Works’ Engineer Value Propositions: What You Can Expect When You Join

Before commencing a new job, it is advisable to carry out some investigation in advance and get acquainted with the duties and responsibilities related to the position so that you can succeed in the role.

When applying for a job, it can be challenging or tiresome for candidates if they do not have access to resources and information that can assist them in the application process. Therefore, it is crucial for candidates to obtain relevant information related to the company culture and employee experience, which can aid in a smooth transition to a new job. Nowadays, as working conditions have become more geographically spread out and remote, this information should be easily accessible.

Works places great emphasis on the recruitment of software developers. Our advertising slogans are crafted with the aim of motivating these experts to aim for perfection, stressing that employment is a significant part of one’s life and should not be taken lightly. We understand this and strive to assure our team members that their contributions are highly valued.

The notion of fulfilling work is typically examined in the context of its effect on consumers and financial outcomes, but it is equally essential to take into account the relationship between a company and its staff. Back in 2008, celebrated author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell commented on this topic, remarking that meaningful work should involve intricate tasks that require employees to use their intellect and where the degree of effort put in is directly connected to the level of rewards received.

For every software developer who is contemplating a profession at Works, we have put together a set of value propositions that offer information on various topics such as the work environment, career advancement opportunities, and personal development. This data provides a comprehensive summary of the possible merits of having a career at Works.

  1. Professional Development and Training

    The engineering team at Works designs bespoke solutions for hundreds of globally renowned technology companies, making it an exciting role that will stimulate and motivate you to achieve. Our dynamic engineering community comprises of over a thousand specialists in their respective fields, who are provided the chance to participate in our group mentoring programs and regular training opportunities, allowing for continuous growth and learning.
  2. Opportunities for Stimulating and Diverse Creative Problem-Solving

    At Works, we take immense pride in the valuable contributions made by our engineers towards the success of some of the world’s most renowned companies. Our engineers are capable of saving these businesses a substantial amount of time and effort, empowering them to successfully launch their products and services more quickly. Our engineers are offered a plethora of unique and fulfilling projects, providing them with ample experience, and having a significant impact on people’s daily lives worldwide.
  3. Flexible Work Arrangements and Remote Capabilities

    From the very beginning, Works has been committed to promoting and facilitating remote and dispersed work. We strongly believe that job performance should not depend on an individual’s physical location or address. Our team members are situated across diverse global locations, yet we work together as a united team. Our staff has the option of working from home, equipped with all the necessary tools and support to maximize their productivity and potential.
  4. Fun and Lively Traditions

    Our team comprises of individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and we have made a significant effort to cultivate an inclusive and supportive work environment that benefits all of our team members. We understand that job performance should not solely be measured by the amount of stress and pressure associated with meeting deadlines, but rather by delivering consistent, reliable service, regardless of location, whether it is Singapore, Egypt, Nairobi, or any other place. As a result, we have created a welcoming atmosphere where talented individuals can pursue their professional aspirations.
  5. Exceptional Construction Team

    Works is honoured to have on our team some of the most gifted engineers in the field. We understand the significance of our work and uphold high standards in selecting only the most capable individuals for our team. Our engineers are pioneering some of the most complex software projects, with the opportunity to help shape the future of technology. If you are seeking a purposeful and gratifying way to apply your skills and make a positive impact on the world, consider joining us at Works.

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