Worldwide Pay Patterns for Web Developers

Whether you are a job seeker or a hiring manager, we understand that you might be curious about the average salary range of web developers. At Works, we are delighted to provide you with this valuable piece of information.

According to projections, the demand for web developers is expected to rise by 13% between 2023 and 2030, making it one of the most rapidly expanding tech job roles. This growth rate is notably higher than the average increase seen in other professions.

These statistics sound promising for web developers, indicating that there is a strong need for proficient experts. However, this may not directly result in a higher average salary compared to other technology domains.

Our all-inclusive guide provides a detailed analysis of the current salary range for web developers in some of the most densely populated areas of Europe, the United States and Canada. At Works, we have compiled pay data for each programming language used in these regions.

Our results are based on salary ranges acquired from numerous international and regional employment websites, as well as from popular job review platforms like Glassdoor and PayScale. Recently published data from these online resources has been taken into consideration in our research.

Our study also incorporates the median salaries for various job titles. This is relevant information as there is often a noteworthy variation between the starting and senior salaries of web engineers in distinct regions and nations.

With that in mind, let us examine the average salary of a web developer.

Expense of Employing a Web Developer

There is significant variation in web developer salaries depending on the job title and the source of wage data. When we discuss the ‘average’ wage, we typically mean the median of a range of figures (the midpoint between the highest and lowest). Now that we comprehend our findings and their implications, we can explore the salary brackets for web developers worldwide.

Standard Salary of Web Developers in the United States

Web development is considered one of the most high-paying job fields in the United States, with wages ranging from $60,000 to $90,000 on average. Multiple factors such as the location, proficiency and seniority significantly affect the remuneration offered to web developers.

We will now contrast the median and job-specific wages recorded for web developers on Glassdoor, and PayScale.

The Typical Income of a Web Developer$89,985$70,863$60,262
Pay for an Entry-Level Web Developer$66,448$45,000$41,000
Salary for a Midlevel Web Developer$89,985$90,508$60,262
Cost of Living Adjustment for a Senior Web Developer$126,750$110,438$89,000

According to data collected by, the subsequent is a breakdown of the median salary for a web developer in the United States across ten different states:

The pictures depicted above and below offer clear evidence of the variation in wages offered to web developers across various states in the United States, with some regions providing notably better remuneration than others.

The difference in wages between the top paying states can be substantial, with a discrepancy of up to $40,000. This variation is mostly due to the existence of prominent American IT centers in states like California’s Silicon Valley. Furthermore, New York is set to become a prevailing tech hub by 2023. Consequently, if you are looking for the maximum earning potential, migrating to one of these states may be a viable choice.

In the forthcoming section, we will scrutinize remuneration for web developers based on the programming language they use, which will also encompass wages based on proficiency level.

It is worth mentioning that the figures may differ depending on the source from which the information is obtained. The documented compensation for senior web developers varies significantly, with reported earnings ranging from $126,750 on to $89,000 on PayScale, but the typical wage falls between $60,000 and $90,000. Moreover, web developers in the US earn more than those employed in any other nation.

Potential Earnings of a Web Developer in Europe

After extensive investigation, we identified the median salary for web developers in Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. By collating data from the online portals, Glassdoor, and PayScale, we divided the numbers into two categories: front-end and back-end web developers. With a powerful and thriving developer community in Europe, as well as multiple prominent IT firms emerging across the continent, these statistics offer valuable insights into the industry’s landscape.

Typical Wages for Front-End Web Developers in Europe

Europe’s Netherlands$44,035$50,341

The Median Salary of a Back-End Web Developer in Europe

Europe’s Netherlands$43,588$75,000

According to statistics gathered by Glassdoor, Switzerland is the country that offers the highest remuneration to web developers compared to every other European country and even outstrips the top metro areas in the United States. However, the typical salary for web developers outside of the US is significantly lower, with Belgium and the Netherlands having averages of $31,752 and $43,588, correspondingly.

How Much Can You Earn as a Web Developer in Canada?

Canada’s Information Technology industry is robust and thriving, thanks to the arrival of immigrants in recent times and a rise in venture capital investment. Additionally, web development is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the nation.

Let us evaluate whether the provided salary range satisfies the expected criteria by compiling pertinent information from Glassdoor,, and PayScale.

