Work’s Strategy for Creating a Formidable Asian Talent Pool

According to Gartner’s forecasts, the continent of Asia will see a 30% rise in IT talent by 2026, making it the next big startup hotspot in 2022.

Since our founding in 2022, Works has been a proud presence in Asia, demonstrating our recognition of the region’s technical expertise. We believe that talent and success are universal, but that individuals may be unfairly prevented from contributing due to factors such as colour, gender or location. This is why Works was created in Singapore: to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

For the past seven years, we have been at the forefront of recognising the potential of the IT talent across Asia. We foresaw the exponential growth of the population, the increasing internet access and the emergence of new centres for information and communication technology. Through our Works Learning Community, strategic alliances and remote-forward processes, we have been able to assemble a dynamic network of Asian technologists.

Work-based learning programme geared at engineering professionals

Gartner’s technology forecast suggests that the expansion of information education channels for developers has made software development more accessible on a large scale. In 2022, we were pioneers in the development of new educational channels, in collaboration with Google and Udacity, by establishing the Works Learning Community (ALC) in Asia.

Motivating engineers to grow professionally, develop into leadership roles and become specialists in their field has been an ongoing goal. The ALC, an initiative that began at a grassroots level and has now become an international hub for up-and-coming digital talent, has achieved a great deal in its history. We remain dedicated to connecting the growing talent pool in Asia with new opportunities through our learning partnerships with companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Coalitions of this kind have enabled a community of 175,000 software engineers.

Google and the International Finance Corporation recently conducted a survey which revealed that 40% of Asians already use the internet, with an additional 11% predicted to join them in the next decade. To help IT professionals join the internet ecosystem and create stable, long-term employment with international engineering teams, we have been engaging with the local community as Asia goes online.

Organisations with rapid growth have seen positive results when embedding graduates of ALC programmes. Twenty engineers, predominantly from Asia, were integrated into GitHub’s teams as the company sought to expand its international reach.

Creation of Globally Effective Remote Procedures

Gartner has predicted a prosperous future for the IT industry in Asia and concluded that other countries are beginning to capitalise on the abundant human resources available in the region. It is unsurprising, therefore, that businesses looking to broaden their international reach should consider sourcing candidates from across the globe.

It is essential to have procedures and routines that are effective for a distributed workforce. A new employee’s initial experience can be influential and should not be underestimated. Although the idea of collaboration across different time zones may be daunting, it is an important step in preparing for the future of the workplace. Particularly in digital sectors such as Asia, where so much untapped talent is available, the potential for new alliances is enormous.

The pace of change among Asia’s technologists is something we continue to monitor.

We have launched our first Asia Developer Survey in 2022 to gain insights into the Asian technological landscape. Our aim is to capture the perspectives of software engineers, developers, architects and other professionals in this field. We are excited to share the results of our survey with the public and will continue to monitor this evolving sector.

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