Works Developer Among Tech Experts Tapped to Figure Out the Future of Java

DZone is currently undertaking a comprehensive and in-depth investigation into the current status of Java. This analysis, which will be publicly available, will include insights from Java experts from around the globe and will provide a thorough overview of Java, including its place in the programming landscape as well as its future direction.

Works Developer Kehinde Ogunde, who is based in Singapore and has four years of experience with Java, was among the experts invited to provide professional opinions on the language. Ogunde contributed to DZone’s coverage of the most significant topics related to Java.

Although the full study is not scheduled to be released until June, DZone provided an early glimpse of some of the key questions featured in the report which are based on the insights of Ogunde and other experts, in the form of four articles.

  • Is the JVM the Most Important Element of the Java Ecosystem?
  • What’s Used Most Frequently With Java?
  • The Biggest Change To Java
  • Who’s The Most Important Player In The Java Ecosystem?
Table of Contents
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