Works Recognized as a Top Employer for Telecommuters in 2023

At Works, we firmly believe that our employees’ hard work is the key to our success. We take great measures to ensure their well-being, happiness, and job satisfaction. We are thrilled to announce that Works has been recognised by Quartz as one of the Best Companies for Remote Workers 2022. This is a tremendous accomplishment, a testament to the E.P.I.C atmosphere we’ve created, and an affirmation of our unwavering dedication to redefine the future of work by linking talent with opportunities.

Here are a few examples of the many factors that contribute to the exceptional morale of Works employees and the company’s inclusion on the list:

Valuing Our Team
Because we have the privilege of working with exceptionally talented individuals from around the world, it is essential that they feel a sense of purpose in their work. At Works, we are dedicated to fostering a culture of appreciation by acknowledging the achievements of our employees across various regions, recognising tenure milestones (also known as “Worksversaries!”), promoting manager and peer-to-peer recognition, awarding significant prizes to those who have made a significant impact, and implementing other similar initiatives.

Take a Break to Refresh
Aside from the usual holiday schedule, the company provides its employees with a variety of additional leave options to enable them to take a break when needed. Here are a few examples:

To encourage a healthy work-life balance, our employees receive paid time off each year. They can use this time for rest, personal pursuits, expanding their horizons or spending quality time with loved ones.
Our new parent benefits include time off to prepare for the arrival of their child. We offer sick leave to enable employees to care for themselves or their loved ones without worrying about work. We also provide compassionate leave, allowing employees to take time off work to be with their loved ones following a family member’s death.

Flexible Work Schedules
Our remote team comprises of more than 450 members from diverse nations, united by our common commitment to revolutionizing the modern workplace through innovative and creative solutions. We are ardent supporters of remote work, which provides us with the freedom to pursue our careers from any location. We empower our team with the autonomy and resources required for them to excel in their respective fields, while also advocating the significance of flexible work hours and collaboration to help maintain a healthy work-life balance. We are confident that our approach to remote work allows for a smooth transition into this lifestyle and helps us fully realise its potential.

Comprehensive Benefits
Our compensation and incentive program includes a growing range of benefits that are fair, competitive, and promote inclusivity. We acknowledge that the value of our work extends beyond financial compensation.
Our company also values the study of metaphysics and other philosophical subjects.

Our employees receive various benefits, such as:
A competitive salary
Stock options
An allowance for a laptop
Reimbursements for setting up a remote workplace
Discounts on utilities (in certain locations)
Performance-based bonuses (for qualified roles)
Regular pay level assessments

Continuous Learning
At Works, we are committed to enabling our diverse teams to thrive and achieve their full potential. To this end, we have instituted several programs and initiatives, including:

We have created explicit structures for measuring performance and determining advancement, enabling us to enhance our skills and progress in our careers. Our company offers multiple opportunities for both individual and group training to promote personal development.
Leadership training
Efficient communication exercises, including ways to identify and address unconscious biases
Career Directions Map to support our professional development foundation
The Career Breakthrough Series, a training program that features guest speakers providing guidance on professional development, personal branding, and ongoing education and training.

Well-being and Happiness
At Works, our goal is to ensure that all employees are happy and healthy, allowing them to be productive regardless of their location. We recognize the significant contributions of individuals from all over the world and strive to promote the emotional and physical well-being of our team members.
Here are some examples:

We have carefully curated networking opportunities and tools to connect our team members.
We value diversity and inclusion and have implemented initiatives such as Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).
Through our collaboration with Forma, Works employees can use their wellness allowance to purchase items such as gym memberships, sports equipment, and meditation app subscriptions on a quarterly basis.
All Works employees have access to the Forma app subscription.
Works employees and their household members are eligible for a Modern Health membership, a mental health platform that provides comprehensive care and support for mental health concerns, including emotional, professional, social, physical, and financial well-being.

Quartz has ranked Works among the top 10 Best Companies for Remote Workers in 2022, which is a great source of pride for us. This recognition reflects the many reasons why our employees enjoy working here.
But you don’t have to rely on our word alone. Listen to some of our most talented international colleagues discuss what makes Works E.P.I.C. by visiting our website at

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