Work’s Strategy for Creating a Formidable Asian Talent Pool

The latest projections from Gartner indicate that Asia will witness a 30% surge in IT expertise by 2026, thereby identifying it as the prospective epicentre for startups in 2022.

Ever since our establishment in 2022, Works has taken pride in being an integral component of Asia, acknowledging and valuing the technical aptitude prevalent in the region. We consider talent and achievement to be impartial, however, certain individuals might be prohibited from making a contribution owing to their ethnicity, gender or location. This is what prompted us to initiate Works in Singapore, in order to ensure an equitable opportunity for all.

For the last seven years, we have proactively appreciated the IT potential prevailing in Asia. We anticipated the skyrocketing population, the rising internet penetration and the emergence of fresh hubs for information and communication technology. With the aid of our Works Learning Community, tactical partnerships and remote-oriented strategies, we have successfully built a vibrant community of technocrats hailing from Asia.

An engineer-centric learning programme tailored towards work-based education

As per Gartner’s technological projections, the advancement of educational channels tailored for developers has considerably increased accessibility of software development on a large-scale. In 2022, we ventured into new academic avenues in collaboration with Google and Udacity, by instituting the Works Learning Community (ALC) in Asia.

Nurturing the growth of engineers, cultivating their leadership skills and expertise in their respective domains has been our long-standing objective. The ALC, which was initiated as a grassroots movement and has now evolved into a global platform for budding digital prodigies, has accomplished an impressive amount during its journey. Our commitment to linking the expanding talent pool of Asia to novel prospects remains steadfast, through our learning alliances with notable conglomerates such as Facebook, Microsoft and Salesforce.

The formation of such partnerships has fostered a community consisting of 175,000 software engineers.

A recent survey conducted by Google and the International Finance Corporation highlighted that 40% of Asians are already active internet users, with a further 11% anticipated to join them in the upcoming decade. In order to assist IT experts in becoming a part of the internet ecosystem and establishing enduring and stable employment with global engineering squads, we have been connecting with the regional community whilst Asia ventures online.

Firms experiencing expedited growth have benefited greatly from employing graduates of ALC programmes. As part of its global expansion, GitHub absorbed twenty engineers, majorly from Asia, into its teams.

Development of Efficient Remote Processes on a Global Scale

Gartner’s prediction of a flourishing future for Asia’s IT sector has prompted other nations to expediently exploit the bountiful human capital present in the region. Hence, it is not unexpected for companies seeking to expand their global outreach to hunt for prospective candidates from all corners of the world.

Having protocols and systems that work seamlessly for a dispersed workforce is crucial. A novice employee’s early encounters can be impactful and must not be undervalued. Although the thought of cooperating across diverse time zones can appear daunting, it is a crucial course of action to prepare for the forthcoming working environment. The possibility for novel partnerships is enormous, particularly in digital sectors like Asia, where an immense pool of untapped talent is accessible.

We constantly keep track of the pace of transformation amongst Asia’s technologists.

In 2022, we initiated our maiden Asia Developer Survey to gain an understanding of the technological panorama in Asia. Our objective is to acquire insights from software engineers, architects, developers and other specialists in this domain. We are thrilled to release the results of our survey with the public and remain vigilant of this ever-changing industry.

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