to its operating structure.

A 2022 Quartz interview with the Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Works revealed that the previous five years had witnessed a significant surge in the number of coding boot camps and programming programs, such as Lambda and Flatiron Schools, along with an expansion of university computer science department curriculums. As a result, Works has experienced an influx of new entry-level engineers in the United States labour market, which is the company’s primary target.

According to a Works engineer, the company had always intended to expand its operations worldwide; however, the pandemic and the ensuing surge in remote work accelerated the process. From the outset, the product was intended to facilitate remote work, as evidenced by their involvement in international client teams.

According to the Works CEO, the company has always faced stiff competition from more established staff augmentation providers. However, they believe that a business truly enters the global competition arena when it is willing to accept remote personnel from around the world. By expanding their services, Works aims to improve their already attractive offerings while establishing a global support system for their experts.

Brighter Employment Prospects for Asia

According to Works, its Learning Community has provided technical training and improvement programs to 77,000 Asians.

The projection is contingent on the increasing accessibility of IT professionals capable of fulfilling the industry’s requirements. Moreover, a company’s prosperity in today’s economy is considerably reliant on its capacity to remain competitive on a global scale.

Previously, Works’ strategy aimed to endow all of Asia with cutting-edge technological prowess. However, in response to the dynamic nature of the IT industry and to ensure profitability, the company has expanded its focus to include highly skilled engineers working remotely or in international teams.

Works’ CEO has expressed the company’s commitment to exploring innovative approaches to foster equitable opportunities in the future of work while keeping up with the demands of a highly competitive marketplace.

A Biography of Works

At Works, we strive to bridge the gap between businesses and the top remote technology engineers in various industries. We offer comprehensive HR services, including recruitment, hiring, onboarding, invoicing, and taxation, to help you engage skilled remote workers and freelancers from other nations. Our objective is to enable you to incorporate highly qualified remote developers into your team and empower them to spearhead your organisation’s critical technological ventures.

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