Works Developer Among Tech Experts Tapped to Figure Out the Future of Java

DZone is conducting a comprehensive and thorough study to evaluate the current state of Java. The findings of this analysis featuring contributions from top Java experts worldwide, will be made available to the public. It will offer a detailed overview of Java, including its position among the programming languages and its future prospects.

Works Developer, Kehinde Ogunde, based in Singapore with four years of Java programming expertise, was one of the distinguished experts invited by DZone to share insights on the language. Ogunde made remarkable contributions to DZone’s comprehensive analysis of the critical Java topics.

While the complete study won’t be publicized until June, DZone has released four articles offering a sneak peek into some of the crucial questions raised in the report. These questions were based on the inputs from Ogunde and various other experts.

  • Does the Java Ecosystem Rely the Most on the JVM?
  • What is the Most Commonly Used Technology with Java?
  • What is the Most Significant Development in Java?
  • Which Player Holds the Maximum Significance in the Java Ecosystem?
Table of Contents
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