The Typical Income of a Web Developer$59,479$61,033$54,056
Pay for an Entry-Level Web Developer$50,000$42,000$39,000
Salary for a Midlevel Web Developer$59,479$61,033$54,056
Cost of Living Adjustment for a Senior Web Developer$85,000$88,000$75,000

Based on Glassdoor’s research, the current typical salary for a web developer is approximately $61,000, with other compensation aggregators offering estimates ranging from $54,000 to $59,000. In Canada, seasoned web developers are commonly paid between $75,000 and $88,000 annually, with entry-level salaries averaging from $39,000 to $50,000. Consequently, the midpoint of the web developer wage spectrum lies between $54,000 and $61,000.

According to’s salary data, web developers typically earn comparable incomes nationwide. The typical yearly compensation in Ontario is documented at $70,200, whereas in Quebec it stands at $70,000. However, web developers in British Columbia receive approximately $10,000 less on average, earning $60,255.

Based on estimations, web developers in Alberta have a typical yearly income of $55,575. Nonetheless, among these regions, Nova Scotia has one of the smallest averages, which is $50,700.

Median Compensation for Web Developers by Programming Language

The earnings of web developers are predominantly influenced by the programming languages they are proficient in. It is therefore essential to remain informed of industry developments and trends by monitoring platforms like HotFrameworks and PYPL.github to recognise the most in-demand languages. These languages frequently provide the best career prospects and highest wages.

Let us take a brief glance at the typical incomes of web developers based on the most prevalent programming languages used in web development, from the highest to the lowest.

According to PayScale’s data, this is the average salary of a web developer for each language:

Computer LanguageThe Typical Income of a Web Developer
Programming Language: Visual Basic$59,913

Average Earnings of Freelance Web Developers

Prior experience or education is not mandatory for freelance web development. To achieve success, one requires a set of abilities, the capacity to self-promote, and knowledge of project management. Therefore, there are no stringent prerequisites with regard to a particular degree or career experience for this profession.

When the right opportunity arises, freelancing can offer a viable means of obtaining a remunerative career. Several employers place greater significance on practical experience and demonstrated skills rather than academic credentials. Therefore, what sort of income should a freelance web developer anticipate earning?

Based on Glassdoor’s analysis, freelance web developers possess the capability to earn an average annual income ranging from £25,000 to £94,000 after having established a client base. Although challenging at first, this illustrates that enacting a dependable means of compensation as a freelancer is feasible.

Freelancing has several advantages, but it may not be the ideal choice for everyone. To flourish in this profession, one must possess a wide range of abilities and exhibit unwavering determination.

Is There a Demand for More Web Developers?

As previously indicated, web development is a fiercely competitive and lucrative field. It is probable that any web developer, irrespective of their qualifications, will recognise that this is an extremely gratifying and financially rewarding sector. Despite the popularity of the industry, there are no indications of it becoming oversaturated, and compensation continues to improve.

Web development is an exceptionally coveted field, with intense competition. To gain success and secure a highly-paid position, possessing strong communication skills and a comprehensive set of abilities are integral. Staying informed about the most prevalent programming languages and frameworks is equally important.

As mentioned in the intro, the occupational opportunities for web developers are projected to increase by 13% by 2030, surpassing the average industry growth rate of 5%.

To excel as a successful programmer, it is crucial to possess the ability to focus for prolonged periods, an all-encompassing comprehension of computing systems, and a flair and enthusiasm for learning new languages that aid in the creative process. Given the significant time and effort investment required to attain such skills, web developers are highly coveted.

As consumers are increasingly devoting greater amounts of time to the internet, companies are responding to their needs. To flourish in today’s market, it is imperative for any successful company to have an effective website, with many now establishing an online presence. Thus, developers are necessary to construct customised platforms tailor-made to meet the requirements of these enterprises.

Given that over half the world’s population utilise the internet to stay informed and abreast of new developments, there is a vast need for web developers to create and design new blogs, online businesses, SaaS products, games, journals and informative websites. As such, it is relatively simple for individuals hoping to venture into a career in web development to secure employment.


The average remuneration of a web developer is contingent on various factors, such as location, experience, and specialised skills. According to research and statistics, web developers in the United States earn the highest salaries, with greater compensation frequently available in cities such as New York and California. Conversely, web developers in Europe typically receive lower wages although Switzerland offers competitive pay. In Canada, web programmers can anticipate earning an annual salary ranging from $54,000 to $64,000, while those pursuing different paths can make around $49,000 per year.

Scala is considered to be the most profitable programming language, with developers earning on average £118,000 per year while utilising it. On the other hand, CSS currently has the lowest potential for financial gain.

If you require the services of a remote web developer and the average salary for such a role matches your budget, Works developers may be able to assist you. Conversely, if you are seeking remote web developer employment, please visit an IT remote employment website.

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